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Progress of the British and Foreign Bible Societies. 290 from Basle. To these have been added that it is scarcely possible to convey, 1000 Testaments of the same version, in any condensed form, an adequate from the stereotype plates at Paris. idea of their importance and utility.

Let it not be thought that the above To notice the various branches indi. sum is a lavish profusion of the public vidually, would be to record a catacontributions, raised in this country. logue of names; and to mark their The object of all Bible Societies is uniform, yet diversified movements, the same ;-the general diffusion of would fill a volume of no ordinary the sacred Word : and whether the magnitude. Bible be circulated by the Society in The Danish Bible Society, has been London, or by that in Paris, the de-established something more than three sign of the institution will be equally years. This, though comparatively answered. No person acquainted small in its commencement, has been with the late or present condition of regularly increasing in respectability, France, can doubt whether the Bible in the number of its friends, and, above be wanted among its inhabitants. Dur-) all, in its utility, throughout the Danish ing the last twenty years, infidelity and dominions. Its third anniversary exwar nearly snatched the sacred volume ceeded, in attendance and interest, any from the hands of many who read it; that had preceded it. And from the and it is too well known, that the re- report which was presented, and the establishment of Popery has not been speeches which were delivered, suffiforward to counteract these ravages of cient proof was given, that the object anarchy and mental dissipation. of the institution had found its way to

The example of Paris has been al- the hearts of the Danish people. To ready followed in Bourdeaux, Montau- this it is pleasing to add, from an ban, and Nismes; in which places address delivered by the President of provisional committees are engaged, the Society, who is also minister of in forming Auxiliary Bible Societies. state, that the Danish government In several other Protestant stations, a views this benevolent feature in the similar feeling has been manifested, so

human character with a friendly eye. that we may hope the period will soon

Favoured with these auspicious prearrive, when England and France, in- sages, several branch societies and stead of spreading through the nations associations have been formed, and of the earth the desolations of war, others are continually forming, in vawill provoke each other to love and rious parts of the kingdom. Within good works. “ The end,” says the the third year, 5266 Danish Bibles and Noble President of the Paris Society, Testaments have been printed. А “which we pursue, and the sentiments new edition of the Creole Testament we profess, are the same. It is de- has lately left the press; and a version lightful to us to think, that at the mo- is also preparing in the language of ment when peace is come to unite our the Faroe islands; a dialect into two nations, the love of God, and the which no part of the Scriptures, had happiness of mankind, are forming hitherto been translated. Additional between us a closer alliance than that measures are also concerting, for the which is guaranteed to us by the au- extension and confirmation of the inthority of treaties."

terest already excited ; and in general On other parts of the continent, the it may be said, that every thing in sacred Scriptures have obtained an Denmark announces a decided moveextensive and a rapid circulation. In ment in favour of the universal disthe United Netherlands the number of semination of the holy Scriptures. To copies has more than doubled that of this comprehensive statement, it is of the preceding year. In Switzerland, importance to add, that these benevoalthough its numerous societies have lent proceedings are carried on under supported their exalted character for the immediate sanction of his Danish zeal, activity, and usefulness, the ad- Majesty, who has vouchsafed his devocates for the circulation of the Scrip- cided approbation, accompanied with tures seem to have received a new a contribution of 4000 rix dollars. stimulus to exertion.

His royal highness the Crown Prince In Germany and Prussia, the Bible has likewise taken a personal interest Societies are now become so nume- in the affairs of the Society, by recomrous, and their operations are on a mending the adoption of stereotype scale of such extensive magnitude, for printing the Scriptures. No. 3.-VOL. I.


In Sweden, the National Society, established to promote the eternal welwith its numerous auxiliary associate fare of mankind. In his address to branches, in different provinces of the the Frankfort Bible Society, this workingdom, displays a bright example thy potentate delivered his sentiments of amity, stability, and perseverance, in the following words : in disseminating, among a grateful “ The dissemination of the book of people, the Word of eternal life. In God's Word among all nations of the this kingdom, the death of the late earth, is a new and an extraordinary monarch deprived them for a season blessing from God our Saviour to the of all royal patronage ; but, in his suc- children of men; and it is calculated, cessor, God has raised up a substitute; to make them wise unto salvation. and the Bishops and Clergy continue Blessed are they who take a part in it: the same active co-operation with the for such gather fruit unto eternal life; Laity, that has hitherto distinguished when those who sow, and those who their character.

