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In January 1813, Mr. Exley was Twice, to all human appearance, he honoured by the University of Aber has been been brought to the point of deen, with the degree of Master of death; once in 1797, and again in 1817. Arts. As this mark of their respect But in each of these trying seasons he came unsolicited and unsought by him, found his mind in a state of tranquilthe favour which they conferred, was lity, and calmly fixed on God. It is in enhanced by the manner in which it such awful moments as these, that the was bestowed.

genuineness of religion appears. In Philosophy, Mr. Exley embraced Mr. Exley still continuessin Bristol, the Newtonian Theory, not from the following his accustomed avocations, authority of that great man, but be- and occasionally warns his fellow creacause he found it the most rational, and tures to flee from the wrath to come. best calculated to unfold the wonders of some pamphlets besides those alof nature, and to assist man in reading ready mentioned, he has appeared as the ample volume of creation. That the author, particularly on a point of he might, however, take his stand on controversy that has lately been agisolid ground, he not only studied this tated among the Methodists. Several philosophy with deep attention, but incidents of his life might have been also minutely examined the systems collected, in addition to those we have which were opposed to it, perusing the already inserted ; but to mere strangers works of Gordon, Jones, Rogers, Sau- they can afford but little interest. The marez, Hurley, Millar, Lacy, Bamfield, life of a retired mathematician can Vivian, &c. which were professedly hardly be expected to furnish any exwritten against Newton. In these tensive variety. A sufficiency however works he found no solid arguments to appears to convince aspiring genius invalidate the Newtonian theory, nor that the mountain of science may be any system that could make the least scaled, and that virtuous fame awaits pretension to supersede his philosophy, the ingenious and persevering to crown which he conceives will ever bloom their laudible exertions with the with undiminished lustre, and advance triumphs of success. in strength and beauty to the end of time, ever tending towards the point of scientific perfection.

It was the happy lot of Mr. Exley to be blessed with a religious education. In the preceding Number of the ImpeHis parents were members of the Me- rial Magazine, an account was given thodist Society, and constant attendants of the Moravian Missions; and alof the established church. Hence he though we were prevented from rehad been taught from his infancy to cording in detail, the various disasters know the scriptures of truth, and the to which their numerous establishway of righteousness. But although ments in foreign parts have of late he had thus been brought up in the been exposed, we were obligsd, in fear of God, and in a knowledge of the justice to this amiable people, to noprinciples of the gospel, these were in- tice in general terms, the hardships, suflicient to renew his nature. The privations, and distresses, which in watchful eyes of his parents, and the many places they have been compelled discharge of family duties, such as to endure. We have now briefly to reading the holy scriptures, and daily add to that catalogue of suffering, anprayer, kept him indeed from the com- other scene of calamity, with which mission of flagrant sins, but even under their missionaries have lately been these restraints, the corruptions of his afflicted in the vicinity of the Cape of heart still predominated. The neces- Good Hope. sity of attaining help laid upon one that It appears by letters lately received is mighty, led him to seek salvation as from the south of Africa, that their setit is exhibited in the gospel, through tlement, which had been for some time our Lord Jesus Christ. Nor did he established on the Witte Revier, with seek in vain. He obtained a clear every prospect of permanent success, sense of the divine favour, about a has lately been attacked by the Caffres, week after he had reached his fifteenth and plundered, in such a manner as year, since which time he has endea- to reduce the settlers to a state of sevoured to preserve a conscience void vere distress. This may be gathered of offence towards God and man, from the statements given in the fol



lowing extracts of a letter, dated Feb. prevented from murdering his wife, 10th, 1819.

only by the courageous interference of “ Yesterday, between five and six some large dogs, which nobly defendin the evening, our herd being about ed their mistress. After this deliverfive minutes' walk from our house, ance, the family came to the brethren feeding upon an open plain, above two at Witte Revier, and took shelter hundred Caffres rushed out of the among them. woods upon them, and (though all the From this settlement, many efforts men hastened with their fire-arms to had been made to send a letter to the the spot) drove off 235 head of cattle commander of some military forces at before our eyes.

