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be continued, and that they also report annually on the progress of Pharmacy."

The Committee was increased by three members. It consists now of Dr. Wm. S. Merrell, Dr. 8. H. Potter, Dr. T. L. A. Greve, Dr. Abner Thorp, Prof. J. F. Judge and Prof. John King.

Committee on the Petition to Congress reported progress.

Dr. A. J. Haughton, of Buffalo, N. Y., being present, was invited to participate in the proceedings of the Association.

Dr. W. H. Jones, of Jeffersonville, read the report of a case of Vesico-Vaginal Fistula, which he was requested to furnish the Secretary for publication.

Dr. S. H. Potter, of Hamilton, then gave a very interesting report of an obstetrical case in his knowledge, which resulted in VesicoVaginal Fistula, from a neglect of the attending physician to have the bowels evacuated and urine passed before labor pains came on. The bladder had not been emptied for thirty-six hours, and the bowels had not been evacuated for four or five days.

The following, from Prof. Scudder, was then read by the Secretary.

Prof. Scudder offers, as a prize for the best essay, on a medical subject, to be presented at the next meeting of this Association, the complete publication of the Eclectic profession in this city, bound in library binding, balf sheep-King's Chronic Diseases, King's Obstetrics, King's Diseases of Women, King's Dispensatory, Jones's and Scudder's Materia Medica, I. G. Jones' Practice, Scudder's Practice, Hill's Surgery, Scudder's Diseases of Women, Scudder's Principles of Medicine.

To be open to competition for all Eclectic physicians in the United States.

Each essay to bear some motto, and a sealed envelope, enclosing the writer's name and address, bearing the same motto, to accompany it.

All essays to be at the disposal of the Association, and to be sent to the Secretary.

A vote of thanks was given Prof. Scudder for his liberal offer.

Dr. Abner Thorp, of Cincinnati, read a very interesting paper on "Modern Pharmacy.

Dr. T. L. A. Greve was continued for an essay on a subject of his own selection.

Prof. Scudder made a verbal report on “ulceration of the os uteri," and was requested to prepare it for publication.

One thousand copies of the Proceedings for the present year were ordered to be printed.

Prof. Scudder made the painful announcement of the death of Prof. C. T. Hart, of New York. A committee was appointed to draw up appropriate resolutions.*

The Committee on Essays made the following report, which was accepted :

* Published in August No. of Review.

Surgery_Prof. A. J. Howe.
Diseases of Women- Dr. W. H. Jones.
Diphtheria--Dr. W. M. Ingalls.
Practice - Dr. James Anton.
Address by the President, Dr. T. J. Wright.

Dr. Merrell, by request, read so much of his paper on Medical Theories as he had been able to prepare, and was requested to finish it for publication.

Dr. Marsh presented the following resolution, which was adopted:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by the chair, whose duty it shall be to address a circular to all Eclectic physicians in Obio, setting forth the claims of this Association, and requesting their attendance at our next session."

Drs. Marsh, Sidwell, King, Newton and Scudder were appointed as that committee.

Dr. Barnstrup moved that a phonographic reporter be employed to report the proceedings of the next annual meeting. Carried.

On motion of Prof. King, a vote of thanks was tendered the President for the admirable manner in which he had presided over this meeting

On motion, the Association adjourned until the next annual meeting

J. P. Marvin, M.D., Secretary



The Fourth Annual Meeting of the Eclectic Medical Association of Indiana, commenced in the Senate Chamber at the State House, Tuesday, June 2, at 2 o'clock. The Association was called to order by the President, Dr. J. A. Ridgeway. After calling the roll, on motion, the reading of the minutes of the last meeting was dispensed with.

On motion, Drs. Ellis, Pickerill, Jones, Abbet, and Siddall were appointed a committee to nominate officers for the ensuing year.

On motion, Drs. Fisher, Jay, and Siddall were added to the Board of Censors.

Dr. Bartholomew, chairman of the Board of Censors, reported the names of Drs. A Miessie, Noblesville; Nelson G. Smith, Delphi; S. H. Riley, Greensburg; Joseph Adolphus, Logansport; L. Frazee, Perrysville ; Sanford T. Clark, Russelville; and J. L. Grinnell, Morgantown, as persons qualified to become members of the Association.

The above named candidates were duly elected. On motion of Dr. Pickerill, Dr. Thorp, of Cinciunati, was elected an honorary member of the Association.

The reading of essays being announced in order, Dr. Bartholomew proceeded to read an essay upon “ Paralysis and its Treatment."

On motion of Dr. Prunk, the essay was submitted to the Board of Censors.

Dr. Bartholomew thought the remaining time should be devoted to hearing addresses from members


of Eclecticism in their respective fields, and, to set the example, made a brief and forcible speech which riveted the attention of the Association, and elicited warm commendations.

The Association then adjourned until this morning at 8 o'clock.

upon the


The Association re-assembled in the Senate Chamber at 8 o'clock, Dr. Ridgeway in the chair. The first business of the season being the nomination of officers, the committee appointed for the purpose reported the following, who were unanimously elected :

President: S. P. Fisher, Rossville.

Vice-Presidents: Milton Jay, of Marion, and J. L. Grinnell, of Morgantown.

Recording Secretary: D. H. Prunk, of Indianapolis.
Corresponding Secretary: G. W. Pickerill, of Indianapolis.
Treasurer: L. Abbett, of Indianapolis.
A vote of thanks was given the late President.

