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The Committee on Publication, in presenting this pamphlet to the members of the Florida Medical Association, regret that some delay in issuing it has occurred from the difficulty experienced in obtaining copies of some of the papers read at the last meeting and referred to this committee.

The members do not appear to fully appreciate that their work, after being presented to the Association, virtually becomes the property of the latter. When such papers are published in the annual volume of "Transactions" they are not necessarily "buried," but all-medical journals as well as medical men-are free to use and profit by them.



OCALA, FLA., April 8th, 1890.

The Florida Medical Association met in the city of Ocala at 3 P. M. and was called to order by the chairman of the Committee of Arrangements, Dr. Thos. P. Gary, who requested the Rev. Mr. Lee to open the meeting with prayer. Dr. Gary then, as mayor of the city of Ocala, extended a warm and hearty welcome to all of the members and others attending this meeting. Dr. Webb, of St. Augustine, replied in fitting terms in behalf of the Association.

Dr. R. A. Lancaster, President, announced that the Association was open for the transaction of business, and appointed Drs. H. R. Dubois, N. P. Phillips and R. H. Dean a Committee on Credentials. After a short recess this committee made the following report:

Delegate from Escambia County Medical Society, Dr. J. H. Pierpont; delegate from Osceola County Medical Society, Dr. J. Peeler; delegates from Alachua County Medical Society, Drs. N. B. Cloud, W. C. Johnson and J. H. Hodges; delegates from Marion County Medical Society, Drs. E. Van Hood and T. J. Meyer; delegate from St. Johns County Medical Society, Dr. DeWitt Webb; delegates from Duval County Medical Society, Drs. F. D. Miller and P. J. Stollenwerck.

On motion, the report was received and the committee continued.

Reading of the minutes of last session was, on motion, dispensed with, as they were printed in annual proceedings.

The roll was then called and the following members answered to their names:

Drs. F. H. Caldwell, R. H. Dean, H. R. Dubois, G. A. Dwelly, J. D. Fernandez, Thos. P. Gary, J. T. Green,

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