A great many of a distance, to implore assistance; but these naked fellows ran close to our in some places the rivers were renderdwellings towards the herd. A gene- ed impassable through the body of ral hue-and-cry was raised, and the water which they contained, and on Hottentots fired upon the thieves ; but other occasions the surrounding counnothing could stop their progress. It try was so infested with the savages, is supposed that two of them were that the journey could not be underkilled, and five wounded. We are taken with any hope of success. To astonished at the escape of nine of our defend themselves against the attacks men, who were watching the herd, and of the Caffres, whom they every hour got all among the Caffres. Some of expected, the settlers at Witte Revier them were in the greatest possible dan- and their Hottentots used every exerger. One was in the river when the tion, in making a kind of rampart Caffres plunged into the stream, and round their houses, with waggons, and saved himself only by keeping under such heavy pieces of timber as they water while the banditti were swim- could collect On some occasions their ming across it.”

women and children took up their In another part of the same letter, abode in their church, which, being the writer proceeds as follows. “ The closely guarded, they thought more farmers are assembled in the neigh- secure than their common habitations. bourhood of the Bosjeman's Revier, The distresses arising from these comwhere the Caffres have robbed them plicated disasters, have been most seof their cattle, set fire to the houses verely felt in the settlement. Proviand corn-stacks, and murdered many sions have been rendered peculiarly people. As we could not, but suppose scarce and dear. On these accounts that numbers of them are lurking about we most cordially repeat their almost in the thickets, all around our settle- concluding sentiment: “ Pray do not ment, we set thirteen men as guards forget our suffering poor. Several inover the remaining cattle, three of them dividuals here must perish, if they are mounted on horseback.

not assisted by us; and our poor's box, “Our brethren and sisters may easily owing to the high price of corn, is conceive the anxiety we suffer. Many quite exhausted.” of the children cry out for food. Our people have lived chiefly on milk; and as the Caffres have stolen the whole of the first herd, among which were all the milch cows, they are in great dis- On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thurstress. We are most afraid of a violent day, the 10th, 11th, and 12th of August, attack, the Caffres taking us by sur-1819, the Lancashire Auxiliary Misprise, from which, may God in mercy sionary Society, in aid of the London protect us. Pray for us, for the help Missionary Society, held its anniverof man is vain. Thank God. we all sary in Liverpool. On this interesting enjoy good health.

occasion, the cause of Missions was “J. H. SCHMITT.” ably pleaded and defended, in disThe same writer, adverting to the courses, by the Rev. P. Brotherston, of depredations committed by these bar- Dysart, North Britain ; the Rev. Jos. barians, records several instances of Fletcher, Theological Tutor of the Inpeculiar distress. Among these he dependent Academy at Blackburn; the mentions an attack made by them Rev. William Roby, of Manchester; upon a neighbour, Jacobus Scheeper. and the Rev. William Thorp, of BrisIn this attack they stole his cattle, tol.--At the public meeting for busikilled his European servant, and were l ness, held on the Thursday afternoon



in Great George-street Chapel, many | 1819, by some persons wishing for a eloquent addresses were delivered, in reform in Parliament; but its legality connection with the several resolutions being questioned, it was postponed passed, and a deep impression, favour- until Monday, the 16th, when it assumable to the great cause, was produced ed a form which it was thought would upon a large and delighted auditory: have placed all its friends under the and in the evening, at the same place, protection of law. At the time apthe friends of the institution celebrated pointed, a vast concourse of people together the Supper of the Lord, and assembled, amounting, according to renewed the pledge of their attach- various accounts, to 50,000, to 70,000, ment to it at his table. The whole an- or to 150,000. niversary comprised a series of truly Shortly after one o'clock, Mr. Hunt, solemn and interesting services, which and several others, made their appearwill long be remembered with grateful ance. Scarcely, however, had he beemotions by the multitudes who were gun to speak, before a military force, privileged to participate in them. composed of horse and foot, that had

