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E. Surgery and Surgical Clinics.—Chairman, MILTON JAY, M. D., 513 State street, Chicago, Illinois; Secretary, L. E. RUSSELL, M. D., Springfield, Ohio,

F. Ophthalmology, Otology and Laryngology.—Chairman, HENRY OLIN, M. D., 126 State street, Chicago, Ill.; Secretary, F. H. FISK, M. D., Olney, Ill.

G. Electricity and Diseases of the Nervous System.-Chairman, GEO. C. PITZER, M. D., 1110 Chambers street, St. Louis, Mo.; Secretary, J. A. JEANÇON, M. D., Newport, Ky.

H. Dermatology and Microscopy.-Chairman, S. B. MUNN, M. D., Waterbury, Conn.; Secretary, G. H. MERKEL, M. D., 86 Boylston street, Boston, Mass.

“The Chairman shall convene each Section at the earliest possible opportunity," that he may be ready to report when called upon by the General meeting. An abstract of the prominent features of papers not read to the Association may be presented for discussion and instruction.

Three days are really too brief for the routine business of the meeting. The first forenoon will be consumed in introductory addresses, the creation and action of Committee on Credentials, etc.; and the last afternoon in congratulations, resolutions of courtesy, and installation of officers. Hence there are but two full days for the reports of Sections and other routine business. A limited time will be afforded, we trust, for every department, but the Association cannot afford to consume time in waiting. Beginning in the afternoon of the first day with Section-work each will be called in the order named in the announcement. The question of holding Night-Sessions will be at the discretion of the members of the Association.


In pursuance of Article VI. of the Constitution, all members of this Association are solicited to report all interesting cases, improvements, discourses and suggestions which shall be considered useful. It is the duty of the President to designate members to prepare papers and reports to be submitted to the Association. It will be understood that the persons designated will not be held rigorously to the topic named

when he sees good reason to change or choose another. Nor are members excluded or even excused because of not having been herein designated.

We have classified the subjects into their respective sections, as a matter of ready reference, and that each writer may see at a glance just where his part is required. Should a change of subject be deemed expedient the author is respectfully requested to give notice to the officers of the Section from whom he passes to where he properly belongs.

The following subjects are assigned to the persons named, subject to the conditions above mentioned:


.A. Merrell

.A. L. Clark

Poisons from a Medico-Legal Standpoint....
State Medicine and State Boards of Health..
Hygienic and Climatic Treatment of Phthisis Pulmonalis....C. Band
The Ventilation and Heating of Schoolrooms..... . H. S. McMaster
The Nurse's Duty......
.L. T. Beam
B. L. Yeagley
Rebecca V. Anton

Physicians as Medical and Surgical Experts.
The Effects of House-Plants on the Health..

Homes of the Poor in our Cities and Populous Towns . E. E. Spencer
Air and Water as Vehicles of Infection...
Mental Hygiene: Work and Overwork.

.J. M. Mulholand
Alex. Wilder
.M. Green
C. A. Flippen

Sanitation among the Mennonites.

[blocks in formation]

Ancient and Modern Therapeutics....


Rest as a Therapeutic Agent..

Lobelia Inflata...

Veratrum Viride


Production of the Sexes at Will.....
The Effects of Retained Placeuta..

Versions and Flexions of the Uterus....
The Menstrual Function and its Derangements..

Uterine Fibroids.....

Uterine Cancer..


Uterine Hæmorrhage....


Practical Points in Abdominal Surgery....
Surgery of the Hands and Feet.....

Traumatic Tetanus...
Surgical Emergencies..
Mechanical Surgery..
Abscess of the Liver..


Explorations of the Larynx......
Ophthalmological Observations...
The Use of the Ophthalmoscope
Diseases of the External Ear..
Diseases of the Middle Ear..
Diseases of the Labyrinth.

.J. B. Duff

.S. B. Fisher
A. J. Marston
William Jones
.A. B. Whitney

...John King

Wm. M. Durham
.C. E. Griswold

Traumatic Insanity...
Tathology and Therapeutics of Inebriety...
The Mind in Disease....

