Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Bind 16

The Institution, 1857
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Vols. 39-204 (1874/75-1916/17) have a section 3 containing "Abstracts of papers in foreign transactions and periodicals" (title varies); issued separately, 1919-37, as the institution's Engineering abstracts from the current periodical literature of engineering and applied science, published outside the United Kingdom.

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Side 176 - Memoirs and accounts of the Works and Inventions of any of the following Engineers : — Sir Hugh Middelton ; Arthur Woolf ; Jonathan Hornblower; Richard Trevithick ; William Murdoch (of Soho) ; and Alexander Nimmo.
Side 183 - NEWTON (William) London in the Olden Time, being a Topographical and Historical Memoir of London, Westminster and Southwark ; accompanying a Pictorial Map of the City and Suburbs, as they existed in the reign of Henry VIII., before the Dissolution of the Monasteries ; compiled from Authentic Documents.
Side 178 - Diagrams may be sent for the illustration of any particular portions. Papers which have been read at the Meetings of other Scientific Societies, or have been published in any form, cannot be read at a Meeting of the Institution, nor be admitted to competition for the Premiums.
Side 364 - On the speed and other properties of ocean steamers, and on the measurement of ships for tonnage.
Side 120 - A Telford Medal in Silver to John Murray, M. Inst. CE, for his " Description and Drawings of the removal of the Lighthouse on the North Pier, at Sunderland." A Telford Medal in Silver to James Bremner, M. Inst. CE, for his Papers " On Pulteney Town Harbour," " Sarclet Harbour," " A new Piling Engine," and " An Apparatus for floating large Stones for Harbour Works.
Side 182 - Fly-Fishing for Salmon; Lists of good Salmon Flies for every good River in the Empire ; the Natural History of the Salmon, its Habits described, and the best way of artificially Breeding it. Fcp. 8vo. with coloured Plates, price 14s. Fairbairn.— Useful Information for Engineers : Being a Series of Lectures delivered to the Working Engineers of Yorkshire and Lancashire.
Side 177 - The principal subjects for which Premiums will be given, are — " 1st. Descriptions, accompanied by Plans and explanatory Drawings, of any work in Civil Engineering, as far as absolutely executed ; and which shall contain authentic details of the progress of the Work, (Smeaton's Account of the Edystone Lighthouse may be taken as an example.) "2ndly.
Side 171 - THE COUNCIL of the Institution of Civil Engineers have awarded the following Premiums : — 1. A Telford Medal, and a Council Premium of Books, suitably bound and inscribed, to John Murray, M. Inst. CE, for his paper " On the Progressive Construction of the Sunderland Docks.
Side 133 - Surrey, in the 77th year of his age, and was buried in the new cemetery at Brighton.
Side 397 - That the quantity of heat produced by the friction of bodies, whether solid or liquid, is always proportional to the quantity of force extended.

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