The great object of the London Mis- been collected for the occasion, was sionary Society, is to send the Gospel seen in motion. The cavalry, on apsimply, without any prescribed form proaching, pressed through the crowd of church government, to heathen and with precipitate violence, trampling other unenlightened nations ; and its under the feet of the horses such as fundamental principle is, an union of could not escape, while the men cut all denominations in the glorious cause. with their sabres, apparently without The missions of this society are nu- any discrimination, whoever happened merous and extensive, and the field of to come within their reach. Arriving its operations is daily enlarging. Its at the place where Mr. Hunt and his missionaries are labouring in the East associates stood, they ordered them to and West Indies, in South Africa, in surrender ; which mandate, when supthe islands of the Southern Pacific ported by the authority of a magisOcean, and in many other places; and trate, was instantly obeyed. These many of the heathen, through their in- were conducted to the house in which strumentality, have been turned from the magistrates were assembled, and, dumb idols to serve the living God. after an examination, several were This has been most remarkably the committed to the New Bailey. In the case in the islands of the South Sea, mean while, the soldiers pursued the where the natives, as a body, have for populace with unabated violence, and saken idolatry, and embraced Chris- thus continued their exertions until tianity; where 70 christian temples are the ground was cleared, and the unalready erected ; where the Sabbath is armed fugitives were dispersed. kept holy in a way unknown even in Of the exact numbers in killed and Britain, and where a Missionary So- wounded, scarcely any two accounts ciety is established amongst the na- are alike. The highest amount that tives, with Pomare the king as its has been stated of the former, is six. president, in aid of that institution From one statement we learn, that the which sent them the Gospel. It ap- number actually killed, and of those peared, by a paragraph in a letter from whose recovery is impossible, will not the Secretary of the parent Society to be less than ten, and that sixty have the Rev. Mr. Raffles, which was read been brought as patients to the Infirmto the meeting, that the expenditure ary. Many others have been under of the past year had exceeded the in- the care of surgeons in private praccome by £5000. We trust, however, tice; and others, who were strangers, that the liberality of the christian pub- have been conveyed to their own neighlic will keep pace with the increasing bourhood to have their wounds dressexertions of this excellent society. ed. “We therefore think,”


the We understand that about £300 was same account,

" that there cannot have collected at the meetings in Liverpool. been fewer than 200 persons wounded,

and some believe that 300 falls short of the number.'

On Friday the 20th, Mr. Hunt and It appears that a public meeting had his associates were brought again bebeen appointed to be held in Man- fore the magistrates, when Mr. Norris chester on Monday, August the 9th, I addressed Mr. Hunt in nearly the fol


lowing words: Henry Hunt, the evi- | unanimous opinion of the magistrates, dence for the prosecution upon the that it is their duty to detain you here charge to be brought against you is upon a charge of HigH TREASON; and now ready to be gone into; but evi- you are remanded accordingly.” Mr. dence of a much more important and Hunt declared his innocence. In this serious nature has gone before His charge eight others were included, who Majesty's law officers, and it is the 'all remain in custody.

COMMERCIAL RETROSPECT, AUGUST 23, 1819. It is a pleasing task to record the events of the past month, as they seem indicative of a general improvement in Trade and; Commerce, which we trust is not far distant. In no other preceding month during the year, have the transactions been so important, affording decisive evidence of the Commerce of this port having assumed a more favourable aspect. Many articles are considerably enhanced in value, and a greater firmness is displayed by the holders of all descriptions of goods. Such an improvement could not have taken place here, without producing something like a correspondent effect in the manufacturing districts; and we are happy to learn, that such has been the case. This will be more evident, when we notice the large sales which have taken place in the article of Cotton Wool, as the sales during the last four weeks, amount to 50,200 bags, the greater part of which have been taken out of the market at gradually improving prices. The demand for all descriptions of Cottons still continues, though somewhat checked by the events which have taken place at Manchester during the last week. The wants of the trade for the raw material, furnish incontestable proof, that the manufactures have received a very favourable impulse ; and, notwithstanding the gloom which has hung over the different branches of this article, we cannot but hail the above-mentioned circumstances, as tokens of returning prosperity.

Dry Salting Articles, and Dyeing Stuffs, have also been more in request, evincing a tendency to advanee.

The imports of Foreign Oak Bark, for Tanners' use, were never known to have been so heavy, and the prices have consequently been depressed, as the Importers always sell from the vessel, in order io avoid the heavy charges of landing, housing, &c.

Good Dutch Bark, has been sold at £6 10s. to £7 per Ton.-German Bark, £6 per Ton.

The prices of Timber are gradually creeping up; a circumstance which tends to corroborate the belief of the improvement in the internal commerce of the country, especially in the manufacturing districts.-Numbers of country purchasers have been in town, and readily take all the cargoes which are offering in the market.

