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fessor or tutor oficiates :--and the reli- in Mathematics, which is also optional, is gious services of the Christian Sabbath in a separate charge, at the rate of seven the University chapel, which are conduct- dollars and fifty cents a quarter. ed by the president, who preaches on one The principal part of the other expart of the day; and by the Hollis Pro- penses of a student, such as clothes and fessor of Divinity, who delivers a lecture allowance of spending money, so far as on the other part. There is a university the reputation, morals, improvement and church of the congregational order, in happiness of the pupil are concerned, can which the ordinances are administered, be estimated by the judicious. The auand of which the officers last mentioned thority and influence of those intrusted are the ministers.

with the government of the seminary are Any undergraduate, who is above twen- anxiously exerted to prevent extravaty-one years of age, and has been brought gance, and to discountenance the culpaup to aitend public worship at an episco- ble and pernicious emulation in expense

, pal church, who proposes to attend stated- which may sometimes appear in particuly on that service in Cambridge, on signi- lar members of the society. Still

, much fying in writing the fact, and his desire to will depend in this respect on the course the President, may have leave so to at- adopted by the parent, as well as on the tend.—Any one under age, who has been character of the pupil. To provide an accustomed to worship at an episcopal additional security, the following law, rechurch, may have leave to attend stated- quiring the appointment of a patron, bas ly upon that service in Cambridge, pro- been passed. vided it be the desire of his parent or “Whercas, students from distant places, guardian, signified in the manner afore wanting the particular advice and consaid,

trol of friends, are liable to unnecessary The college CHARGES are made in four and improper expenses, every student

, quarter bills, of which the annual amount, not of this commonwealth, shall have some to those not beneficiaries, is as follows: gentleman of the college or of the vicinity, Steward,

$10 approved, and if the parent or guardian Board in commons 38 weeks

desire, appointed by the president, who of term time, at about $3

shall have charge of the funds, and super, per week,

114 intend the expenses of said student, and Room rent,

12 without whose permission he shall not Instruction two first years,

contract debts, on the penalty of dismis. $46 each year, third year

sion from the college or other punish64, fourth year 74-aver

ment.” age,

57 50 GRADUATES of this and other colleges, Librarian, repairs, lecture

of good character, are permitted to reside rooms, and catalogues and

at the University for the purposes of study

, contingences,

8 and have access to the library and lecWood,

16 tures. Books used in the classes, 15 THE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY of the

University was established by the corpo

$232 50 «ration and overseers, assisted by the SoThe room rent and wood are estimated ciety for promoting Theological Educaupon the condition that two students live tion at the University.-Graduates of any in a college room, and divide the expense. public college or university. of suitable The rent of a room in private house, character, may reside at the university as ncar the college, is about fifty dollars a students in divinity. year; and the price of a room and board They are to be recommended to the in a family from four to six dollars a week. corporation by the President and Hollis

The foregoing charge for instruction is Professor of Divinity; and when their disthe whole expense under this head, and tance or other circumstances require, to gives a student access to the lectures and produce proper testimonials. recitations of the various professors and Applications are to made in person or instructers, including French and Span- by letter to the President, or Professor of ish, with the following exceptions, viz. Divinity, or to the Registrar of the UniFor the lectures of the Professor of Na- versity. tural History, on which attendance is vo- The pecuniary assistance, at the dispoluntary, the fee is six dollars for the first sal of the corporation and trustees of the course of Botany—for a second course society, for the benefit of theological stufour, and for Zoology nine dollars a year. dents, is to be applied, first to those alone The attendance on the private instructer whose characters, abilities, and improve

ments afford the promise of usefulness; lectures on Intellectual and on Moral and secondly, with a regard to what their and Political Philosophy designed for circumstances make necessary to enable graduates; also the public lectures of them to devote their whole time, or the the Professors generally, comprising the greatest part of it, to their preparation for courses on Theology, Rhetorick and Orathe ministry

tory, Philology, natural and experimenIt is understood that a faithful use of tal Philosophy and Astronomy, Anatomy, their advantages, and an exemplary con- Chemistry and Mineralogy, and other duct, are indispensable conditions of their branches relating to Physical science. receiving the aid of the institution. The Law students are to have access to

