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J. G. Barnard, Printer, Skinner Street, London.



A RELATION of the late wicked contrivance of Stephen Hackhead and

Robert Young, against the lives of several persons, by forgng an Associ-

ation under their hands. Written by the Bishop of Rochester. In iwo

parts. The first part being a relation of what passed at the three exami-

nations of the said Bishop, by a committee of the Lords of the Privy

council. The second being an account of the two above-mentioned

authors of the forgery. In the Savoy : Printed by Edward Jones, 1692.

Quarto, containing seventy-six pages


The second part of the relation of the late wicked contrivance against the

lives of several persons, by forging an Association under their hands :

Being a farther account of the said forgery, and of the two authors of it,

Stephen Blackhead and Robert Young, alias Youngs, alias Brown, alias

Hopkins, alias Hutt, alias Green, alias Jones, alias Smith, alias, &c.

Written by the Bishop of Rochester. Imprimatur, November 25, 1692,

Edmund Bohuu


A letter to a friend concerning a French invasion, to restore the late King

James to his throne: and what may be expected from bim, should he be

successful in it. London: Printed, and are to be sold by Randal Taylor,

near Amen-corner, 1692. Quarto, containing thirty-two pages


A diary of the siege and surrender of Limerick, with the articles at large,

both civil and military. Published by authority. London : Printed for

R. Taylor, near Stationers' Hall, 1692. Quarto, containing thirty-six



The pretences of the French invasion examined, for the information of the

people of England. London: Printed for R. Clavel, at the Peacock, in

St. Paul's Church-yard, 1692. Quarto, containing twenty pages.. 150

The true and genuine explanation of one K. James's declaration. Printed

in the year 1693. Quarto, containing four pages.


The Chaplains' petition to the honourable House for redress of grievances.

By one of the Camp chaplains. London: Printed for the use of the petiti-

oners; and sold by Thomas Ranew in Fleet-street, near Temple-Bar,

1693. Quarto, containing four pages. •

The petition of the ladies of London and Westminster to the honourable

House for husbands. London, Printed for Mary Want-man, the Fore-

maid of the petitioners; and sold by A. Roper in Fleet-street, 1693.

Quarto, containing four pages


The petition of the widows, in and about London and Westminster for a re-

dress of their grievances. London: Printed for the use of the wide-o's,

1693. Quarto, containing four pages....


An humble remonstrance of the batchelors, in and about London, to the

honourable house, in answer to a late paper, intitled, “ A petition of the

ladies for husbands.” London : Printed for, and sold by the bookselling

batchelors, in St. Paul's Church-yard. Quarto, containing four pages : 175


A new bill, drawn up by a committee of grievances, in reply to the ladies and

batchelors petition and remonstrance, &c. Quarto, containing four pages 179

The vindication of that hero of political learning, Nicholas Machiavel, the

second Tacitus. MS.


An account of the late terrible earthquake in Sicily, with most of its parti-

culars. Done from the Italian copy printed at Rome. London: Printed

for Richard Baldwin, near the Oxford-arms in Warwick-lane, 1693.

Quarto, containing thirty-six pages.


A compendious history of the taxes of France, and of the oppressive methods

of raising them. London: Printed by J. M. and B. B. for Richard Baldwin,

near the Oxford-arms, in Warwick-lane, 1694. Quarto, containing forty



Encouragement for seamen and mariners. In two parts. Being a proposed

method for the more speedy and effectual furnishing their Majesties

royal navy with able seamen and mariners : And for saving those immense

sums of money, yearly expended in attending the sea press. Iu order to

prevent those many mischiefs and abuses daily committed, by disorderly

press-masters, both at sea and land, to the great prejudice of their Ma-

jesties, and injury of the subject. By George Everett, shipwright.

London: Printed in the year 1695. Quarto, containing twenty-four pages 221

Some particular matters of fact relating to the administration of affairs in

Scotland, under the Duke of Lauderdale. Folio, containing one sheet. 232

An essay on writing, and the art and mystery of printing. A translation

out of the anthology. From a broad-side, printed at London, in the



containing four pages

England's calamities discovered : With the proper remedy to restore her

ancient grandeur and policy. Humbly presented by James Whiston.

London: Printed for the author, and are to be sold by Joseph Fox, in

Westminster-hall, R. Clavel at the Peacock in Fleet-street, and T. Minton

at the Anchor under the Royal Exchange, 1696. Quarto, containing

forty pages

........ 254

A view of the court of St. Germain, from the year 1690 to 95, With an

account of the entertainment Protestants meet with there. Directed to

the male-content Protestants of England. London : Printed for R. Bald-

win, near Oxford-arms inn, in Warwick-lane, 1696. Quarto, containing

thirty pages

The wars and causes of them, between England and France, from William

the First to William the Third, with a treatise of the Salique Law. By

D. J. and revised by R. C. Esq. 1697. Duodecimo, containing seventy-
two pages


Contemplations upon life and death: With serious reflexions on the mise-

ries that attend human life, in every station, degree, and change thereof.

