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Resolved, That no member be allowed more than five minutes to discuss any subject presented, and that no one be allowed to speak the second time on the same subject except by a vote of this Association. -Adopted June 25, 1873.


Resolved, That in the future sessions of this Association no exhibition of Pharmaceutical Preparations, tables of Electrical and Surgical instruments, signs, show-cards and circulars of remedies, the names of which are secured by trade-mark, shall be allowed in the hall used for the deliberations of this Association.-Adopted June 22, 1882.


Resolved, That the President and Secretary be hereby authorised to duplicate lost certificates on the payment of expenses for the same.— Adopted June 19, 1878.


Resolved, That a Bureau of Electricity be established, and constitute henceforth a Standing Committee of this Association.—Adopted Fune 17, 1879.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed, consisting of five members of this Association, on the Nomenclature of Diseases, whose duty it shall be to make a report annually to this Association.—Adopted June 17, 1880.

Resolved, That a Committee on Location be appointed by the Chair to obtain information in regard to desirable locations for physicians, and to correspond with any who may desire to change their location.— Adopted October 5, 1871.

Resolved, That a Committee of five physicians, not pecuniarily interested in any manufactory of medicinal preparations, and to be known as the "Committee on Pharmacopoeia," be appointed annually by this body, etc.—Adopted June 17, 1879.

Resolved, That this Association authorises the Secretary to copyright the following title page of the National Eclectic Pharmacopeia, in order that it may own and have this as a trade-mark: "The American Eclectic Pharmacopoeia; authorised by the National Eclectic Medical Association, Chicago, Illinois, 1870."-Adopted September 28, 1870.

Resolved, That this Association adopt the plan of a Pharmacopoeia, as recommended by the report of the Committee.-Adopted June 16, 1880.

Resolved, That upon the preparation of the Pharmacopæia, for publication, the President and Secretary are hereby empowered and directed to transfer the copyright in the name of the Association, to Dr. Albert Merrell, on condition that he shall publish the same in approved and creditable form, at his own expense and without unreasonable delay. Adopted June 16, 1881.


Resolved, That this Association adopt the American Dispensatory as its standard authority.-Adopted June 18, 1879.


Resolved, That this Association recognises the following Eclectic colleges as being in good standing, and recommend that they receive the support of our profession :*

The Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati,
The American Medical College of St. Louis,
The Eclectic Medical College of New York,
The Bennett Medical College of Chicago,

The United States Medical College of New York.

Resolved, That we approve the courses of instruction adopted, and especially recommend to students a graded course of three years, or attendance upon three or more courses of lectures of not less than twenty weeks each.-Adopted June 19, 1879.

Resolved, That this Association recognises the California Medical College (Eclectic) at Oakland, California, as an accession to our medical institutions.-Adopted June 18, 1880.

Resolved, That the Georgia Eclectic Medical College, at Atlanta, is hereby recognised as an institution in good standing and entitled to favor from the members of this Association.-Adopted June 21, 1882.

Resolved, That the Indiana Eclectic Medical College is hereby recognised as an institution in good standing and entitled to similar rights and privileges with other medical colleges heretofore approved by this Association.-Adopted June 22, 1882.

* These colleges are recognised as regular by the National Bureau of Education.


Resolved, That a Committee of five be appointed by the Chair to consider such contingent matters as may arise concerning the status of Medical Institutions and report upon the same; and that the Committee be continued from year to year till their vacancies through absence shall require filling on the part of the Association.-Adopted June 20, 1883.


Resolved, That this Association pledges its influence for the maintenance of the highest standard of Medical Education consistent with law and the custom of the times.—Adopted October 5, 1871.

Resolved, That the instructors and censors of the several medical colleges professing the Eclectic faith are hereby requested to adopt, as nearly as may be, a uniform standard of qualifications for candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine, as well as in relation to the term of study, maintaining a proper comity toward each other; and further, that like proficiency be required in Medical Botany and the principles of Chemistry, as in the science of Materia Medica and the Principles and Practice of Medicine.-Adopted June 18, 1874.