INSTRUCTIONS AND EXERCISES.--The the University library, on the same contheological students are to attend the re ditions as resident graduates, as well as ligious services of the college chapel, as to the Law library, which shall be estawell as to bave devotional exercises with blished. each other. They have access to the pub A degree of Bachelor of Laws is inlic lectures of the several professors in stituted in the University, to be conferred Cambridge and in Boston, on the moral on such students as shall have remained and physical sciences. The theological at least eighteen months at the University and ethical studies are divided into three School, and passed the residue of their annual courses, corresponding to three novitiate in a manner approved. Appliclasses, and are superintended by gentle- cations in writing or in person may be men in different offices in the University, made to the Registrar of the University, or members of the corporation or over or to the President, or to the Professor seers, whose lectures and exercises the of Law. students are to attend, as follows :-In In the MEDICAL SCHOOL, the lectures the Evidences of Revelation, Christian for Medical students are delivered at the Theology, and the interpretation of the Massachusetts Medical College of HarScriptures, by the President and Hollis vard University in Boston; they commence Professor of Divinity. The Hebrew and annually on the third Wednesday in NoGreek Old Testament, by the Professor vember, and continue for three months. of Hebrew and the Greek Professor. Students, before attending the lectures, Elements of Biblical Criticism, by the are to be matriculated by entering their Dexter Lecturer. Composition of Ser names with the Dean of the Faculty of mons, and Pulpit Oratory, by the Boyl. Medicine. "The degree of Doctor of Meston Professor of Rhetoric. On Ecclesi- dicine is given twice a year, viz. at the astical Polity, and especially the History close of the lectures, and at the public and Constitution of the American and Commencement in August. Candidates New-England Churches, by the Rev. Dr.

must pass a satisfactory private exarvinaHolmes. The Pastoral Office, by the tion, and at a public examination read Rev. W. E. Channing. Intellectual Phi- and defend a dissertation. Before being losophy, by the Professor of Logic and admitted to private examination, the cenMetaphysics. Natural Religion and Eth- didate must have attended two courses of ics, by the Alford Professor of Natural lectures in the Medical college on each Religion, Moral Philosophy and Civil of the following subjects, viz. Anatomy Polity.

and Surgery, Chemistry, and the Theory A Law School is established at the and Practice of Physic-he must havo University, under the superintendence of employed three years in professional stuthe University Professor of Law. dies under the direction of a regular

Candidates for admission to the Law practitioner, including the time occupied School must be graduates of some col- in attending the lectures If not edulege, or qualified by the rules of the courts cated at the University, he must satisfy to become students at law, and of good the Faculty of his knowledge of Latin moral character. They will be required and experimental Philosophy. He shall to give bond for the payment of quarterly be examined upon the following branches, dues, including the fee for instruction, viz. Anatomy; Physiology, Chemistry, which is not to exceed one hundred dol- Materia Medica, Pharmacy, Midwifery, lars annually. Those who desire it, will Surgery, and the Theory and Practice of be furnished with commons on the same Medicine. The students. during the lecterins as other members of the Univer- tures, have access to the Medical College sity; and, as far as possible, with lodging Library of 4000 volumes, and the Boylrooms. They will be allowed to attend, ston Medical Library. Cambridge; and frce of expense, the lectures of the they have opportunities of seeing practice. Royall Professor of Law, the private The fees for the lectures are as follows:-


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for the course on Anatomy and Surgery sum puts it almost beyond the reach of a $20, Chemistry and the Theory and Prac- private individual, but I should rejoice to tice of Physic $15 each, Materia Medica hear that some of our learned societies and Midwifery, each $10. The fee for had become purchasers.” the degree of M. D. to one who has not H. R. SAUERLANDER in Aerau, and taken a degree at any university or col. WILLIAM SCHAEFFER in Frankfort on lege is 820, to a Bachelor of Arts $15, the Maine, Germany, publish a periodical to a Master of Arts $10.

work, entitled : Contributions towards a The oficers of the University, con- History of our own Time, edited by H. cerned in the instruction or immediate Zschokke. One of the late numbers conadministration, are a President, one or tains a translation of Gov. CLINTON's Inmore Professors in each of the following troductory Discourse before the Literary branches: Divinity, Law, Theory and and Philosophical Society of New York. Practice of Medicine, Anatomy and Sur- EUSEBIUS SALVERTE, a learned citizen gery, Chemistry and Mineralogy, the of Geneva, has translated into the French Greek language, Greek literature, Latin language, and accompanied with an erulanguage and literature, French and dite comment, Professor MITCHILL's PaSpanish languages and literature, He- per on the Population of America. The brew and other oriental languages, Na- whole has been published in the Bibliotural History, Mathematics and Natural theque Universelle, and appears to be a and Experimental Philosophy, Intellec. subject of an interesting discussion in the tual Philosophy, Natural Religion, Moral city where Calvin and Rosseau resided. Philosophy and Civil Polity, Rhetoric and An aggregated substance was found in Oratory, Belles Lettres, the Rumford the diamond mines in Brazil