Written by a person of quality, in his confinement, a little before his

death; shewing the vanity of the desire of long life, and the fear of

death. With a true copy of the paper delivered to the Sheriffs upon the


scaffold at Tower-hill, on Thursday, January 28, 1696-7, by Sir John

Fenwick, Baronet, 1697. Quarto, containing thirty-one pages.....**. 328

An elegy on the death of trade. By a relation of the deceased. London,

Printed in the year 1698. Quarto, containing thirteen pages.......... 351

A full and true account of a most dreadful and astonishing fire, which hap-

pened at Whitehall, and begun in Col. Stanley's lodgings, on Tuesday

last, about four of the clock in the afternoon, continuing with great vio

lence till about nine o'clock the next morning, burning down and con-

suming the Kiag's chapel, the guard-cbamber, the long gallery, &c.

together with pear 150 houses. An account also how several persone

were killed, with the blowing up twenty houses, &c. Licensed ac-

cording to order. London, Printed by J. Bradford, in Little-Britain, 1698.

Polio, containing two pages


A letter to a country gentleman : Setting forth the cause of the decay and

ruin of trade. To wbich is annexed, a list of the names of some gentle-

men, who were members of the last Parliament, and now are, or lately

were, in publick employments, London: Printed in 1698. Quarto, con-

taining twenty-four pages...


An essay towards carrying on the present war against France, and other

publick occasions. As also, for paying off all debts contracted in the

same, or otherwise. And new coining of all our monies, without charge,

to the great increase of the honour, strength, and wealth of the nation.

Humbly proposed for the Parliament's consideration, and submitted to

their great wisdom, and love to their country, &c. Octavo, containing

thirty-two pages. To which is added an appendix, MS...


The Honour of the Gout: Or, a rational discourse, demonstrating, that the

gout is one of the greatest blessings which can befal mortal man; that

all geutlemen, who are weary of it, are their own enemies; that those

practitioners, who offer at the cure, are the vainest and most mischievous

cheats in nature. By way of letter to an eminent citizen, wrote in the

heat of a violent paroxysın, and now published for the common good,

By Philander Misaurus. Duodecimo, containing sixty-seven pages:

Printed at London, in 1699


A true and just relation of Major-general Sir Thomas Morgan's progress in

France and Flanders, with the six-thousand English, in the years 1657

and 1658, at the taking of Dunkirk, and other important places, as it

was delivered by the General himself. London, 1699. Quarto, con-

taining sixteen pages...

An account of St. Sebastian's, in relation to its situation, fortifications,

government, customs, and trade. By one lately come from thence.

Prom twenty-two pages in quarto, Printed at London, 1700


A list of the monasteries, nunneries, and colleges, belonging to the English

Papists in several Popish countries beyond sea Published to inform the

people of England, of the measures taken by the Popish party for the re-

establisbing of Popery in these nations In a letter to a mep ber of para

liament. From eight pages, quarto. London: Printed in 1700........ 430

A discourse of sea-ports, principally of the port and haven of Dover: Written

by Sir Walter Raleigh, and addressed to Queen Elisabeth. With useful

remarks, &e. on that subject, by command of his late Mijesty King

Charles the Second. Never before made publick.

Printed in 1700.

Quarto, containing twenty pages. •



Reasons humbly offered, for a law to enact the castration of Popish ecclesi-

asticks, as the best way to prevent the growth of Popery n England.

London : Printed in 1700. Quarto, containing twenty-six pages 445

Labour in vain; or, what signifies little or nothing: Viz. I. The poor

man's petitioning at court. II. Expectation of benefit from a covetous

man in his life time. III. The marriage of an old man to a young

IV. Endeavours to regulate men's manuers by preaching or

writing. V. Being a Jacobite. VI. Confining an insolvent debtor.

VII. Promise of secrecy in a conspiracy. VIII. An enquiry after a

place. London: Printed and sold by most booksellers in London and

Westminster, 1700. Quarto, containing thirty-two pages


The apparent danger of an invasion, briefly represented in a letter to a

minister of state. By a Kentish gentleman, 1701..


The rights of the house of Austria to the Spanish succession. Published by

order of his Imperial Majesty Leopold, and translated from the original,

Printed at Vienna, MDCCI...


A dialogue between the cities of London and Paris, in relation to the pre-

sent posture of affairs, rendered into verse, and made applicable to the

disturbances which now seem to threaten the peace of Europe. Written

by a person who has no money to pay taxes in case of a war. [From a

folio edition, containing thirteen pages, printed in London, 1701.) 494

Some observations on the use and original of the noble art of printing. By

F. Burges, Norwich


Scotland characterised: In a letter written to a young gentleman, to dis-

suade him from an intended journey thither: By the author of “The

trip to North Wales.' 1701. Folio. Containing four pages....


Proposals for carrying on an effectual war in America, against the French

and Spaniards. Humbly offered to the consideration of the King's most

excellent Majesty, the right honourable the Lords spiritual and temporal,

and the honourable the House of Commons. From a quarto edition,

Printed at London, in the year MDCCII.

An account of the arraignments and tryals of Colonel Richard Kirkby,

Captains John Constable, Captain Cooper Wade, Captain Samuel Vincent,

and Captain Christopher Pogg, for cowardice, neglect of duty, breach

of orders, &c. From a folio edition, printed at London, 1703...


Division our destruction : or, a short history of the French faction in


(Nought else but Treason from the first this land did foil.

Spencer's second book of the Fairy Queen, Cant. 10. Stan. 48.]

London : Printed and sold by John Nutt, near Stationers’-ball, 1702.

Quarto, containing twenty-two pages


Political remarks on tbe life and reign of King William III. First, from his

birth to the abdication of King James II. Secondly, from his accession

to the crown of England to his death


Proposals for the reformation of schools and universities, in order to the

better education of youth; humbly offered to the serious consideration of

the High Court of Parliament .........

..... 561

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