Physical Review, Bind 3

American Physical Society, 1896
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Volumes for 1903- include Proceedings of the American Physical Society.

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Side 182 - This ratio is evidently the tangent of the azimuth of re-established plane polarization, when the incident beam is polarized in a plane making an angle of 45° with the plane of incidence, plane polarization being re-established after reflection by means of a quarterwave plate or a Babinet compensator.
Side 235 - What is Maxwell's theory?" I know of no shorter or more definite answer than the following: -- Maxwell's theory is Maxwell's system of equations. Every theory which leads to the same system of equations, and therefore comprises the same possible phenomena, I would consider as being a form or special case of Maxwell's theory; every theory which leads to different equations, and therefore to different possible phenomena, is a different theory.
Side 477 - ... when the plane of the coil is at right angles to the direction of the lines of force, and therefore the induced electromotive force is here zero.
Side 269 - Mabory ; the chemical potential of the metals, by Wilder D. Bancroft. Among the conclusions are : (i) The potential difference between a metal and an electrolyte is not a function of the concentration of the salt solution, nor of the nature of the positive ion, except in certain special cases. (2) It is a function of the electrode, of the negative ion, and of the solvent : a revision of the atomic weight of zinc, by TW Richards and EF Rogers ; (with o = 16 the atomic weight found is 65 '404 ; with...
Side 480 - NNo, and as shown by the geometry of the figure, it is 90° in advance of the current, and therefore of A0A, as it should be. The projection of NN0 on ON is the component of the armature MMF that acts against the field magnetization, ie it is a measure of the armature reaction. The projection of NN0 on OA is likewise a measure of the cross-magnetizing action of the armature.
Side 215 - B2/87r and the experimental law for the lifting-power has been recently shown by E. Taylor Jones*. This effect for high intensities of magnetization is a large one, and becomes one of the most important factors in the observed changes in length. The second of these mechanical stresses is the effect due to the change in Young's Modulus when the rod is magnetized. That the elasticity is influenced by magnetization was shown theoretically by JJ Thomson f, and the phenomenon was observed last year in...
Side 480 - Rj has been reduced to zero; in other words the subscripts (r) indicate what takes place when a machine whose armature inductance is large, as well as constant, is short circuited. A0 moves up to A, and the E. MF at the brushes is zero. The current assumes an angle of lag of almost 90° behind the total internal armature EMF OA, the armature reaction almost counterbalances the MMF of the fields, and the resultant MMF ONr is just sufficient to develop the EMF OCr that overcomes the resistance of the...

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