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rewarded by contributing largely to the Philosophical Society of New-York, the establishment of a correct deportment first part of his Icones ad illustrandam towards neutrals. We are only enabled Anatomen comparatam. to advert to the principal heads of the The third volume of the Journal pubwork. ]. Of the origin, the property, lished by professor Kuff, at Berlin, conand the requisite documents of property tains, in the German language, accounts in vessels. 2. Of the persons employed of the late operations for femoral and cato navigate the ship, and the papers and rotid aneurisms performed in this country contracts having relation thereto. 3. Of by Drs. Hosack, Post, and other Amerithe contracts, in the use of vessels, and

can practitioners. papers of lading. 4. Of the ship's disas The late number of the Salsburg Meters, and the responsibilities and papers dical and Chirurgical Journal contains therein.

ample analyses, in the German language, " The index and table of contents will of several of the latest American scienbe found highly useful-not less so than tific productions, viz. Dr. Currie's View the author's Introductory Reviews of the of the Diseases most prevalent in the literature on the subject of Maritime United States; Hosack's and Francis' Law."

American Medical and Philosophical Re. gister; Drake's Picture of Cincinnati;

the New York edition of Thomas' PracIn a communication from his friend tice of Physic, as edited by Dr. Hosack, and correspondent Dr. ALBERS, of Bre- &c. men, Dr. HOSack has recently received By letters from Edinburgh so late as several highly interesting specimens of the 22d June, it appears that the typhus the lithographic art. Among the most fever which not long since prevailed in successful evidences of this kind of en several of the manufacturing towns of graving may be mentioned a map of the England and in Ireland, has made its apPrussian provinces between the Weser pearance in the capital of Scotland and and the Meuse, published at the Litho- its environs. The mortality with which graphic Institution, by Arney & Co, at it is accompanied is unusually great. Dusseldorf. In a letter of the 8th of June Among the victims to its influence is the last, to Dr. Hosack, Dr. Albers states, excellent John GORDON, M. D. F.R.S. E. that the distinguished Professor Soemmer- familiarly known as a successful teacher ing has just published - distinct treatises of anatomical and physiological science, on two animals no longer found, viz. the and as the able opponent of the craneoloLacerta gigantea, and the Ornithorynchus gical theories of Drs. Gall and Spurzbrevivostris; the engravings are in stone heim. “ The sensations of regret at his (stone prints), which art is brought in premature death, (says a letter to Dr. Germany, particularly in Munich, to Francis) were deep and extensive, and great perfection."

every evidence of regard was paid his Dr. Albers has also transmitted, through mernory by the Royal, Medical and Phythe same channel, for the Literary and sical Societies of his native city."

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A mortal whose forun's wavy, glittering lightness SONNET TO THE KALEIDOSCOPE.
Seemed floating in streams of empyreal bright-

And shone on the dazzled and captive eye
Like a youthful angel just flown from the sky! Fantastic toy! could but my fancy move

With colours lively and as fair as thine,
No-no-I knew and know but one

No foreigo muses should awake my love,
Who could bind the soul in links so fast-

But even Grecian graces yield to mine,
And when all that prudence could do was done, Gay as they used to shine.
Sull I cherished the thought that 'twas not the So brightly fresh ihy curious figures flow-

Now like a dew-wet garland loosely twine,
The last sweet hour those thrilling sounds Now like a tiny rosebud glossy glow,
Would wall my soul through enchantment's And softly shrink below.

So when the busy memory turns her glass,

Hours long gone by assume their forins Oh! such are the voices and charms that give

anew; A glimpse of the joys that are blooming above, E'en scattered fragments mingle as they pass And envelope us, e en while on earth we grieve, In forms that wear as thine a lovely hue,

In a halo of music, and light, and love! Fantastic toy! and ah! as transient too.




