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Hail to the Crown by Freedom ruled--to gird
An English Sovereign's brow! and to the Throne
Whereon he sits ! whose deep foundations lie
In veneration and the People's love,
Whose steps are equity, whose seal is law.
-Hail to the State or ENGLAND! And conjoin
With this a salutation as devout,
Made to the spiritual fabric of her CHURCH;
Founded in truth; by blood of Martyrdom
Cemented; by the hands of Wisdom reared
In beauty of Holiness, with order'd pomp
Decent, and unreproved. The voice, that greets
The majesty of both, shall pray for both;
That, mutually protected and sustained,
They may endure as long as Sea surrounds
This favoured Land, or sunshine warms her soil !


Luke Hansard & Sons, niear Lincoln's-Inn Fields, London.

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SÓ natural is the union of religion with justice, that we may boldly deem there is neither, where both are not. For how should they be unfeignedly just, whom religion doth not cause to be such, or they religious, which are not found such by the proof of their just actions ? If they, which employ their labour and travail about the public administration of justice, follow it only as a trade, with unquenchable and unconscionable thirst of gain, being not in heart persuaded that justice is God's own work, and themselves his agents in this business; the sentence of right God's own verdict, and themselves his priests to deliver it, formalities of justice do but serve to sinother right, and that, which was necessarily ordained for the common good, is through shameful abuse made the cause of common misery.


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