The Unity Principle: The Shaping of Jewish History

Behrman House, Inc, 2003 - 341 sider
This scholarly, yet engaging, book presents a dynamic interpretation of Jewish history?from biblical to modern times?as a set of interconnected and evolving events and relationships that spring directly from Judaism's core beliefs. Rivkin explores how monotheism has enabled Jews throughout history to adapt themselves, their communities, and their vision of the Covenant whenever they were confronted by new circumstances or historical forces. This flexibility and redefinition has time and again ensured Jewish survival and vitality, and placed Jews in the forefront of the modern trend of globalization. The Unity Principle is newly revised and expanded based on Rivkin's classic work The Shaping of Jewish History. Dr. Ellis Rivkin is Professor Emeritus of Jewish History at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. Ideal for adult study and college courses

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The Present and Beyond
Preface to the First Edition

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