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Gloucester-(Hon. Dr. H. Ryder)
Chester-Lord Ellenborough's brother
(Dr. H. Law)

1,000 LOOKING over a late European Magazine, It appears from the Lord Steward's account,

we found the following statement of the laid before parliament, that the Prince Regent's revenues of the dignitaries in the English eight hour's cruise ofl Brighton, cost 1200].!! Church.

It appears by returns from the Scotch preshy. Canterbury—The Duke of Rutland's

teries, that there are in Scotland 3156 lunatics, cousin (Dr. C. Manners Sutton) £20,000 including the Northern Isles and Zetland, but York-Lurd Vernon's and Lord Har.

exclusive of 259 parishes from which no returns couri's brother (Dr. Edward Vena

have been received. Or the foriner number ble Vernon)

14,000 2840 are at large; 649 are confined ; 622 are Durham-Lord Barrington's uncle (H.

furious, and 2688 are fatuous; 963 are u bolly S. Barrington)

24,000 maintained by relations ; 731 partly, 523 wholly Winchester----Lord North's brother

by parishes. (Hon. B. North)

13,000 The cast iron bridge over the Irwell, from Ely-The Duke of Rulland's tutor

Salford to Strangeways, is so nearly complete

, (Dr. Sparke).

12,000 that the painters are employed upon it. It is London-(Dr. Howley)

9,000 of one arch only, of 120 feet span. Bath and Wells-Duke of Gloucester's

A short time since, a parrot, belonging to a tutor (Dr. R. Beaden)

5,000 genteman at Corkickle, near White-baven, laid Chichester-Duke of Richmond's tutor

eggs; one of which, being placed under a tame (Dr. Buckner)

4,000 pigcon, has produced a fiue lively parrot. Litchfield and Coventry-Lord Corn

Letters from Gibraltar, dated June 5, state, wallis's uncle (Dr. J. Cornwallis) 9,000 that alarming accounts had been received of Worcester-(Dr. Cornwall)

4,000 the plague. It had reached Fez. Great apHereford-(Dr. Huntingford)

4,000 prehensions were entertained that it would over. Bangor--The son of the Qireen's En

spread the western coast of Africa. glish master (Dr. J. W. Majendie) 5,000 To the astonishment of the oldest member of Sl. Asaph-Duke of Beaufort's tutor

parliament, the dissolution was announced riu (Dr. Luxiore)

6,000 voice by the Prince Regent, in the name and on Oxford--Brother of the Regent's tutor

behalf of his majesti.

This is the first oc(Dr. Jackson)

3,000 currence of the kind since the reign of the Lincoln-Mr. Piu's secretary (Dr. G.

Stuarts. It was then the course when parlia. P. Tomlins)

5,000 ments dissatisfied the king, and was always conSalisbury-Princess Charlotte's tutor

sidered as an act of anger. (Dr. Fisher)


It appears from English papers, that the Norwich-(Dr. Bathurst)

4,000 election has been unusually riotous. Mr. Max. Carlisle-Duke of Portland's tutor (Dr.

well, the ministerial candidate for Westminster, Goodenough)

3,500 was wounded in a riot. The opposition have in St. David's-(Dr. Burgess)

5,000 creased in number 35. Rochester-Duke of Portland's secre

Sir S. Romily and Sir F. Burdett are returatary (Dr. King)

1,500 ed from Westminster.-Hunt had only 73 votes Exeter---Lord Chichester's brother

Canning and Gascoigne are elected at Liver (Hon. G. Pelham)

3,000 pool. Canning had 1654 votes--Lord Sefior Peterborough-(Dr. J. Parsons) 1,00 1280. Mr. Brougham has lost his election Bristol-Mr. Percival's tutor (Dr. W.