reap, shall rejoice together. I find In this compendium, the exertions of this undertaking not merely worthy Norway ought not to be forgotten. In of my attention; no, I am penetrated this territory, several societies have by it to the inmost recesses of my been lately formed; and, in' many soul: and I reckon the promotion of places, the happy effects of this blessed it my most sacred duty; because on it institution are too conspicuous to be depends the temporal and eternal hapoverlooked. The people, it has been piness of those whom Providence has observed, are religiously disposed. committed to my care." This they evince by their more regular Roused into action by these general attendance on divine worship. Hither movements, which the greater part of to, the Bible has been comparatively the European nations displays, sevebut little known among them ; but an ral pious individuals of the Cathoedition of 10,000 copies of the New lic persuasion, have rendered their Testament is now leaving the press for assistance to the general cause. But distribution. The number, indeed, is it is not without hazard and reproach but small, when compared with the that they have dared to deviate from population; but in proportion as these the gloomy path marked out by the copies are read, we may expect a ecclesiastical authorities of their combenevolent feeling to be excited, which munion. In some places the book of will produce a more general circula- God can no longer be concealed, from tion of God's most holy Word.

those who are determined to be made The exertions which have been acquainted with it. Catholic Testamade, and which are still making, in ments, have therefore been largely Russia, seem to correspond in their distributed among the German and extent with the magnitude of the em- French Catholics in Switzerland, and pire. The branches are too nume- the contiguous countries; and, in severous, and their operations too compli- ral instances, where these could not be cated, to be drawn in miniature. In procured, the Clergy and Laity of this giving free circulation to the Scrip- church have not hesitated to assist the tures, the monarch and his subjects Protestants in disseminating the Bible. seem mutually to concur. During the In the islands of the Mediterranean last year, the distribution of the Bible the same benevolent spirit prevails. was double that of the preceding. A society was formed at Malta in May, The number of copies amounted to 1817; and this is now become the 72,000, which were printed in eight common centre of all the operations different languages. The aggregate which are going forward in this quaramount either printed or printing by ter. Aided by the British and Foreign the Russian Bible Society, is compre- Bible Society, the members of the hended in fifty-nine editions; and Institution in Malta have opened an these comprise 270,600 copies, printed intercourse with those of Petersburg, in twenty-one distinct languages. In Calcutta, and Bombay; and, more the promotion of this great and glo- immediately in their own vicinity, with rious work, the emperor not only lends the Ionian islands, the shores of his sanction and pecuniary assistance, Egypt, and the Archipelago. A Bible but he takes an active part, and even Society has also been formed at Smyrcountenances, by his testimony of ap- 'na; and an offer has lately been made, probation, the institution that has been by a learned Archmandrite, now resid

293 Anniversary of the British and Foreign Bible Society. 294 ing at Constantinople, to translate the the room in a short time was nearly Bible into modern Greek.

filled. It was supposed that no less In the eastern hemisphere, the Word than 2000 persons were present. There of God continues to run and to be glo- can be no doubt, that the hope of seerified. Translations into various lan- ing and hearing several illustrious guages are still carried on with much characters, who were expected to hospirit and success; and copies of cer- nour the meeting with their presence, tain portions of scripture are multiply- might have induced some to attend; ing daily. Among some of the Chi- but independently of this consideranese, the Word of God has been dis- tion, the interest which the greater seminated in their native language; part seemed to feel in the success and in New South Wales a Bible So- of the Institution, plainly proved that ciety has been formed. From some the company at large were actuated by stations in the south of Africa, the more dignified principles. accounts are favourable; and at Sierra Among the exalted personages who Leone, a Bible Society also rears its had excited expectation, were the head.

Duke of Weilington, and Lord HarIn the wide field opened in America, rowby, who were detained on a Comthe operations of the Bible Societies mittee of the House of Lords. The are characterized by a continuance of Bishop of Durham was also prevented that vigour and harmony, which have from attending; and notes of apology already afforded such a pleasing spec- from the Bishops of Gloucester and tacle to the inhabitants of Europe. Norwich, expressed their regret in not of the several branches established on being able to meet their friends on the this extensive continent, many pleas- occasion. These statements and apoing accounts might be given ; but the logies were introduced by Lord Teignlimits of a condensed epitome preclude mouth, the president, who took the all detail, except in cases of interest- chair at 12 o'clock. The notes which ing originality.

his Lordship read from the two latter, In this country, in Scotland, in were highly expressive of their warm Wales, and in Ireland, the spirit by attachment to the cause in which they which the Bible Societies have been were mutually engaged. The Bishop supported, seems to grow more vigor- of Norwich, who was detained through ous by exercise; and so numerous bodily infirmities, concluded his note are the friends who advocate the cause in the following manner: In that of this benevolent institution, that the hour which is now fast approaching, voice of opposition is almost too fee- I am persuaded no reflections will ble to excite attention.

