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This allegorical composition is one those that it would not be easy to explain , had not the author taken care to make known the idea; and even now, it might be considered, merely as the representation of a familiar scene, if it were not for a figure of Cupid among the other personages.

This picture appeared in the Exhibition of 1819, and the catalogue describes Miss Mayer as having represented « a young married couple in a boat, with their child : they are guided on the river of life by Love and Fortune.»

It cannot be disguised that nothing caracterises the river of Jife; it is with difficulty the wheel is perceived, the only attribute which indicates Fortune. Love only can be known, but his action is undecided; and if Fortune appears to put out the strength necessary to pull the oars, Love seems rather to be sporting with them.

Having expressed our sentiments on the composition of this picture, we will add, that the figures are very graceful, the expression exceedingly mild, and the effect full of harmony : it does credit to Miss Mayer, who, still young, abandoned this life, followed by her master Prudhon, as we have had occasion to mention, in the biographical notice on that artist.

This picture, which was purchased for the Museum, is at present at the château de Trianon, near Versailles : it has been etched, in Landon's collection only.

Width , 5 feet 1 inches; height, 4 feet 4 inches.

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