, containing Professor on the application of the Ma- diamonds, gold, iron, &c. A specimen of thematical and Physical sciences to the this mass has been sent to Mr. Marve, useful arts, a Lecturer on Sacred Criti- England, who is to examine this gangue of cism, on Ecclesiastical History and Po- the Diamond. lity, on Materia Medica, on Obstetrics, Professor WARZUR of Marburg, has two Tutors in Mathematics and Natural found the oxide of iron, and a trace of Philosophy, a Librarian, Instructer in the oxide of manganese in a human calculus. French and Spanish, Regent, Proctors He has met with both the same oxides in and Registrar.

pulmonary concretions. JOHN THORNTON KIRKLAND, Von LEONAARD, an eminent mineralo

President. gist of Munich, is appointed Professor of

Mineralogy at Heidelberg.

Of the greatest Astronomers now living

in Europe, thirteen are Germans, eight Under the auspices of government a Italians, four Frenchmen. Two are asCollege is to be established at Buenos signed to Great Britain, tuco to Spain and Ayres.

Portugal, and to all the northern EuroMr. J. E. Dekay, a gentleman of this pean Nations, three. city, now pursuing the study of medicine At a late meeting of the Horticultural in the University of Edinburgh, among Society of London, Professor Hosack, of other interesting articles of intelligence this city, was elected an honorary memwhich he communicates to Professor ber. The same gentleman has also reMitcbill, states : passing through London, cently been elected one of the twelve on my way from Paris, I was shown a honorary members of the Medical and most magnificent work by Mr. ABBOT, Chirurgical Society of London. on the Birds and Insects of Georgia. It At a late meeting of the Linncan Sowas the labour of twenty years, and con- ciety of London, on the 5th of May last, tains more than five thousand figures. there were three vacancies of foreign Every plate was drawn and coloured by membership, caused by deaths during the himself; and is accompanied with specific past year. These vacancies were filled characters in his own hand-writing. The by the election of Baron F. H. A. DE work has been extended to twenty quarto HUMBOLDT, of Berlin, Professor CUVIER, volumes, and commands the price of two of Paris, and Governor CLINTON of Newhundred and fifty guineas the sct. This York.

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M has been presented to the Prince


dition, dated off Shetland, May 3, have GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. been received. The otficers and crew R. RUSI, the American minister, were all well.

The west of England papers state that Regent in due form.

the appearance of the country is extremeFrom the “extraordinary red book," ly fine, and furnishes a pleasing prospect it appears that in pensions and salaries, of an abundant harvest. there are distributed annually by the It is estimated that the total import of English government to

cotton into Great Britain during the 31 persons

$ 2,553,917 month of April, amounted to 42,557 bags. 5 do. 971,780

FRANCE. 10 do.

1,409,573 A contagious fever prevails in London. The number of deaths in Paris, which It is attributed to the wretched quality of in 1816 amounted to but 19,801, in 1817, the food of the lower classes.

has increased to 21,381, a difference of 382 emigrants, mostly labourers, and more than 1,581. many of them having much money, have The body of marshal Ney, which was inlately left Dumfries for America.

terred in the Pere la Chaise, at Paris, has A fleet, consisting of two 80's and six been taken up and conveyed to his country 74's is to cruise for 2 months for disci. seat, where it bas been deposited, and an pline.

elegant monument erected over it. A An incombustible store house has been magnificent church is erecting in the Rue completed in Plymouth dock-yard, every d'Anjou, Paris, on the spot where the late part of which is composed of stone and queen of France was interred. The altar iron, without an inch of wood in the whole is placed immediately over the grave. building ; the girders, joists, doors, sashes, The French government have adverand frames, are all of cast iron, neatly tised for a loan of 14,600,000 francs. executed. The roof is also of cast iron, A man was ordered to be whipt to and the floors of Yorkshire stone, the death at Fontainbleau, for crying vive staircase, which is a geometrical one, is of l'empereur. Moorstone, projecting six feet from the A violent affray took place at Cambria wall. The estimated expense of this novel between a number of French and Engliska building is 15,0001.

officers, in consequence of some “ free Provisions exported from Waterford, opinions” of the latter about the battle of for the year ending April 30—5,070 Waterloo. A battle with sabres took tierces beef, 2,768 bbls. do.; 1776 tierces place, and it is said that several persons pork, 11,492 bbls. do. ; 95,074 cwt. but were killed. A London paper observes ter ; 11,037 do. lard; 249,739 flitches “ since the passing of the conscription bacon; besides a large quantity of wheat, law, the military faction in France have bats, barley, oat-meal, &c. Total value, assumed an insolent dcrneanour, especial1,564,2911. 1s.

