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SEC. I. This Association may receive as Permanent Members such persons, graduates of regularly-organised medical colleges, holding legitimate diplomas, and physicians who have been engaged in reputable practice for fifteen years, as are duly recommended by the local or State Eclectic Medical Society to which they belong, provided that they are or have served as delegates to this Association. Persons of high medical and scientific attainments from other countries may, upon the nomination of a member, and the recommendation of the Executive Committee, be elected Honorary Members at the Annual Meeting next after such nomination.

SEC. 2. Every State Medical Society in sympathy with this Association and its purposes is authorised to appoint fifteen delegates annually, and every local or district society two delegates, and every medical college likewise two delegates.


SEC. I. Every person duly elected as a permanent member of this Association shall complete such membership by paying an initiation fee of seven dollars. He shall also report his name and residence annually, to the Secretary, within one month from the time of the annual meeting, and shall likewise, after the first year, pay an annual due of three dollars. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer, on the second day of the annual meeting, and also on the day ensuing, to report the name of every member in arrears for dues, in open session, for action of this Association.

SEC. 2. Delegates not members, upon their reception by the Association, shall pay into the treasury the sum of five dollars, which shall be credited on their initiation fee in case that they shall also become Permanent Members at the same session of this Association; and they shall be entitled to receive a printed volume of the publications of the Association.

SEC. 3. Each Permanent Member, upon signing the roll, shall be entitled to receive a certificate of membership, duly authenticated by the seal of the Association and the signatures of the President and

Secretary. He shall also, upon payment of the annual due, be entitled to a volume of the printed Transactions. No member in arrears shall be entitled to the printed publications, or to exercise any right of membership.


SEC. I. The members of this Association shall exercise toward each other, toward all physicians, Eclectics especially, and toward all mankind, that courtesy and just dealing to which every one in his legitimate sphere is entitled, and any departure therefrom shall be deemed unprofessional, undignified and unworthy the honorable practitioner of an honorable profession. It shall also be regarded as unbecoming to engage in any form of practice, or of advertising, which shall tend to lower the physician in the esteem of the community, or to reflect discredit upon his professional associates.

SEC. 2. While it is the undoubted right of every physician to present himself before the public in an honorable manner, and to state that he makes a specialty of any particular disease, no member of this Association shall advertise himself by handbills, circulars, publication of certificates of cures, any such means; nor associate himself in business professionally with any one so doing; nor advertise himself as belonging to this Association, or any auxiliary medical society, or any medical college. Any member knowing of any violation of this provision by members of this Association, or of any person not a member of this Association or any auxiliary medical society, advertising himself as such, shall inform the Executive Committee of the matter, with all the facts in his possession; and it shall be the duty of the Executive Committee thereupon to publish the facts in some public journal circulating in the region where such offense has been committed.

ARTICLE IV.—Discipline of MEMBERS.


Any member may be officially censured, invited to withdraw, or expelled from membership, for improper conduct, or a violation of professional comity. But it shall be necessary for a specific charge to be made in writing, and a copy to be presented to the person accused or some person acting in his behalf, and another placed in the hands of the President or Secretary one month before the time of holding a regular meeting.

SEC. 2. All professors or officers of colleges voting and otherwise co-operating in the conferring of the degree of Doctor of Medicine on

any person not duly entitled to the same by the necessary attendance on medical lectures and thorough examinations, shall be considered as liable to the penalties enumerated in this article.



Medical colleges in good standing with this Association shall require that each and every candidate for graduation shall be twenty-one years. of age, and have pursued the study of medicine for three years under the surpervision of a reputable physician or in a reputable medical college, and have attended at least two full terms of instruction of at least five months' duration, with an interval of five months, the last of which shall have been in the college conferring the degree.


SEC. I. At every annual meeting of this Association, upon the third day of the session, there shall be an Electoral Committee chosen by the members and delegates, as follows: Every State represented in the Association by members belonging to a State Society shall be entitled to two votes, and every medical college recognised by this Association to one vote in the said committee; and a majority of the Electoral Committee having convened and duly organised shall elect the officers of the Association.

SEC. 2. This committee may also propose the next place of meeting, but the naming of the same shall be subject to the approval of the Association.


SEC. I. Fifteen members at any regular meeting shall constitute a lawful number to transact business, but a smaller number may receive reports.

SEC. 2.

It shall be the duty of members desiring to leave before final adjournment, to communicate the fact to the President.


Omission to give notice of residence to the Secretary, or to pay annual dues for two years, shall be equivalent to a surrender of membership; but such persons may be restored to full rights on payment of all arrearages.


I. Ascertaining the presence of a quorum.


Calling the roll of Officers.

3. Receiving the names of delegates and propositions for member. ship, and referring them, and credentials, to the Committee on Credentials.

4. Reports of Officers.

Reports of Committees, which shall always be in order when no other business is in progress.

6. Reception of papers by title. It shall, however, be in order, when no other business is before the Association, to read any such paper and discuss the subject of which it treats.


Miscellaneous business.


No report or paper presented to this Association, as herein provided, shall be excluded from the printed volume of Transactions except for the following reasons:


Imperfect preparation.

2. Indecorum of language.

3. Unfriendly expression toward the Association.

4. Want of importance, or of pertinency to the subjects within the province of the Association.

5. Insufficient means in the possession of the Treasurer to liquidate expense of publication.

All papers read or submitted to the Association are its property, and shall be deposited with the Secretary within thirty days; or else they shall not be acknowledged, except by express vote or authorisation, in any journal or proceedings. But this Association is not to be regarded as approving unqualifiedly, or sanctioning to their full extent, the sev eral doctrines and sentiments set forth in the papers thus presented and published by its direction.

The Secretary of this Association shall be editor of its publications, ex-officio, subject to the supervision of the President and Treasurer, and shall be entitled to repayment of all necessary expenses actually incurred, travelling expenses to and from meetings, and such additional amount as the Association shall consider his due.


[The Secretary has generally omitted from this category all resolutions which have, subsequent to their adoption, been incorporated into the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association, or virtually suspended by others of a similar tenor which have been rescinded and directed to be omitted by a resolution of the Association.]


Resolved, That in future the annual meetings of this Association be held for three days, that the election of officers shall take place on the third day, and that the By-Laws of this Association be and the same are hereby amended to that effect.-Adopted June 19, 1879.


Resolved, That in future, due notice be given in the Announcement to the members of this Association of any proposed amendment to the Constitution or By-Laws to be acted upon at the meeting.-Adopted June 22, 1882.


Resolved, That Sections be constituted for the various departments of Medical Science, with Chairman and Secretary, to be appointed or elected at each annual meeting.—Adopted June 18, 1880.

Resolved, That in future sessions of this Association, all papers submitted to it shall be referred by the President to the proper Section.

Resolved, That in the absence of the Chairman of any Section another shall be appointed by the President of the Association to serve during the session.

Resolved, That its Chairman shall convene each Section at the earliest possible opportunity; and that such papers as have been submitted shall be considered, and the recommendation of the Section communicated to the Association.

Resolved, That the Secretary of each Section shall submit to the Secretary of the Association a list of all papers in the possession of each Section, with the recommendation of the Section thereon, and shall deliver to him all such manuscripts at the close of the Session.—Adopted June 17, 1881.

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