Narrative and Successful Result of a Voyage in the South Seas,: Performed by Order of the Government of British India, to Ascertain the Actual Fate of La Pérouse's Expedition, Interspersed with Accounts of the Religion, Manners, Customs, and Cannibal Practices of the South Sea Islanders, Bind 2

Hurst, Chance, and Company, 1829 - 436 sider

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Side 57 - Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard. 28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you : I am the LORD.
Side 315 - Under these circumstances we feel ourselves obliged to report, in our opinion, a few days more of such exposure as they have already undergone, would reduce the number of the crew, by sickness, to such an extent as to hazard the safety of the ship and the lives of all on board.
Side 47 - ... meeting each other underneath. He now carefully rolls it over, so that the edges overlapping each other, or rather intermingling, come uppermost. He next doubles in the two ends and rolls it carefully over again, endeavouring to reduce it to a narrower and firmer compass. He now brings it cautiously out of the fluid, taking firm hold of it by the two ends one in each hand (the back of...
Side 15 - Island), at which place they wanted to touch before they got to Tonga. Having remained at Hamoa two or three days, they sailed for Tonga, where they arrived with great speed : but, in the course of a few days, they all died, not as a punishment for having been at Bolotoo, but as a natural consequence ; the air of Bolotoo, as it were, infecting mortal bodies with speedy death.
Side 14 - Ignorant of the place where they were, and being much in want of provisions, —seeing the country abound in all sorts of fruit, the crew landed, and proceeded to pluck some bread-fruit, but, to their unspeakable astonishment, they could no more lay hold of it than if it were a shadow; they walked through the trunks of the trees, and passed through the substance of the houses, (which were built like those of Tonga), without feeling any resistance.
Side 16 - The souls of matabooles, that are still inferior, and have not the power, as the two first have, of coming back to Tonga to inspire the priests, though they are supposed to have the. power of appearing to their relatives. 4. The original attendants, or servants, as it were, of the gods, who, although they had their origin, and have ever since existed in Bolotoo, are still inferior to the third class. 5. The Flotooa Pow, or mischievous gods.
Side 49 - Sometimes the fibres of the fow are heard to crack with the increasing tension, yet the mass is seen whole and entire, becoming more thin as it becomes more twisted, while the infusion drains from it in a regularly decreasing quantity, till at length it denies a single drop.
Side 23 - Being accordingly come, Tongaloa straightway ordered them thus, ' Put your canoes to sea, and sail to the west, to the great land which is there, and take up your abode there. Be your skins white like your minds, for your minds are pure. You shall be wise, making axes and all riches whatsoever, and shall have large canoes. I will go myself, and command the wind to blow from your land to Tonga : but they (the Tonga people) shall not be able to go to you with their bad canoes.
Side 41 - When all things are taken into consideration regarding the connubial system of these people, their notions of chastity, and their habits in respect to it, we shall have no reason to say but what they keep tolerably well within those bounds which honour and decency dictate*; and if it be asked what effect this system has...
Side 79 - The animal is first stunned by a blow with a stick, and then killed by repeated blows on both sides of the neck. It is then rubbed over with the juicy substance of the banana tree, thrown for a few minutes on the fire, and, when warm, scraped with muscle shells or knives, and then washed.

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