.S. S. Carr
...H. K. Stratford
..H. Wohlgemuth
W. H. Hawley, Sr.
..J. C. Butcher

.Milton Jay
.A. J. Howe
.G. D. Coe
R. A. Gunn

.L. E. Russell
.J. W. Puittr

W. C. Beam

H. Olin
.T. H. Fisk
W. H. Hawley, Jr.


.Geo. Covert

Brain-Work and Brain-Food....................
The Certainties and Uncertainties of Electro-Therapeutics, G. C. Pitzer
Diseases of the Sensory Nerves......
...Thos. Cleland
Localization of the Functions of the Cortex of the


Ezra Peters
J. Perrins


J. A. Jeançon Diseases of the Sympathetic Nervous System... D. A. Cashman The Relation of Intoxicants and Narcotics to Intellec

tual Life.....

.C. A. F. Lindorme
...G. E. Potter
.H. S. McMaster
S. D. F. Gurney

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Differential Diagnostic Symptoms in Exanthemata...J. A. McKlveen Infantile Cutaneous Diseases.....

Eczemas, and How to Treat them....

Mary C. Nivison V. A. Baker .G. H. Merkel .............H. K. Whitford

Micro-parasitic Pathology......

Mentagra and Favus......

Exanthemata: their Effects on the Mucous Membrane.... N. G. Smith


Improvements in Our Medical Journals.......
Manners and Morals in the Profession...

Essentials and Non-essentials in Medical Codes....
The Relation of Physicians to Proprietory Medicines..
Our Young Men.....

How to make our Profession Successful..

Editors or Educators......
Climatology of the Rocky Mountains....

.D. P. Borden .T. Hodge Jones

F. J. Lock ..R. A. Reid ... Louise Day G. R. Fortiner

.S. P. Taft .J. W. Miles

The above subjects cover a very wide range of thought and we predict from the expressed willingness of many of the writers that our meeting, as well as the published Transactions, will be of inestimable value. Let none wait for further solicitation, and others whose names are not mentioned we would earnestly entreat to contribute whatever they have that would be of value to the profession. We only ask that papers do not exceed twenty printed octavo pages, and that they so far as possible be deposited with the Secretaries of Sections within thirty days of the meeting.


The following persons are appointed to attend the meetings of the Eclectric Medical Societies of their States and to report at the National Meeting the prosperity, membership and condition of such Societies and such facts in regard to the welfare and prosperity of Reformed Medicine. The name of each State will be called by the Secretary at the Annual Meeting, whereupon the representative will arise and report. A summary of his statement should be in writing. Those States having no Society, it is hôped will immediately take some action and have some one at our meeting to represent their interests. The time is at hand when organisation is demanded and when affiliation with the National Association will be an essential of legal as well as professional recognition.

Arkansas-J. W. Pruitt.

Alabama-J. W. R. Williams.
California-A. W. Bixby.
Colorado-T. W. Miles.

Connecticut-Geo. L. Tiffany.
Delaware-Wm. Underwood.
Florida-C. A. F. Lindorme.
Georgia-W. M. Durham.
Illinois-D. A. Cashman.
Indiana-S. S. Boots.
Iowa-J. W. Reynolds.
Kansas-T. A. Wright.
Kentucky-M. L. Smiley.
Maine-N. R. Martin.
Maryland-B. S. Titcomb.
Massachusetts-Pitts G. Howes.

Minnesota-C. S. Stoddard.
Michigan-E. Blackman,
Mississippi-C. D. N. Kirk.
Missouri-T. H. Jones.

Nebraska-W. S. Latta.

New Hampshire-H. A. Hildreth.
New Jersey-D. P. Borden.
New York-W. H. Hawley, Jun.
Ohio-J. C. Butcher.
Oregon-J. M. F. Browne.
Pennsylvania-A. B. Woodward.
Rhode Island-J. A. Goodale.
Tennessee-W. H. Halbert..
Texas-M. W. Henry.
Vermont-P. L. Templeton
Wisconsin-S. S. Judd.


In pursuance of a standing resolution, directing the appointment of a committee to obtain and give desired information for physicians contemplating a change of location, the following members are designated:

J. M. Scudder, M. D., 228 Court street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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