ly towards the English, which is but too Notwithstanding this great export, likely to lead, in many instances, to a fatal worth nearly seven millions of dollars for result." a single port, the mass of the population The Royal Academy of Science, in their suffered 'excessively during the year for sitting of the 27th of April, has beard, the want of provisions.

with lively interest, a detail made by Mr. We have dreadful accounts of the fe- Richerand, of a singular operation perver that lately prevailed in the southern formed by that skilful surgeon. This parts of Ireland-it appears to have swept operation, in which the heart and longs off the people by thousands—it is sup- bave been uncovered, by making the reposed to have been caused by the want of scction of two ribs, and by cutting about provisions among the lower classes. eight inches square of the plevre, which

On the 27th of May, the chancellor of had become swelled with cancer, is new the exchequer stated, in the house of in the history of surgery, and reaches the commons, that the general state of the bounds of possibility in this species of country was most promising, and that the operation. No doubt Mr. Richerand revenue was improving at the rate of will soon give to the world the memoir in 100,0001. per week.

which he has detailed the particulars of Despatches from the North Pole expe. this bold and successiul undertaking.

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people an acknowledgment of their rights, Gibraltar.

by a constitution. Under date of May 7th, a writer says,

The British have failed in a great at“ I have the pleasure to announce to you tempt made to purchase up the wool, and that the measures adopted by our govern

so stop the German manufactories! The ment, in the case of Mr. Meade, have Germans were patriotic enough to refuse had the desired effect, and that that

to sell it.

gentleman was set at liberty three days ago. It exhibits the power and respectability The ice on the Neva at Petersburgh, of our country, in compelling to a single was passed over by carriages until the act of justice the cruel despot who arro- 25th of April. gantly stiles himself the king of the two Five ships of the line, and three frigates worlds."

were fitted out at Cronstadt, the beginThe Russian fleet at Cadiz, upon ex- ning of April. amination, prove defective--so much so, The grand duke Constantine, the brothat they were all condemned, except one, ther of the emperor Alexander, and vicewhich the Spanish government talk of roy of Poland has been elected a deputy fitting out.

to the diet of Poland by the citizens of The wretched state of the Spanish the Prague, suburb of Warsaw. The finances has caused the stealth of a great grand duke had 103 votes, the next highnumber of cattle to subsist the troops est had three. collected near Cadiz. Great prepara

TURKEY. tions are still making for an expedition to

It is stated in an article from ConstanSouth-America.

tinople, that the negociations between

Russia and the Porte were entirely at a By accounts from Rome, we learn that stand, and that the Spanish minister had public safety becomes daily more con- been unable to obtain the satisfaction be firmed in the Pontifical States. Nearly sought, although supported in his demands all the chiefs of the brigand bands have by other foreign ministers. A suspicion surrendered themselves, amongst these is hinted that the Ottoman court and Peris the noted Cesaris. The army of the sia are about to form a species of federaline of holiness is estimated at about tion to protect themselves against the 9000 men.

European powers. The king of Naples and his brother A Greek, who had turned Turk, lately Charles IV. of Spain, went lately to repented, and professing the Greek rePompeia, where, after inspecting some ligion again, required to be beheaded, fine works lately discovered, they went conformable to the Mahometan law, for in a carriage through the streets of the deserting the faith of the propbet. His 'city where the noise of wheels bad not desire was complied with, after many atbeen heard for more than 1,500 years ! tempts to change his resolution.

The Mussulmans in Palestine have taAn article from Dresden, states that ken possession of the Holy Sepulchre; and all the fortifications erected by Bonaparte the Abbe Forbin Janson has proceeded to on the right bank of the Elbe, have been Constantinople to reclaim from the grand demolished.

seignor the keeping of the tomb of Jesus. By the last geographical details pub- It produces an annual income of 260,000

dollars. Lished in Austria, the population of that

ASIA. monarchy amounts to 27,613,000 souls. They are divided thus-21,000,000 ca. tholics, 2,500,000 belong to the Greek The British defeated Holkar on the church, 2,000,000 to the reformed church, 21st Dec. last, near Maheidpooz-he lost 1,450,000 Lutherans, 400,000 Jews, about 2000 men. The fight was obstinate40,000 Unitarians.

the British had 30 officers and 700 men Young Napoleon has received the duke- killed and wounded. They have bad a dom of Reichstadt, in Bohemia, which severe battle with the troops of Berar, in title, with the appellation of highoess, he which also, they doubtfully claim a ric. is hereafter to bear.

tory, and acknowledge the loss of 14 The duke of Saxe Weimar has grant- officers and 349 men--but in a second ed a liberal constitution to the people of battle the rajah was fully defeated, and bis duchy; he is celebrated as the first lost 40 elephants and 75 pieces of can. German sovereign who has given to his




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