Westmoreland. Grattan has been grossly inL. Mansel)

1,000 sulted and wounded in an electioneering squabLlandafl-Mr. Marsh (late Dr. Wat

ble in Dublin. The borough of Soubwark son)

900 sends two opposition members. We are told



that 500 of the electors of Coventry reside in conducted bim to the spot, was the same who London.

attended Bonaparte and his staff, as tenograParliament has, we are informed, granted a phical guide, on the memorable 18th of June. sum of money for erecting a chain bridge of 500 He informed that on the battle field (an extenfeet span, over the river Medal, at Bangor in sive plain) was raised, the last year, an uncomWales, to render the communication between monly luxuriant crop of wheat; and well it this and the sister kingdom of Ireland, as com- might, for it was fertilized by the blood of 80,000 plete as it is important.

soldiers, who fell in that sanguinary battle. The James Rhodes has been tried, convicted, and gentleman picked up an Eagle, such as were fined 500 pounds sterling, for imitating tea by a worn by the French infantry, and two musketpreparation of the leaves of sloe, ash, elder, and balls, which are now in his possession. The sur other leaves. A very extensive business of this face of the ground over the pit in which were sort, as well as in the manufacture of many other thrown many thousands of the slain, both men articles (like money out of rags) has long been and beasts, in one undistinguished mass, is sunk earried on in England, at the cost of, perhaps, considerably lower than the surrounding earth, thousands of lives.

and distincily marks the extent of this vast

cemetery The most perfect tranquillity reigns throughout the dominions of the Bourbon monarch, and By the latest dates from the continent of Ecindeed over the whole continent.

rope, it appears thal Austria calculates the diThe season in France and Italy, as in Ameri- rect German population, forming the immediate ca, has been unusually fine, and a rich reward, states, as equal to 28,980,000 inhabitants. in all probability, awaits the husbandman and Austria proposes in time of peace the army shall vine dresser.

consist of 120,000 men, which would be at the The heat in France and Ireland has been so rate of 4-10 per hundred inhabitants. In time excessive as to drive people from the streets in of war she proposes 2 per 100, equal to 579,600 the middle of the day, unless employed upon inen : besides which, there is to be a corps de the most important business.

reserve of 1 per 100, which would add 239,800 Marshal Kellerman, duke of Valmy, aged 83 -making in all, 869,400. Five pieces of canyears, is about inarrying a lady of 45 years. non are to be allowed to every 1000 men, making

At Caen, a child ien years old, has been con- the whole number 4,340 pieces. demned to twenty years imprisonment, for setting A dreadful fire has destroyed the town of fire to two farms.

Creutzberg. Of 231 houses, only 11 remain. In France there have been struck since the Four hundred and seventy-five families, coureturn of Louis the 18th, 280 millions of francssisting of about 200 persons, are left without an bearing the image of the king.

asylum, and reduced to the greatest misery. The Cossacks very much adınire the climate The consumption in Vienna of 1817, was bulof France; several of them are employed in locks 77,963, calves 66,636, four 77,935 quinfarming, and express their regret at the prospect tals, rye meal 365,390 quintals, oats 150,414, of their leaving so fine a country, where they bushels; butter and lard' 27,172 quintals, fish have experienced so much hospitality. 3,082 quintals, eggs 13,912,965. Wine, the pro

The arrest and imprisonment hy ihe king of duce of Austria proper, 139,500 gallons.-Wine, Sardinia of col. Pionothouski, supposed to have the produce of Hungary, 165,085 gallons; beer brought letters from Napoleon to his wife, has 271,795 gallons, fire wood 408,895 cords. been noticed. The Democratic Press states that There died in Vienna in 1817, 12,732 persons, on a second application of the emperor of Aus- of which only eight died in consequence of the tria to the king of Sardinia, for his release, the small pox. There were born 11,228 and marclaim had been admitted, and it was expected ried 2,205 couple. that he would be liberated.

