Transactions of the Mississippi State Medical Association..., Bind 20

Mississippi State Medical Association, 1887

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Side 12 - On motion, the rules were suspended and the Secretary instructed to cast the ballot of the Association for those whose names were read.
Side 80 - I use a thin steel probe with the point (about 1 line) bent at a right angle, and whilst the auricle and speculum are held immovable, the parts being illuminated with the head mirror, (the head of patient unmoved from first position) I hug the inside wall of the speculum, and so can always tell when I am down to its lower orifice. As the powder is filled into the meatus, through the speculum, it is packed, layer upon layer, not tightly, but firmly, meanwhile I gradually withdraw the speculum until...
Side 11 - The report of the committee was accepted, and on motion the rules were suspended and the Secretary was instructed to cast the vote of the members in favor of the names proposed.

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