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Dr. Pitzer, from the Committee on Credentials, reported the names of the following candidates for Permanent Membership, with the recommendation that they be elected, subject to the conditions prescribed by the By-Laws :

From the Eclectic Medical Society of California, W. R. G. Samuels.

From the Eclectic Medical Society of New Jersey, R. J. Bowen, J. W. Bruen, M. Haring, A. L. Gibbs.

From the Central New York Eclectic Medical Society, W. W. Nims, H. W. Parker.

From the West Side Medical Society of the city and county of New York, Thomas Cleland, L. S. Pidgin.

From the Vermont State Eclectic Medical Society, W. F Templeton, George H. Gray, W. E. Bailey.


The Committee also submitted the following statement:

"Your Committee has met with frequent complications in the examination of Credential certificates, some of them simply naming delegates without informing us of their standing, whether graduates or not. In such case we have passed them on condition of payment of the membership fee and furnishing the Secretary of this Association due evidence of their qualification.

"GEO. C. PITZER, Chairman,
"T. ARTHUR WRIGHT, Secretary.




The report was accepted and the several candidates duly elected under the conditions specified.

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The Secretary read the following letter from Dr. Charles Band, of Nebraska :

"CRETE, NEB., June 15, 1883.

"A. Wilder, M. D., Secretary:

"DEAR FRIEND :-I take this opportunity to express through you my deep regret at being unable to attend the coming meeting of our National Association. I earnestly hope that it will be successful and prosperous. You will find enclosed my draft for $100] Yours fraternally, CHAS, BAND."


The Committee on Credentials, to whom had been referred the charge and specification against Doctor Hole, with instructions to report at an early moment, then submitted the following report:

“To the President and Members of the National Eclectic Medical Association :

"As there has been referred to your Committee on Credentials a resolution relative to one Dr. J. M. Hole, advertising and issuing an unprofessional circular soliciting patronage, etc., the said Committee, having had the same under consideration, beg leave to make the following report:

"Resolved, That your Committee deem such action entirely unprofessional and unbecoming, and only calculated to cast odium upon the National Association, and that it ought not to be tolerated. Your Committee therefore recommend that this Association take immediate steps to suspend or expel the said Dr. J. M. Hole, as it may seem proper, for unprofessional conduct,

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"GEO. C. PITZER, Chairman,




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The President stated that he had officially notified Dr. Hole that these charges would be preferred against him at this meeting, and requested him to be present and defend himself. He was not present.

Dr. Yost, of Missouri, moved that this Association expel Dr. Hole from membership.

Dr. N. G. Smith, of Indiana, asked for the reading of the circular of which complaint had been made. It was read by the Secretary.

Dr. Munn, of Connecticut, moved the following amendment:

Resolved, That the further consideration of the charges against Dr. J. M. Hole be postponed for one year, and that he be suspended from membership while they are pending.

The President put the question on the amendment, and declared it to have been lost. The original motion was then put to vote and adopted.


Dr. Munk, of Kansas, arose to a question of privilege. He was connected with the Topeka Medical and Surgical Insti

tute, which several were of opinion was advertising un professionally. He submitted several circulars and “dodgers” for general inspection, and stated that he had not intended to do anything boastful or overdrawn. He might, however, be in error. He desired the judgment of the Association in the matter, promising to abide by it.

The circular was read and a general discussion followed. The reading of the third Article of the By-Laws was demanded, and the Article was read by the Secretary.

Dr. N. G. Smith, of Indiana, offered a resolution requesting Dr. Munk to withdraw the cards from circulation.

Dr. Munn raised the point of order that no charge having been made the motion could not be entertained.

Dr. Jay, of Illinois, argued that Dr. Munk had asked instructions and it was accordingly the province of the Association to give them.

Dr. Smith moved the previous question, and it was ordered.

The President then put the main question upon the resolution and declared it carried.


Dr. Yost informed the Association that an excursion had been arranged for the members to visit Baxter Springs and the Indian Territory. The Baxter Medical Springs Association and the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad Company had united in the invitation. Special cars would be furnished and a reception given at the Springs, together with an excursion to the Modoc settlement.

Dr. Wilder moved to accept the invitation on Saturday morning.

Dr. Russell moved to amend by substituting Friday.

