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F. E. Beddard, M.A., F.R.S.




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A N author is often justly criticised for the manner in A which he has performed a self-imposed task-not unfrequently he is also criticised for what he has not done. I do not expect to be free from the former line of criticism; but at the outset I would remind the reader, as I have elsewhere mentioned, that this does not profess to be a treatise on anthropology, or its methods, but merely a collection of samples of the way in which parts of the subject are studied. The book is not intended for scientific students, nor for experts, but for the amateur and for that delightfully vague person, the intelligent reader.

I must confess, too, that my wish is not merely to interest my readers, but to induce them to become workers. As the learned, wise, and pious John Ray wrote nearly two centuries ago in The Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of the Creation :

"Let it not suffice us to be Book-learned, to read what others have written, and to take upon Trust more Falsehood than Truth ; but let us ourselves examine things as we have opportunity, and converse with Nature as well as Books. Let us endeavour to promote and increase this Knowledge, and make new Discoveries, not so much distrusting our own Parts, or despairing of our own Abilities, as to think that our Industry can add nothing to the invention of our Ancestors, or correct any of their Mistakes. Let us not think that the Bounds of Science are

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