The news from the Greenland and Davies' Straits Fisheries having been more favourable, prices of Oils are.become more moderate; and when we consider the great diminution in the consumption of Fish Oils, by the substitution of Gas upon a very large scale, the supplies will be found more than adequate to the demand,

GRAIN.—The sickle is now in full activity, and the weather continues very favourable to the labours of the harvest. On the last market-day there appeared an increased disposition to purchase fine qualities of English and Foreign Wheats, and sales were brisker at the former currency. The demand for Oats was more animated. Flour was in steady request. Fine Malting Barley was 3d. to 6d. per bushel dearer; inferior qualities were unsaleable.

The Ports are now closed for the importation of all kinds of rain for home consumption, except from the British Settlements; and, from the best information we can collect, are not likely to open before the month of February : much unceriainty, however, attaches to this measure, as the low qualities of Grain being taken into the average, tend to reduce the rate at which the ports open; whilst fine and fair qualities may rule extremely bighi.

Salted Provisions are rising. Irish Butters are full 3s. higher than during the preceding week : good new Belfast firsts bring 100s. per cwt.; other descriptions proportionately higher, and in fair demand. Beef and Pork are each 4s. to 6s. per barrel dearer.

Colonial Produce. We still experience a pretty brisk demand for Plantation Sugar, and upwards of 7000 hhds. have been disposed of during the month: the prices have not varied much: Sugar-house Molasses in fair request, and prices stationary. Rums are improving in demand and price. This day a large sale by auction of Coffee took place, when the whole went off at an advance of 2s. per cwt. on former prices; the biddings were very spirited: the new duty upon this article, which is now 1s. per lb. makes this wholesome beverage come dear to the home consumer.

The present being the season for Sheep-shearing, the prices of Tar have undergone some little improvement, but prices still rule very low.

The emigrations from this port, from the 1st of January, 1819, to this day, as appears by the official documents, amount to-V. States, 4154—Brit. America, 457–Trinidad, 428 persons.

The Easterly winds, which have prevailed during the past month, keep out many vessels, which are now anxiously expected from America, and the East and West Indies.


[blocks in formation]

TALLOW, 150 rub with dot, }£53 17 0

Average Prices of | Number of Bank

Sugar. Gazette. rupts in Gazette. 21st July 40$. 5d. July 20..... 4 28th 41 73

24..........17 4th Aug. 39 0

27..... .... 8 11th 40 11

31.......... 7 18th 39

Aug. 3.....
Prices of Coal 10..... 12

Ton of 22401b. 14..........11
Country ..10 0

Total.. 76

..... 90

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.. 25

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$. d.

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WHOLESALE.-L. pool, Aug. 21, 1819. OILS, Y tun, Olive....£78 0 a 790

Seal ......36 0 SUGAR, y cwt.

8. 56 a 64

Cod ......37 0
Muscovado, dry brown

38 0
Greenland Whale.... 36 0 38 0
middling 66 73
good ......

Palm ....42 0

86 89

Linseed, gall... 38. 6d. a 38. 8d.

Rape ..:: 140

4 3 9

2 Refined,Dble.Loavs. 6.a 71b. 130

Turpentiue,V'cwt.63 0 116

64 0 Single do. 10-141b. 112


8. d. 108

8. d. Lar.Lmps. 46-501b. 100

butts, lb.50 56....16

9 Canary do. 24-28 b. 108 114

backs 60 66....1 11 2 0 MOLASSES, British ...... 33

British, for dress....13 17 RUM, V gallon, 16 O. P. 38. 3d. a 3s. 6d. Calf Skins ........1 10 3 0 Leewards, common 2 3 2 4

Horse Hides ......1 4 1 10 BRANDY, Cognac.... 4 ?

4 3

Hides, crop. 45 501b.1 6 1 8 GENEVA.... 3 1 3 3

35 40 1 34 1 6 COFFEE, V cwt.

$. West India, ordinary.. 102 a 105 middling ..114


Prices of Sundries at following places. fine........127 136

New York, 230 June. MAHOGANY, ¥ foot,

$. d. $. d. FLOUR, Wheat, superf. brl. dol. 63
1 0 1 3

Archangel, 12th June.
St. Domingo ...... 16 19
1 3 16

bd, S
HEMP, 90 rubles

...32 5 0 COTTON, Ib.Sea Isl.

25 3 6 LINSEED, 30 rubles..........46 6 0 good to fine ordinary to middling 1 2 3

St. Petersburg, 22d June,

TALLOW, Y.C... rubles 165 Bowed, Georgia. 1 1 1 3

New Orleans

1 1
1 6


HEMP, clean... Pernambucco

1 64 18 Maranham ........