The kingdoin of Bavaria contains 1406 Gerr According to the Bibliographie de la France, mau square miles, and 3,410,000 inhabitants. there have been published within the year 1817

The kingdom of Wurtemberg 346 1-2 square in that country, four thousand tro hundred and miles, and 2,386,100 inhabitants. thirty seren works; 1179 engravings; and 470 The kingdom of Hanover 682 square miles, pieces of music. The first three weeks of the 1,292,958 inhabitants. present year have produced 280 publications, The kingdom of Saxony 338 square miles, and $3 engravings, and 26 new tunes.

1,282,64 inhabitants. By the explosion of a powder mill at St. Jean The expenses of Madame Krudener, the celed'Angely, upwards of 150 houses were dostroy. brated German prophetess, must have amounted al, or rendered uninhabitable-16 persons kill. to 180,000 guilders [72,000 dollars] annually. ed, and 100 wounded.

This was indeed 100 much money for a religious It is understooi in Paris that the army of oc- comedy or tragedy. She now lives retired at cupation will evacuate the French territory in Riga, in Russia, her native place; a relation of the beginning of September, and that the En- hers had to delray her expenses from Memel to glish troops, whose effectual strength is between Riga, her money having been expended, and 24 and 25,000 men, will embark successively in her credit gone, and the Prussian government the ports of Calais and Boulogne, with their ar. having interdicted her from preaching. üllery, equipage, &c.

The German states afford Iresh proofs of their NETHERLANDS.

attachment to the principles of liberty and indeA gentleman of Newburyport, lately return- pendence. Among some recent demands ad. ed from Europe, took an opportunity last dressed to the diet of Frankfort, are the estaspring, of visiting the spot where the fa- blishment of an entire freedom of the press in inous battle of Waterloo was fought in June, Germany, and the security of commerce, not as 1315, which terminated the great European cou- hitherto, by the subsidiary aid of a foreigu navy, Nict, and was succeeded by the final extinction but by vessels of their own, built in their ports of Bonaparte's military carcer. The person who and rivers, VOL. III.--No. v.


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SPANISH AMERICA." In 1815 there were born in Russia, belonging It is stated that the two agents of the duke to the Greek Church, 1,299,461, and died de Allegon, to whom all the unceded lands in 890,938, giving an increase of 50 per cent. East Florida were ceded, had arrived in St. Or the deaths, we are informed there were of Augustine and claimed the same, and that his the age of 100 years 613; 105 years 209; 110 excellency governor Coppinger had already years 123 ; 115 years 72 ; 120 years 31 ; 125 placed them in possession of it! They had years 13; 130 years 6; and one of 155 years opened a land office and intended to sell to any The same year there were married 332,703 purchasers offering ; they had also the privilege couple.

of purchasing the Indian uitle to the celebrated The Russian brig Rurie, lievt. Kotzebue, is Alochaway territory, and had already takes arrived at Portsmouth, from a voyage of dis steps to effect the same. coveries in the North Pacific Ocean, on which The city of Caraccas, before the earthquake she has been employed upwards of three years. in 1812, contained about 45,000 inhabitantsShe is come into harbour to refit, preparatory to by that calamity and the subsequent and yet dereturning to Russia. She left Behring's Straits solating war, its population has been reduced to in July, 1817, having proceeded as far as lat. 7000 souls. 67, arrived at the Cape of Good Hope the lat The population in many other parts of Veneter end of March, and left it the 12th of April. zuela is supposed to have suffered nearly in the

The emperor Alexander, by a decree, has ex same proportion, and from the latter cause. tended the facilities of cominunicating by wa The report of a duty being laid on vessels ar ter, in every part of his empire, and has laid iving at Havana, to support the inpuisilien, is additional duties on various articles of com denied-others say that the Ferdinandish thing meree to cover the expenses.

exists, The grand theatre of St. Petersburgh, des The cavalry of Buenos-Ayrean troops are troyed by fire in 1811, has been rebuilt. It said to be excellent. Horses are very cheap was opened in February last, when the emperor there, the best never commanding over twenty Alexander was present. It is represented as a dollars. beautiful building, elegantly finished in the in Admiral Brion has notified the governor of terior. The pit is furnished with 360 arm chairs, St. Thomas, that Cumana, Laguira, and all which are numbered according to the Russian the other ports of the Main, in possession of the custom. A Frenchman was the architect. royalists, are in a state of blockade.

