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persistent hemorrhage, more especially nose-bleed, and the favorable results of treatment by oleum erigeroni. Dr. D. E. Smith recommended Monsel's styptic. Drs. Freeman and Allen have used the iron in severe and obstinate dysenteries. Hemorrhage in almost every variety was discussed, both in regard to location and cause. Many interesting cases were cited, quite a number of the members taking part in this most valuable debate.

Prof. O. Davis read an interesting paper on the salts of bromine.

Dr. T. Robens, of Quaker Springs, reported a case of fibrinous tumor complicated with pregnancy. Also, a paper upon nausea and vomiting, giving a combination which has been very successful in his hands.

Dr. Preston spoke of the use of subnitrate of bismuth and oxalate of cerium in combination, as being superior in pauseå and vomiting.

Adjourned to meet at 74 P.M.


The semi-annual address, designed for the public as well as the Profession, brought together a large audience. The President introduced the speaker of the evening, Dr. J. G. Fross, of Syracuse. The theme was Progress," finely written and eloquently delivered. Prof. Allen followed with a pithy address, which was received with interest and attention.

Adjourned to 9 A.M., 25th instant.

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Prof. W. W. Hadley in the chair. Meeting called to order at 9 o'clock.

The report of the Board of Censors was called for, Professor E. Freeman, of New York city, responding. The Board recommended for admission E. T. Cheney, Liverpool, N. Y.; C. C. Johnson, Gowanda; A. D. Brooks, Irving; C. D. Thompson, Alleghany; J. Edwin Danelson, Brooklyn ; W. C. Coburn, Buffalo; R. V. Pierce, Buffalo; Josiah Arnold, Auburn; W. H. Bowlsby, Brooklyn; E. E. Salisbury, McGrawville; E. L. Baker, Marathon; T. A. Moore, Manlius; A. Homer Haywood, Westmoreland; F. B. Davis, Amber.

The above were duly elected members of the Society.
Prof. 0. Davis then read an interesting essay upon

Reciprocation of Ethics and Interest by Patients and Physicians." A copy was referred to the Committee on Publication.

Prof. E. Freeman followed with a paper on Talipes or Club Foot." He continued with comments on the same, and exhibited the apparatus, showing its method of application.

Prof. J. M. Comins presented a paper on the use of Chlorinated Soda in Diphtheriąand Croup, regarding it as a specific. Copy received and referred to the Committee on Publication.

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The President followed with an address in behalf of the Eclectic Medical College of New York.

Prof. James Day presented an article on pharmaceutical preparations, and the want of uniformity in drugs used by our school, closing with an appeal for a standard pharmacopoeia.

Professors Hadley and Allen referred to female medical education-advocating a thorough course in medicine, and announcing that there will be a Female Medical College, of Eclectic principles, opened in New York city about the middle of October.

Adjourned to 21 o'clock P.M.


Aomotion to resolve into committee of the whole on new remedies and treatment-carried.

Prof. O. Davis suggested a formula for habitual constipation, also a pill for fevers.

Dr. Preston gave a remedy for different forms of cholera, also an anodyne in acute rheumatism.

Dr. Fross rehearsed a singular case of obstetrics. Dr. Robens presented another. Prof. Hadley a case of mistaken diagnosis. Dr. Smith a similar case, and also a recipe for nursing sore mouth. Prof. O. Davis on the relief of spasm of the glottis in Diphtheria.

The discussion of cancer was now taken up, and continued to some length.

Prof. Allen spoke of aluminum as far preferable to rubber for artificial teeth, and exhibited specimens.

Mrs. M. B. Hayden related her experience in the use of phosphorus in paralysis, which had been attended with great success.

Dr. H. E. Firth gave a history of cases of puerperal convulsions, and the treatment. A discussion followed on the pathology of the disease.