FLAX, 12 head 1 54 1 6


IRON, Old Sable Barbadoes 1 2 13

53 a 6

WHEAT. West Indies ...10 1 1

26 28

Exchange on London......rub. 100 Surat

0 71 1 1 Bengal

074 094

N. B. There being no late arrivals, our DYE WOODS, ton, £. $.

£. $.

quotations remain unaltered.
Barwood, Angola 8 0 a 90
Gaboon .... 6 0 7 0

SUNDRIES.- Liverpool, 21st August.
Fustic, Cuba...... 90 10 10
Porto Rico.... 60 7 0

HAY, old, 2015.
Jamaica .. 7

6 0

0 5 09

STRAW, Wheat, 2011.07 08
Logwood, Campeachy 6 15 7 5
Jamaica.... 6 0

POTATOES, new, p 211b.o 8
6 10

09 Honduras,.. 6 10

OATMEAL,sack 24016 34 0 6 15

57 0 Nicaragua Wood,

FLOUR, best, Psk.2401b.500 55 0

0 27 0
large solid..

seconds........43 0 46 0

FRESH BUTTER, 1602... 16d. a od.

14 0 TOBACCO, V fb.

s. d. James River 03 a 0 8 Prices of Bullion,

Liverpool. stemmed.. 0 51 08 Rappahanock ......

Foreign Gold, in Bars ......£3 18 0 0 34 05

Portugal Gold, in Coin........3 18 0 stemmed.. 0 31 06 New Doubloons ..............3 15 0 Kentucky

03 05
New Dollars

ASHES, y cwt.
8. d.

....0 5 s. d.

Silver, in Bars, Standard......0 5 2
ist, Pot, fresh, U. S. 400 a 41 0
Montreal .....

34 0 36 0
American, 1st, Pearl 39 0 40 0 Liverpool Exports of British Manufac-
TAR, Ybarri.Stockholm 15 0 16 0 tures, from 22d July to 21st August.
Archangel 17 0

18 0 Cotton Stuffs 210295 pcs. & 1672280 yds.
American 14 0 15 6 Woollen do... 36170

55960 RICE, Ycwt. American,

Worsted do... 15032

4260 Flannel ......


475697 East India 16 20 Linen Cloth.. 213

249313 HIDES, lb. Buenos Ayres 6d. a 8{d. Kerseyinere.. 2560

1805 West India 5 6 Carpeting....

30225 BRIMSTONE, V ton, £. s.

f. s.

Blanketing.. 177 pairs, 167907 rough

...23 10 a 24 10 Hose........ 17538 dozen pairs. SHUMAC, cwt.

S. d. 8. d.

Hardware, 9541.--Nails, 1938 cwts.

.200 a 220 HEMP, y ton,

Copper, 470.-Glass, 1743 cwts.
£. s.
£. $.

Bar and Bolt Iron, &c.......1059 tons.
Petersburg clean 43 0 a 44 0 Lead, 250,-Lead (Ore, 46 tons.
Riga Rhine ......44 0 45 0 Tinplates

174 bxs. FLAX, ton,

£. s. £. s. Earthenware ..........3434 crates, &c. St. Petersburg 12-head 75 0 a

Refined Sugar

1059 cwts HOPS, in bgs. Kent, new 3 15 5 0 White Salt to Foreign Parts 16341 tons. Sussex .. 3 10 4 10

Ireland.. 270 In pockets, Kent.. 4 0 5 5 Rock Salt to Foreign Parts 1997 Sussex 3 15 4 10

3369 PINE TIMBER, cub ft. s. d. s. d. Coals to Foreign Parts .... 1184 chal, American ........ 1 94 a 1 11


2236 Baltic

2 4 2 6 SALT PETRE, y cwt. 300 34 0 GRAIN,

Liverpool Imports, from the 22d July

s. d. Barley, Engl P 601h. 4

to the 21st August. 0 a 5 3 Irish & Foreign 4 0 50 Sugar, B. P. 6298 hhds.--1152 tces.-222 Beans, Engl. qr...44 0 48 0 brls.Foreign, 51 cases.--37 chests. Foreign ....340

42 0 Coffee, B.P. 120 cks.-203 tces.-49 brls. Flour, 4 barrel,

-Foreign, 208 brls.-40 bags.
American, sweet 38 0 40 0 Cocoa, 1150 bags.

sour..32 0 34 0 Cotton, w. India, 3 bags.--230 bales.Oats, Engl. y 45th. 3 6 3 9 American, 2752 bags.--10997 bales.Irish & Foreign 3 0

List of Vessels Arrived. Cleared From West India and Bri

for sea, tish Settlements in 86 73

North America
East India and Africa 2 3

10 11 United States ......

