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This subject, the last of the Sacraments, is also that by which Poussin finished his series of the Sacraments. For the pleasure of making an epigram, more caustic than true, some persons, seeking to undervalue the artist's reputation, said, that a good marriage is so extraordinary a thing, that Poussin bad not succeeded, even in painting a good one.

The jest will not prevent this picture being admired, in which the artist has represented St. Joseph marrying the Virgin. The scene is noble and simple, the expression mild and pious, the drapery always elegant and simple, according to the manner adopted by Poussin, and which has so much resemblance to that followed by the ancient sculptors.

When this picture was sent from Rome, in the month of march 1648, Poussin, whose modesty was equal to his talent, wrote thus to M. Chantelou : «I beg of you to receive it as favourably as you did the others. I have done my utmost, and have enriched it with many figures, as you will perceive: thus, I have been more than four months in doing them, not having, at any time, a more anxious wish than to seek the means of pleasing you : should I have succeeded, according lo my intentions, I shall be the most contented of men. I hope you will do me the favour to write to me your opinion of it, freely and without disguise, as you are accustomed to do.”

This series has been engraved by J. Pesne, Gautrel, Drevet, and Benoit Audran.

Width, 5 feet 8 inches; Height, 3 feet 9 į inches.

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