afford me more real joy, than my conThe number of copies issued to nection with your Society ; reflections subscribers and auxiliary societies, at far more gratifying than having written cost and reduced prices, from the 31st a hundred volumes of angry controof March, 1818, to the same period, versy.” 1819, is, 123,247 Bibles, and 136,784 But notwithstanding the absence of Testaments; making a total of 260,031 these dignitaries, and highly exalted. copies : being an increase beyond the characters, the interest of the meeting issues of the preceding year, of 65,980 was particularly excited by the digcopies. These, taken in connection nity, the respectability, and the talents, with those issued at the expense of of those who attended. The principal the Society from various presses upon speakers on this occasion, were the the continent, make a total of more Right Hon. Lord Teignmouth; the than two MILLIONS THREE HUNDRED Lord Bishop of Cloyne; Sir William THOUSAND BIBLES AND TESTAMENTS!


His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester; Professor Kieffer, of the University of Paris; W. Wilberforce, Esq. M. P.; Admiral Lord Gam

bier; John Gurney, Esq.; Rev. Wm. FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY.

Roby, of Manchester; Charles Grant, On Monday the 5th inst. the fifteenth Esq. M. P.; Hon. Charles Shore; Sir Anniversary of this Society was held Montague Cholmondeley; Rev. S. at Freemason's Hall, London. No Wood, of Dublin; John Thornton, sooner were the doors opened, than a Esq.; D. Mourier, Esq.; Rev. Mr. concourse of people entered, by which Matthias; Rev. John Owen; R:



Gerard Noel ; Rev. D. M‘Bride, and had met with the most flattering recepSir J. Ackland.

tion. If there were enemies to the Of the various speeches delivered cause of the British and Foreign Bible by these gentlemen on this occasion, Society, he knew not where they were, it is not practicable for us to give for he had found none. At Constance, even a condensed outline. In that he had had an interview with the extensive range of thought which second ecclesiastic who presides in their combined energies displayed, that church ; whose body is sinking to they traversed the different regions of the grave, but whose soul is rising to the globe ; and, as if presenting from heaven. " At the close of our contheir hands a Bible to every outcast versation,” says Mr. Owen, “ I asked of society whom they found, directed him what I should say to the British him to search the Scriptures, which and Foreign Bible Society? "Go; contain the words of eternal life. said he, taking me affectionately by

Among the interesting objects which the hand, ‘go, and tell them we are this meeting presented, was a Turkish one.'” New Testament, the first that was It is much to be questioned, if any ever published. It was introduced by preceding meeting, on a similar occaProfessor Kieffer, as the fruit of his sion, had ever excited a more lively own ļabour,—as the effect of British interest. A spirit of unanimity every bounty, -and as a present from the where prevailed; and nothing but the Bible Society in Paris. These singu- beams of genuine philanthropy seemlar coincidences were heightened by ed to shine throughout the whole asthe circumstance of the learned fo- sembly. Nor were these testimonies reigner not being able to speak Eng- of approbation exclusively confined lish. His address, which had been to those present. A general solicitude written, was read by the Rev. D. to give universal circulation to the Wilson, and received amidst reiter- Book of God, appeared to be a kind ated applauses.

of neutral ground, on which men of difAnother incident was presented to ferent sentiments most cordially met. the notice of the auditors, which is The establishment of the British and well worthy of being recorded. The Foreign Bible Society has operated Rev. Mr. S. Wood, of Dublin, in the like a cement to unite contending parcourse of his address, stated the fol- ties, and has given birth to an age of lowing interesting fact.

* But, my benevolence. Lord, my country has done something for this society. A Lady of piety has made a bequest, and has appointed METHODIST MISSIONARY MEETING. some friends of mine trustees. To the AMONG the various institutions which Methodist Missionary Society she has have been established in this kingdom given £3000; and to the British and for the propagation of religious knowForeign Bible Society, £3000. Her ledge in pagan countries, those of the bequest does not end here: for she has Missionaries hold an exalted rank. left the whole of her estate, of which The publication of the Scriptures, in one rent-roll amounts to £ 1000 per the order of propriety, seems to take annum, to be divided yearly, share the lead; but the Bible being circuand share alike, to the British and lated without note or comment, renForeign Bible Society, and the Society ders the exertions of Missionary Mifor Methodist Missions. I am call- nisters not less imperiously necessary. ed upon to second the motion of thanks In this useful department, almost to your highly-esteemed and worthy every denomination of Christians has Treasurer, and beg leave to do so by nobly come forward; and God has presenting to you €1500, as the first been pleased to bless their labours, by moiety of the legacy.”

