Transactions of the National Eclectic Medical Association of the United States of America for the Years ..., Bind 11

The Association, 1884
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Side 298 - A good wife is Heaven's last, best gift to man — his angel and minister of graces innumerable — his gem of many virtues — his casket of jewels. Her voice is sweet music — her smiles his brightest day — her kiss the guardian of his innocence — her arms the pale of his safety, the balm of his health, the balsam of his life — her industry his surest wealth — her economy his safest steward — her lips his faithful counselors — her bosom the softest pillow of his cares — and her prayers...
Side 293 - I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel ; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion.
Side 298 - A good wife is Heaven's last best gift to man - his angel and minister of graces innumerable - his gem of many virtues - his casket of jewels - her voice is sweet music - her smiles his brightest day; her kiss, the gua'rdian of his innocence; her arms, the pale of his safety, the balm of his health, the balsam of his life; her industry, his surest wealth; her economy, his safest steward; her lips, his faithful counsellors; her bosom, the softest pillow of his cares...
Side 155 - They should never be hidden under ground, as there leaks will not be perceptible. In some places it is common to paint pipes white, so that any leakage will show itself to the most careless observer. All drains should be kept at all times free from deposit ; and if this cannot be effected without flushing, special flushing arrangements should be provided, so as to effectually remove all foul matter from the house-drains to the public sewers.
Side 281 - A condition of the mind in which a false action of conception or judgment, a defective power of the will, or an uncontrollable violence of the emotions and instincts have, separately or conjointly, been produced by disease.
Side 153 - ... or sidewalk is located, to employ the necessary labor, or to contract pursuant to law, for such cleaning and repairing as they may deem necessary for the safety and health of the people, the expense of such cleaning and repairing, except of sidewalks, shall be chargeable to and paid out of the fund of the ward in which such work is done; and the said board is also hereby empowered to cause sidewalks to be repaired, or to be taken up and relaid with new materials or with part new and...
Side 229 - For Tophet is ordained of old ; Yea, for the king it is prepared ; He hath made it deep and large: The pile thereof is fire and much wood ; The breath of the Lord, like a stream of brimstone, doth kindle it.
Side 391 - Yet do thy work ; it shall succeed In thine or in another's day ; And, if denied the victor's meed, Thou shalt not lack the toiler's pay.
Side 255 - ... nervous substance are the primitive and essential instruments of all the organic functions ; while the solid parts occupy an inferior grade, and are but of secondary importance in disease. The elements of general and internal disease, or the morbid predispositions which form the most important objects of treatment, may, then, all be reduced to vitiated states of the blood, and of the lymph ; or to derangement of the nervous system.

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