With Sai Baba by My Side: An unusual story

Erik Istrup Publishing, 6. okt. 2014 - 316 sider

Marguerite Jalving, is a person with both feet on the ground. With her high heels and elegant style, she stands with her strong temperament, firm in her own opinions. She gives vent to spontaneous anger as well as enthusiasm and sometimes less humble thoughts to Sri Sathya Sai Baba, when she thinks, He goes too far. At the same time, she feels the deepest affection and humble surrender for the divine, which is this book’s paradox.

You will find the book both humorous and deeply devotional; a picture of a human being’s dialogue with the divine, with its dreams and heavenly visions.

 - Lise Jersing


I have had experiences, and still have beautiful visions and dreams with Baba. This is all words, which I try to use to express my experiences. Ultimately, these visions cannot be described as they are divine experiences.

One must have faith in higher powers, which are beyond our physical world and daily life, if we want to understand what the meaning of life is.

 - Marguerite Jalving

Illustrated with Sai Baba’s artwork via Jalving.


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