crowning their single and combined The Rev. Mr. Owen 'having visited endeavours with unexampled success. the Continent during the autumn of On the 28th of April last, the anthe last year, of which we have an nual meeting of the Methodist Auxaccount in his interesting letters that iliary Society was held in Great Queenhave lately been published, adverted street Chapel: Joseph Butterworth, to this journey in his speech. He had Esq. in the chair. The principal travelled, he observed, in several coun- speakers on this occasion, in addition tries on account of the Society, and to the worthy chairman, were as fol297

Methodist Missions.-Church Missionary Society.


lows. --The Rev. Thomas Kelk; a nies of the West Indies alone, the young Russian Physician; the Rev. members of society amount to 20,000 ; Samuel Wood, of Dublin; the Rev. independently of that innumerable John Waterhouse; the Rev. John company, which, since the year 1786, Hawtrey ; William Blair, Esq. ; and have taken their departure from the several other gentlemen. - In this region of slavery, to the liberty of the meeting, which was only preparatory sons of God in the celestial mansions. to the general association, many ex- The Rev. Mr. Wood, of Dublin, cellent observations were made ; and took occasion to mention the circumthe spirit which prevailed throughout stance (to which we have aleady adthe assembly, furnished a pleasing pre- verted, in our notice of the Bible Sosage of what might be expected in ciety,) respecting the bequest of £3000, the general meeting which was about left by a young Lady in Ireland ; and to follow.

presented £1500, as one moiety of the On Monday, May 3d, the general sum. This meeting, which we have meeting took place, in their large already noticed began at 11 o'clock, chapel, City Road, which was nume- continued until half-past six in the rously attended. This meeting com- evening. It was opened with prayer, menced at eleven o'clock, when Joseph and concluded with singing the praises Butterworth, Esq. was again called to of God for all his mercies. The whole the chair. On this occasion, the princi- was conducted with much decorum pal speakers were as follows.-Mr. But- and solemnity. A collection was made terworth ; the Rev. Walter Griffiths; throughout the congregation; and we Dr. Zukenbeker, the young Russian have no doubt, that many will have physician; William Wilberforce, Esq. reason to remember with gratitude M. P.; the Rev. Geo. B. Mitchell

, through life, the serious impressions Vicar of St. Mary's, Leicester; the which their minds this day received; Rev. Mr. Brown, from Hayti; J. Dyer, and we may charitably hope that it Esq.; Launcelot Haslope, Esq.; the will be renewed with several in eterRev. Joseph Taylor; Col. W. Sandys, nity. who had spent a considerable portion of his life in India; the Rev. John

CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. Hawtrey; J. Wood, Esq. of Manchester; the Rev. R. Watson; Edward On Tuesday, May 4th, the nineteenth Phillips, Esq. of Melkham; the Rev. Anniversary of this Missionary Society, S. Wood, of Dublin; the Rev. Wil- was held in Freemasons' Hall. The liam Martin, of Sheffield ; the Rev. business commenced at twelve o'clock, Joseph Benson; R. Fawcett, Esq. when the Right Hon. Lord Gambier, of Bradford ; and some others. the President, was called to the chair.

In the speeches delivered by these His Lordship introduced the business gentlemen, a comprehensive survey of the day in a truly Christian manwas taken of the condition of the hea- ner, and adverted to a train of circumthen world ; and the necessity of send- stances which called aloud for the graing Missionaries to instruct the be- titude of all. He also expatiated at nighted nations, was enforced by some length, on the nature of the gloarguments that were at once interest- rious work in which they were then ing and impressive. The Report, engaged ; and recommended to those which was luminous and comprehen- whom he addressed, the necessity of sive, was read by the Rev. Messrs. calling to mind the blessing of God, Watson and Bunting. It contained a which had rested on their united engeneral of the world, from the year 1786, to casion were the following. — John the present time; and stated, with all Thornton, Esq.; Mr. Dealtry, of Clapthe precision that could be expected, ham; the Rev. Mr. Matthias, of Dubthe numerous benefits which had re- lin; Wm. Wilberforce, Esq. M. P.; salted from their united labours. It the Rev. J. W. Cunningham, of Harappears from this Report, that the row; the Rev. R. Davies, from Conumber of their Missionaries is be- lumbo; the Rev. Dr. G. Hamilton; tween eighty and ninety ; exclusively the Rev. Mr. Marsh; the Rev. Charles of those employed in Ireland, and on Simeon; the Rev. Mr. Beachcroft; the continent of Europe. In the colo- thc Rev. Lewis Way; the Rev. Mr.

sonary exertions in the various parts "The principal speakers on this oc

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