23 28 Ireland

141 131 Europe and all

74 other Parts ......S 220 June to 21stJuly,Total 337 320 Total Tonnage ........58310 51670 Prices of Stoch, London, 17th August. Bank Stock

.233 0 3 Cent Reduced ........ 72/ 3 y Cent Consols... 4 Cent Consols..... 913 5 Cent Navy Annuities ..105 Bank Long Annuities .... 194 Omnium

..P. 41
Consols for Acct........... 714

IRISH FUNDS.- August 17.
Bank Stock
Government Debentures, 3 cent,84!!

5 cent, Government Stock, 34 v cent...

82]] 5 pcent...

1068 Grand Canal, 4 y cent..

6 cent.. AMERICAN FUNDS.-- August 19. 3 Cents

624 New 6 y Cents

.97 - 100 (The above with Div. from 1st July.) U.S. Bank Shares

... 20 10 a 21 10 LIVERPOOL DOCKS. £93 5 for 100, Aug. 1, at 5 y cent, inter. payable in Lond. or L. pool halfyearly. Cotton TWIST.-Manchester, Aug. 20. Mule, ist quality, No. 40. 28. 4d. a os.od

2d quality, No.40. 1 10 2 0

duty paian,", } 358. a 445.

Ireland ......

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8. d.

47 0
48 10

47 10
258 100 1 478 id 496 7d

47 6
46 9

47 10
26 6
26 1

20 8
Average Prices of Grain for the 12 Districts.
Wheat. Rye. Barley. Oats. | Beans. Peas.
Ports closed for all kinds of Grain


39 4
478 6d 39s 1d
48 939 2
45 9 38 10
44 10


Genoa, 444 Course of Exchange, in London, August 17. Amsterdam, 12 : 0 C. F. Ditto at sight, 11 : 17. Antwerp, 12; 5. Ex: M, Hamburg, 36 : 4:2 U. Altona, 36 : 5; 20. Paris, 3 days' sight, 25 : 20. Bourdeaux, 25 50. fort on the Main, 151. Ex. M.. Madrid, 36. effect. Cadiz, 36. effect. Barcelona, 35. Gibraltar, 32. Leghorn, 4 Venice, Italian Liv. 26. 50: Maltá; 48: Naples 39 ublialermo 115. Lisbon, 534. Oporto, 54. Rio Janeiro, 564. Dublin, 13.

3 4 Brazils, 6773 bags.-544 bales.-315 Wheat, Engl. Y 7015.10 0 11 9 serons,East India, 1531 bales.

Irish.. 10 0 10 8 Smyrna, 70 bales.

Dantzig ....10 6 11 0 Corn, Wheat, 12287.-Barley, 1600.PROVISIONS.

8. d. 8. d. Oats, 9476.–Beans, 362.-Malt, 2245. Beef new, tierce 90 O a 105 0 Peas, 190 qrs. barrel 600

65 0 Rum, 1974 punch.-68 hhds.-Geneva, Butter, pcwt.

30 pipes.-Wine, 185 hhds.--296 pipes. Cork dry 3rds, new

-i cask.--1 butt.-11 aums. pickled new 2nds. 95 0

Tobacco, 793 hhds.-Rice, 2878 casks. Belfast dry new......104 0

2000 bags.--Flour, 808 brls--Butter, Newry do..... ..104 0

17421 firkins,-485 kegs, &c.-Fustic, Pork, Irish, y brl, 80 0

90 0 215 tons.-Logwood, 219 tons.-Tar, TALLOW, 11th.

s. d.
$. d.

8544 brls.-Turpentine, 3240 brls.Russia Y. Candle 600 a 62 0

Tallow, 1817 casks.-Ashes, 5976 brls. Brazil

..........63 0 64 0 Hides, 9900, 71 bdles.Iron Bars,3172.

45 4
75 3
75 9

74 8
17th July
7th August 76 2
14th -

90 o


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