The following resolutions were presented by the Assistant Secretary, J. Edwin Danelson :

WHEREAS, The city of Syracuse bave kindly tendered to the use of this Association the City Hall for the Eclectic Medical State Convention during the 24th and 25th instants, it is therefore

Resolved, That the Eclectic Medical Society of the State of New York return thanks to the city for such kindness and generosity;

and be it

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be placed on the min. utes of this Society, and a duplicate be published in the Syracuse city papers.

WHEREAS, The press of the city of Syracuse bave kindly noticed the transactions of the meetings of this Society, giving timely notice of such congregation, and have

freely and gratuitously announced the public address on the eve of the 24th instant, it is therefore

Resolved, That the thanks of the Eclectic Medical Society of the State of New York are tendered to the newspaper prints of the city of Syracuse; and

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Resolved, That a duplicate of these resolutions be presented to the daily Standard, daily Journal, and daily Courier, and a copy be placed on the minutes of the proceedings of this Society. Unanimously adopted.

The discussion of the National Eclectic Medical Association followed, and Prof. Day was added to the Committee on the Eclectic Pharmacopoeia.

A few congratulatory remarks by the President, and the Society adjourned to meet at Albany in January, 1869.


(Reported for the Eclectic Medical Review.)

The eighth annual meeting of this Society was held at the Revere House, Boston, Wednesday, June 3, 1868. In the absence of the President, Dr. John Stowe, the Vice-President called the meeting to order.

The Recording Secretary, Dr. C. E. Miles, read the records of the last annual meeting, which were approved; the records of the last semi-annual meeting

were also read and approved. The Treasurer, Dr. W. E. Wright, made his annual report, showing the Society free from all indebtedness, with $175 in the treasury. Accepted.

The Auditing Committee made their report, which was accepted.

Tbe Report of the Librarian, Dr. Joseph Jackson, was read and accepted.

The Committee on “Concentrated Remedies” reported in part, and asked for further time, which request was granted.

Dr. W. E. Underwood, from the Publication Committee, reported that 300 copies of the Annual Publication had been printed.

The following gentlemen were chosen officers for the succeeding year:

PresidentJohn Stowe, M.D., of Lawrence.
Vice-President-R. W. Geddes, M.D., of Winchendon.
Corresponding Secretary-Otis M. Humphreys, M.D., of Boston.
Recording SecretaryC. Edwin Miles, M.D., of Boston Highlands.
Treasurer-W. E. Wright, M.D., of Cambridge.
Librarian-Joseph Jackson, M.D., of Boston.

Counsellors—S. C. Ames, of Boston ; C. A. Wheeler, of Leominster; H. D. West, of Southbridge; William Bass, of Lowell; and H. H. Brigham, of Fitchburg.

Drs. J. H. Wright, of Natick; C. D. Hendrickson, of Boston; and Milbrey Green, of Boston Highlands, having been duly examined, were elected to membership in this Society:

Prof. Paul W. Allen, M.D., of New York city, was elected to honorary membership in this Society.

S. P. Hubbard, M.D., of Taunton, read an able paper on "Tuberculosis,” which was freely discussed, and then referred to the Committee on Publication.

Prof. R. S. Newton, of New York city, believed the opinion unsound that phthisis is hereditary; but rather that it is a result of incompatible marriages. As many children die from this disease whose parents are free from it, as do those of parents who are phthisical. An ill blending of the parental temperaments is the great source of the disease.

A. W. Sidney, M.D., of Fitchburg, read an interesting paper on “Mind and its Influence on the Body." This paper was discussed and referred to the Committee on Publication.

The By-Laws of the Society were so amended that hereafter the Annual Meeting shall be held on the first Thursday and Friday in June, at 10 o'clock A.M., the Annual Address and Dinner to take place on Friday.

Drs. T. H. Smith, of Boston, J. W. Towne, of Charlestown, and W. E. Underwood, of Boston, were appointed a committee to devise and report the best plan to promote the interests of this Society.