Dr. Jay read an essay upon Surgery, and Dr. Prunk one on Cellular Pathology.

Prof. Howe, of Cincinnati, and Dr. T. A. Bland, of this city, were elected honorary members.

Resolutions expressive of the feelings of this Society in regard to the death of Dr. Oscar Kendrick, of Indianapolis, were offered by Dr. Pickerill and unanimously adopted.

An adjournment was then effected until 13 o'clock.


At the appointed hour the Association was called to order by the President.

Dr. Prunk offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

In view of enlisting a deeper and more general interest and cooperation among the Eclectic physicians in the State of Indiana, therefore,

Resolved, That the President appoint a committee of three to organize an auxiliary Medical Association in each County, whose general character, work and success shall be reported yearly to the State Association.

Dr. Smith, Frazce, and Ridgeway were appointed such a committee.

Dr. Adolphus offered the following preamble and resolution, which were adopted :

“WHEREAS, The Eclectic practice of medicine, being based on

the great doctrine of the renovation of the life forces, is in harmony with the known laws of physiology and therapeutics, and that the educated and enlightened Eclectic practitioner does save the most lives and restore the greater number of shattered and broken down constitutions; therefore,

Resolved, That we believe that the Eclectic system of medicine and practice deserves the confidence of mankind it has achieved, and merits the patronage of the State.

" Resolved, That the Legislature of the State of Indiana be solícited to establish a hospital for the treatment of disease, under the auspices of the Eclectic Medical Profession, and that a committee of five be appointed to bring this resolution before the Legislature of the State for the procurance of the same.”

On motion, every member of the Association was instructed to consider himself a co worker with the committee in procuring the object set forth iu the above resolution..

Dr. Prunk offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

“In order to promote the general interest of the Eclectic Medi. cal Profession throughout the United States and elsewhere; and whereas, the resolutions and memorials addressed to the Congress of the United States and presented before this Association last year by Prof. Judge, of Cincinnati, as a part of the proceedings of the Ohio Eclectic Medical Association, were adopted and incorporated in'our minutes. Therefore,

Resolved, That the same be and is respectfully returned and referred to John King, President of the Ohio Eclectic Medical Association, with the instruction that he be authorized to issue a number of circulars, accompanied with a petition embodying the prayer of said resolutions and inemorial to Congress, for general distribution among the Eclectic physicians throughout the United States, with a view of obtaining thereunto signatures of our worthy and substantial citizens and patrons.”

Dr. Pickerill read an essay on asthma, its pathology and treatment.

Dr. Pickerill offered his report as Corresponding Secretary, which was received.

Dr. Jones presented his report as Treasurer, which was received.

The Board of Censors reported the following persons for Essayists at the next meeting, with the following subjects:

Dr. Adolphus-Special Therapeutics. Dr. Kendrick-Eclecticism. Dr. Jones-- On the use of the Hypodermic Syringe. Dr. Cowdrey-Pathology and Treatment of Uterine Leucorrhoa. Dr. Dakin-Chrouic Diseases. Dr. Youart–Surgical Diseases of the Eye and Ear. Dr. Frazer-Malpractice. Dr. Grinnell—Surgery. Dr. Ellis—Female Diseases. The report was agreed to. On motion of Dr. Adolphus, the following persons were appointed committees to examine the pathogenesis and therapeutics of the following medicines : Bromide Potassium-Dr. Adolphus. Bromide Ammonia

Dr. Ellis. Collinsonia--Dr. Pickerill. Bryonia--Dr. Youart. Gossipium-Dr. Jay. Dioscorein--Dr. Jones. Gelscminum-Dr. Prunk.

On motion, the Association adjourned to meet in this city on the first Tuesday of June, 1869.

G. W. PICKERILL, M.D., Cor. Sec'y.


The annual meeting of the Eclectic Medical Society of the State of Maine, was held at the Preble House, Portland, June 24th, Dr. N. R. Martin, of Westbrook, in the chair.

The regular charter incorporating this body as the "Maine Eclectic Medical Society," was then read and unanimously accepted.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and received, as were also the Reports of the Treasurer and Librarian.

The following gentlemen were then chosen officers for the ensuing year.

President-W. R. Wright, M. D.
Vice-President-W. W. Watson, M.D.
Corresponding Secretary-C. H. Riley, M.D.
Recording Secretary-J. Parker, M.D.
Treasurer-N. R. Martin, M.D.
Librarian—S. C. Libby, M.D.
Counsellors-Drs. M. II. Holmes, J. Parker, Samuel York.

On motion, it was resolved to adopt the By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations, hitherto in use by the organization.

A paper was then read by Dr. Parker, from Dr. H. G. Newton, as a report of his stewardship as Cor. Sec., which was accepted and ordered to be placed on file.

Dr. C. H. Riley then read a very able and interesting Essay on Asthma.

The Society then adjourned for dinner.


After partaking of a splendid dinner prepared by Mr. Krogman, of the Preble House, the Society convened again at 4 o'clock. Dr. W. R. Wright in the chair.

Dr. Samuel York then reported several very interesting and instructive cases, which he had treated by the hypodermic method.

The use of the alkaline sulphites in a certain class of discases was then discussed by Dr. J. Parker.

The following appointments were made for the next annual meeting

Orator-Dr. J. Parker.
Essayists—Drs. H. G. Newton and Samuel York.

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