Resolved, That Congress be memoralised to enact "that the Graduates of any Medical School that requires of its candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine, attendance upon two full courses of lectures, of not less than five months each, upon the subjects of Anatomy, Physiology, Principles and Practice of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Materia Medica, and Chemistry-such courses to have an interval of at least five months between them—and shall also require three full years of study of subjects pertaining to the Science of Medicine, shall be eligible to the medical and surgical offices of the United States Army and Navy through the medium of the examinations as now required by law."-Adopted June 21, 1878.


Resolved, That the papers and articles included in the published Transactions shall be restricted, except in extraordinary cases, to twenty printed octavo pages.-Adopted June 17, 1881.

Resolved, That members presenting papers to the Association have the right to copyright them if they wish, the fact to be so stated in the published reports of the Association.-Adopted June 25, 1873.

Resolved, That the present and future editions of the published Transactions of this Association be bound in cloth.-Adopted June 20, 1879.

Resolved, That this Association is not to be regarded as approving and sanctioning to their full extent the several doctrines and sentiments advanced in the papers presented and published by its direction.

Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be published in some proper place in future volumes of Transactions.-Adopted June 15, 1875.


Whereas, The correct treatment of the human body, when suffering from disease or accident, requires the highest degree of skill attainable by man; and

Whereas, The people are almost wholly incapable of estimating the scientific attainments of medical practitioners; and

Whereas, Diplomas have been freely granted by Medical Colleges of all branches of the medical profession to men grossly incompetent, and have thus ceased to be sufficient evidence of the scientific attainments of their possessors; therefore,

Resolved, That we favor the passage of laws by the various Legislatures of this Union making it necessary for every person desiring to engage in the practice of Medicine, Surgery, or Obstetrics, to pass a fair examination in the fundamental sciences comprehending a course of study necessary for the requirement of a full knowledge of the Science of Medicine in all its branches.-Adopted June 27, 1873.


Resolved, That the members of the National Eclectic Medical Association hereby declare, that they are in favor of the legal organisation of State Boards, whose chief object is to suppress traffic in medical diplomas, and to expel from medical practice all such individuals as dispense medicines without a legitimate right to thus pursue his avocation; provided, That the said Boards be so organised as not to be under the majority-rule of any one School of Medicine.-Adopted June 17, 1880.


Resolved, That the growing evil of the practice of Abortion, perpetrated, as we believe, by individuals from every branch of the profession, is an abuse justly alarming to society; and that we hereby record

our unqualified condemnation of this wicked and cruel practice, and also of all physicians, of whatever school, who engage in it.-Adopted October 5, 1871.


Resolved, That while this Association is in favor of the largest liberty in respect to the business of members of the medical profession, we nevertheless declare our disapproval of the vending by physicians of patent or proprietary remedies, and of boastful advertisements, whether in the secular press or in medical journals.-Adopted October 5, 1871.


Whereas, It has become a prevailing custom for druggists to prescribe medicines over their counters to those who apply to them for relief, in order to save the fee that would properly belong to the physician, therefore,

Resolved, That this practice is an outrage committed against medical practitioners, and detrimental to the welfare of the community; and that all physicians should kindly present this matter to their respective druggists, and request its discontinuance; and if they do not listen to this appeal, it becomes the duty of the practitioner to withdraw his patronage. Adopted September 29, 1870.


Resolved, That the members of this Association express their appreciation of the meritorious labors of the authors of our Eclectic medical books already published, as also the self-sacrificing and laudable exertions of the editors and publishers of our medical periodicals, and express also our gratitude to both classes of these pioneers in medical reform.

Resolved, That while we return them our grateful acknowledgements, we most respectfully request and earnestly insist that greater care be exercised in compiling works in future, and a more careful discrimination made in the original and selected matter of our periodical literature. Adopted September 29, 1870.

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