The brig Chatsworth, lately arrived at BaltiASIA.

more from Lisbon, in 33 days, reports that the At a late Durbar, held by Runject Singn, stating that there were seven insurgent priva:

dav she sailed a letter was received from Cadiz, at Lahore, to receive a Vakeel returned from Cashmere, with due honour, the following state. vessel they felt in with. A Portuguese ship ar

teers off tbat harbour, capturing every Spanish ment was received-What might be the revenues of the state to meet the expenses of and Spanish prisoners, released from them.

rived there a day before, with 100 Portuguese portioning off these descendants of royalty, must be left to the chancellor of the exchequer of

BRITISH AMERICA. that kingdom; certainly no European treasury The duke of Richmond, governor general of would be able to meet them. The Vakeel from Cashmere was introduced, land, lieutenant governor of Upper Canada,

British North-America, and siri Peregrine Maitand presented several presents-he expressed have arrived at Quebec. the anxiety his sovereign felt to continue on amicable terins with the king of the Sikhs, and

UNITED STATES. on being questioned respecting the resources of the kingdom of Iran, he replied, that the king 1774, is the following entry, recording one of

In an old Journal of Congress, printed is had a large revenue, two hundred and fifty sons, and one thousaud and eight wires.

the most important and interesting events of the

Among the India papers lately received by
the editor of the Salem Gazette, is a “ Jaru

" Friday, June, 16, 1775. Government Gazette," of December, 1816, print that the congress had yesterday unanimously

· The President informed col. WASHINGTOS, ed by A. H. Hubbard, from Norwich, (Con.) made choice of him

to be general and comma son of Mr. Hubbard, who fornierly published der in chief of the American forces, and reques• a paper in that town.' Mr. H. after one voyage led be would accept of that employment ; to India, embarked again at this port, determin. ed to pursue fortune in that region, where, from

which col. Wasuscron, standing in his place,

answered :-
foriner observation, he was confident of that
success he despaired of in America; and we

Mr. President—Though I am !ruly sensiare bappy to hear he has not been disappointed. ment, yet, I icel great distress from a conscious

ble of the high honour done me in this appoint

wat my abilities and military experience

may not be equal to the extensive and important A French paper announces, as interesting, trust : however, as the congress desire it,1 the publication of a voyage to Africa, by the will enter upon the momentous duty, and exert Marquis Evourville,

who was led by singular cir. every power I possess in their service, and for cumstances into the interior of ihal continent support of the glorious cause. I beg they will during the revolution. He mentions having accept my most ardial thanks for this disdiscovered near the sources of the Nile, a new tinguished testimony of their approbation. empire, its legislation similar to that of China, " But lest some unlucky erent should bappes and he supposes its civilization anterior to that unfavourable

to my reputation, I beg it may be of the Egyptiaws.

remembered by every genueman in the room :





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that I this day declare with the utmost sincerity, ports of Greenock and Glasgow on the 1st of I do not think myself equal to the command í May, for the purpose of emigrating to America. am honoured with.

They were compelled to form an eocampment “ As to pay, sir, I beg leave to assure the con upon the banks of the Clyde, where the novel. gress that as no pecuniary consideration could lý of the sight attracted a number of specta. bave tempted me to accept this arduous employé tors. ment, at the expense of my domestic ease and The emigrants to America from Germany happiness, I do not wish to make any profit and Switzerland continue. From the 29th of from it. I will keep an exact account of my April to the end of May, there passed Mentz expenses. Those I doubt not they will dis- on their way to America, 294 persons. In this charge, and that is all I desire."

number there were 261 persons from Wurtem500 families from Wales and the northern berg, 23 froin Alsaco, and 10 from Switzerland and western parts of Scotland, arrived at the and Baden.