At 1 o'clock P.M., William Bass, M.D., of Lowell, orator, gave an interesting address on the “ History, Progress, and Advancement of Anatomy and Surgery."

The thanks of the Society were tendered Dr. Bass for his valuable address, and a copy requested for publication.

At 2 o'clock P.M., the meeting adjourned for the annual dinner, Dr. Otis M. Humphrey, chairman. After dinner the following sentiments were offered and responded to:

“The Massachusetts Eclectic Medical Society," Dr. H. H. Brigham, of Fitchburg; “Modern Evangelical Christianity," Rev. Dr. Eddy, chaplain ; " The Press,” Mr. Davies, of the Boston Traveller ; "The Great West,” Dr. R. S. Newton, New York city; " The South,” Dr. C. A. Wheeler, of Leominster; “ Our Medical Colleges, Dr. Edwin Freeman, of New York city; Quackery, groans; “ Our Sister Societies of other States," Dr. J. M. Comins, of New York city; "Our Poet,” Dr. C. E. Miles, of Boston Highlands.

After dinner the Society held a brief session, and adjourned at 5 o'clock P.M.

The Executive Committee held its annual meeting immediately after the adjournment of the Society, Dr. John Stowe, chairman, presiding.

It voted that the next semi-annual and annual meetings should be held in Boston. Dr. J. M. Aldrich was selected to deliver the annual address. Essayists—Drs. Green, of Roxbury; J. H, Wright, of Natick, and Towne, of Charlestown.

The following committees were also chosen : Arrangements-Drs. W. E. Underwood, of Boston; Andrews, of Taunton; and Abbott, of Melrose. Publication-Drs. Underwood, and Ames, of Boston;

y three


Miles, of Roxbury; and Wright, of Cambridge. Auditors-Drs. Miles, of Roxbury, and Jackson, of Boston.

It was voted to print three hundred copies of the annual publication.

Gentlemen were appointed delegates to the following State Society meetings: Maine-Drs. Newton, of Provincetown, and Hubbard, of Taunton. Vermont-Drs. Wheeler, of Leominster, and Jillson, of Ashburnham. Connecticut-Drs. Buxton, of Worcester, and West, of Southbridge. Pennsylvania–Drs. Bates, of Brookfield, and Ruggles, of Thorndike. New York-Drs. Burnham, of Lowell, and Wright, of Cambridge. The meeting then adjourned.


The third annual meeting of the Vermont State Eclectic Medical Society, was held in Montpelier, June 3d, at the State House. President A. G. Brush, M. D., called the Society to order. The annual reports of the Secretary and Treasurer were then read, approved, and ordered on file. Several gentlemen were examined by the censors, found duly qualified, and were unanimously elected to membership.

A committee was appointed to nominate a board of officers for the ensuing year. The following gentlemen were chosen such committee :

Drs. G. H. Plumley, W. F. Templeton, Albert Dodge.


At precisely 1.30 P. M. the meeting was called to order by the President, Dr. A. G. Brush. Report of Committee on Election of Officers was then called for, which was presented by G. H. Plumley, chairman of said committee, as follows:

President-M. McClearn, Northfield.

Vice-Presidents-W. S. Johnson, Milton; W. F. Templeton, Glover ; G. A. Bagley, Chelsea.

Recording Secretary-G. H. Plumley, of Montpelier.
Corresponding Secretary-James Templeton, of Montpelier.
Treasurer-J. M. Templeton, Montpelier.

Censors--Albert Dodge, Chelsea ; L. A. Noyes, East Randolph ; John Durkee, Tunbridge; A. G. Brush, Fairfax; Geo. Washburn, Hardwick.

All of whom were duly elected.

In his annual address, the President depicted the life, character, and essential qualifications, as well as the rules which should ever actuate and govern the course, of “The true Physician.”

Several essays were then presented and read by different members of the Society.

A motion was then carried that the election of officers at our

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