Dr. Younkin arose to a point of order. The seventh Article of the Constitution fixes the annual meeting for the term of three days, and this amendment proposes to contravene that provision.

The President decided the point of order to be well taken.

The question was then put to vote and the original motion adopted.

On motion of Dr. Wilder:

Resolved, That the thanks of this Association are hereby presented to Dr. P. D. Yost for his good offices which have been so zealously and disinterestedly rendered to procure this entertainment for his fellow-members.

Dr. S. E. Martin, of Topeka, also invited the members of the Association to a reception at his house this evening, at which the ladies of Grace Protestant Episcopal Church would



Dr. J. M. Welch, of Kansas, from the Committee on Pharmacopoeia, submitted the following report:

"To the President and Members of the National Eclectic Medical Association:

"GENTLEMEN :-Your Committee on Pharmacopoeia beg leave to report that they have examined the manuscript of The American Pharmacopaia, compiled by Prof. A. Merrell, of St. Louis, now about to be published. The condensed but comprehensive manner of treatment of the subject-matter, and the improvements suggested in both processes for and nomenclature of pharmaceutical preparations therein recommended, will, in our opinion, more fully meet the requirements of our branch of the profession than any publication now extant.

"We therefore recommend its endorsement and adoption as authority by this Association.


"J. MILTON WELCH, M. D., of Kansas,
"S. B. MUNN, M. D., of Connecticut,
"H. K. STRATFORD, M. D., of Illinois,
"B. L. YEAGLEY, M. D., of Pennsylvania,
"V. A. BAKER, M. D., of Michigan,

"Committee on Pharmacopeia of the National Eclectic Medical Association. "TOPEKA, June 21, 1883."

The President put the question and the report of the Committee was duly accepted.


Dr. Russell, from the Committee on the Affairs of Colleges, presented the following report:

"WHEREAS, The Medical Department of Drake University, of Iowa, has made application for recognition by the Association; and

"WHEREAS, This Medical Department has met with some difficulties at home in matters that do not concern this Association; and

"WHEREAS, This Medical Department is yet new and has gained but little personal foothold, and as this Association prefers to recognise such Institutions as are self-sustaining and honorable, therefore be it

"Resolved, That we, the Committee to whom the matters pertaining to the Medical Department of the Drake University were referred, advise that the National Association postpone any action in favor of said Medical Department of Drake University at this time. (Signed)

"L. E. RUSSELL, Chairman.

"TOPEKA, June 21, 1883."

Dr. H. A. Reid, of Iowa, opposed the adoption of the report, as unjust to the only Eclectic College in Iowa. Its financial condition was good and it had overcome the difficulties under which it had formerly labored. In the name of the Eclectic State Society of Iowa he entreated the Association not to accept the report.

The President put the question and declared it carried. Dr. Reid then presented the following Protest and asked that it be entered in the journal of the Association :

"To the National Eclectic Medical Association:

"I hereby respectfully file the protest of the Iowa State Eclectic Medical Society against the action of this National Association in regard to the Medical Department of Drake University (Eclectic), at Des Moines, Iowa. This College is in full recognition and good standing with the State Eclectic Medical Society of Iowa, which I represent, and five members of that College Faculty were appointed delegates from the State Society, but on account of railroad wash-outs in Iowa and Missouri, I am the only Iowa delegate present.



"Delegate from the Iowa State Eclectic Medical Society. "TOPEKA, KANSAS, June 21, 1883."


Dr. Pitzer, from the Committee on Credentials, reported the following names of candidates, with the recommendation that they be admitted to Permanent Membership, on condition of furnishing evidence of eligibility and complying with the usual conditions:

From the Kansas Eclectic Medical Association, W. E. Barker, O. W. Baird, J. H. Bonebrake, W. S. Craft, N. H. Clark, E. Crosby, D. W. Else, J. K. Farmer, L. N. Foster, David M. Gillespie, J. Lemon, D. B. McKee, J. S. Morton, J. R. Osborn, A. Reichard, J. K. Rosenberg, A. J. Sax, H. G. Slaven, T. J. Upshaw, E. V. Wharton, J. M. Wilkins, H. D. Williams, M. V. Yancey.

From the Ohio State Medical Association, S. W. Reichard.

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