ordered in May last to resume their labours on A TYPE Foundry has recently been estab- the military road; but

, to comply with a requifounder at New-York, and placed under the su- issued for sending to Rouse's point such a numperintendence of Mr. D. Manley. The types ber of men as the superintendent of the military are said to be equal to those of any other foun- works should require and for the residue to be dry in the United States.

employed on the road. After sending the reWe learn from Gloucester that on Thursday quisite number to Rouse's point, only one coman attack was made on the sea-serpent with pany remained, which is required as a guard harpoons. Capt. Webber and others in a boat for the protection of the public property at this succeeded in hiiting him twice, but owing to the place. thickness of bis scales or coat, the harpoon did not penetrate. On one occasion the serpent

NEW-YORK ran down for the boat, and when within a short We are informed that contracts for the whole distance sunk, so near, that the draught caused of the northern canal have been entered into, by bis sinking came near drawing the boat un and that on most all of the sections the work is der after him.

progressing. It is added, that should the season The serpent has been harpooned by some prove favourable, one half of the whole labour enterprising adventurers from Boston.

will be performed ere winter sets in. The following is capt. Rich's report of his pro We understand that a quarry of elegant Marceedings :

ble, beautifully variegaied, of an excellent "" Squam River, Thursday, 12 o'clock. quality, and proof against fire, has lately been “ After several unsuccessful attempts, we

discovered on the banks of the Seneca Lake. have at length fastened to this strange thing It is owned by Samuel S. Seely, Esq. of Hector. called the serpent. We struck him fairly, bat A valuable Mineral Spring has been disthe barpoon soon drawed, and he has not beck covered at Maxwell, on the shore of Lake Onsince seen ; and I fear the wound he has re tario, in the town of Sodus, about 2 miles west ceived will make him more cautious how he ap- of Sodus Point or Troupville. It was found proaches these shores. Since my letter of yes- under some logs in clearing up the east bank terday we have been constantly in pursuit of of Doctor Lummis' mill creek, and near the him; but a few hour since I thought we were doctor's dwelling. A basin was formed for sure of him; for I hove the harpoon into him it, and a few days after the ground over which as fairly as ever a whale was struck; he took the water passed to the creek was observfrom us about twenty fathoms of warp, before ed to be of a reddish cast. On throwing into we could wind the boat, with as much swifiness the basio of water a small quantity of powderas a whale could do. We had but a short ride, ed galls, the whole instantly exhibited a fine when we were all loose from him, to our sore purple colour. The powder added to water in mortification. Now I suppose you will like to a glass, produced a fine inky purple, with beads know my opinion of him. Be assured it is around the sides of the glass, which remained what is called the serpent. In that opinion all a long time. The water being left standing in my Cape-Ann men agree. It is the same that the glass for some time, a purple oily fake cowas in Cape-Ann harbour, Be assured that all vered the surface. has been done, and we shall still continue to do, These experiments indicate the water to be a all in our power; but he is a difficult thing to Chalybeate; the medicinal qualities of which strike with a harpoon, as he can lay down as are well established. About three gallons of long as he pleases, and seldom shows himself, water are discharged from the spring in a miexcept in a calm."

nute : it is cold and not unpleasant to the taste.

Mr. Buffington of Portland, of whom meuCONNECTICUT.

tion was made the last season as having peneThe members of the convention have been trated to the uncommon depth of 530 rect into elected, and report says that the democratic party the solid rock on the shore of lake Erie in have a majority

pursuit of salt water, has this summer resumed

his laborious undertaking, and perforated 100 VERMONT.

feet further into the rock--the whole amounting The soldiers of the 6th regiment, with the to the astonishing depth of sir hundred and thirexception of one company, are employed on the ty feet, or something more than thirty-eight rods. fortifications at Rouse's point. The troops were Inis, it is believed, is nearly 100 feet lower

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