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HOMOSASSA, FLA., April 10, 1890.

At an impromptu meeting of the members of the Florida State Medical Association in the parlors of the Willard Hotel, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:

First, That the thanks of this Association are due and are hereby tendered the Marion County Medical Society for their uniform kindness and generous hospitality in furnishing a free excursion to the phosphate works-Blue Springs, Dunnellon and Homosassa.

Second, That we are indebted to Dr. Thos. P. Gary, President of this Association, for a sumptuous and bountiful banquet, furnished the Association and many friends at the beautiful hotel, over which the genial and urbane Capt. A. E. Willard presides as host-a host within himself.

Third, That we are under many obligations, and hereby tender thanks, to Hon. Jno. F. Dunn, who accompanied us, and extended many courtesies and attentions, in showing us the method of mining and shipping phosphate rock from the world-renowned beds near Dunnellon, as well as showing us the beauties of Blue Springs, Dunn's Bluff and Homosassa.

Fourth, That we heartily express our appreciation of the kind hospitality extended to us by the citizens of Ocala and especially the hotels of the city, and to those railroads who extended the courtesy to us of reduced rates.

Fifth, That the Association also extends their thanks to the State Press for the full and faithful report of the proceedings of this Association.



The meeting was called in the chair, at 8:20 P. M. upon the Orator, Dr. F. F.

OCALA, FLA., April 10, 1890. by President Thos. P. Gary The President at once called Thomas, who addressed the Asection with a very interesting paper upon "The

true physician and his relations to his fellow-man." (See Appendix, F.)

Dr. Lancaster made a motion that the thanks of the Association be 'tendered Dr. Thomas for his interesting and able address, and that a copy of the same be handed to the Publication Committee for publication; which motion was carried.

The following named gentlemen were then elected to membership in the Association: Dr. R. G. Gamble, of Tallahassee, Fla.; Dr. J. Z. Cravey, of Pensacola, Fla.; Dr. E. C. Dunklin, of

The following resolution was offered by Dr. Jno. P. Wall, of Tampa:

Resolved, That the several Medical Examining Boards of the State are respectfully requested to meet in Pensacola at the time of the next annual meeting of this Association, so as to insure uniformity of action, and see what, if any, new legislation is necessary.

Which was adopted.

On motion, the resolutions introduced by the committee appointed at Homosassa were adopted.

A motion was offered by Dr. Lancaster that this Association do adjourn to meet in Pensacola, Fla., on the 2nd Tuesday of April, 1891. Which was carried.

At 9:15 P. M. the Association adjourned sine die.
J. D. FERNANDEZ, Secretary.



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