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The Jewish Herald.


JANUARY, 1850.

Vol. V.

TO OUR READERS. ANOTHER year, with its duties and responsibilities, having opened upon the world, we desire to meet our readers with a cordial greeting, and a prayer that 1850 may prove to them a year of eminent usefulness in the service of God, and thus be to them all one of eminent happiness. While we trust that during the coming year active efforts will be put forth in all departments of duty in connexion with the Church of Christ, we hope we shall not be deemed selfish, if we express our wish that the followers of the Saviour would cast their thoughts more frequently towards the “ lost sheep of the house of Israel." The comparative apathy existing with reference to them cannot, we venture to think, be pleasing to the mind of Him whose loving heart wept over Jerusalem, and who, even in the hour immediately preceding his mortal agony, thought, and bade the daughters of Jerusalem think, more of the wretchedness that should overtake the descendants of the “friend of God” than of his own sorrows, though the waters were rising, the “ proud waters” overwhelming his soul.

But while thus momentarily indulging expressions of partial regret at the coldness of many towards our cause, we take oncouragement, from the indications that have presented them. selves through the past year, to anticipate the fact that during the present a much larger accession to the ranks of the friends of Israel will take place from ministers and churches. If these servants of the Saviour will only consider the claims which our Society has upon their sympathies and help, we have no


doubt of the issue. We flatter ourselves that the intelligence conveyed from time to time to the Christian Church, by means of this periodical, cannot fail to be deeply interesting, and that were this intelligence more widely spread, & much larger number of readers and helpers would be created. It is in the power of the subscribers to the “Herald” to extend its circulation by recommending it to their friends and acquaintance. Its cheapness, the neatness with which it is got up, and the interest and value of its contents, warrant us in believing that, once introduced to the notice of those who are yet strangers to its pages, it would soon secure their countenance and enlist their support to our Society. And never wås there a greater necessity for an extension of our constituency than at the present moment.* Openings for usefulness in connexion with the Jews are presenting themselves continually to our notice; but it is a matter of grave consideration, whether the Committee shall avail themselves of them. It certainly would not be prudent to do so, without a great probability of a larger income than the Society at present enjoys.

While aware of the existence of other and appropriate means to increase the funds, the Editor would earnestly commend the subject of a more extended circulation of our periodical, as one, and a very important means to be used, towards the realisation of greater pecuniary help than at present is teceived, -it being the vehicle of that kind of intelligence which the church needs to stimulate it to engage in the work of Israeľs evangelisation.

We shall be glad to enlist the pens, as well as the thoughts and sympathies of our friends, in conducting the “ Herald;" and beg to suggest to their consideration a few queries, answers to which we shall be happy to receive from our meditative readers:

“What is the best mode of interesting and instructing a Bible Class of young people in the spiritual condition of the Jews?

“ How should the conversion of the Jews be regarded in connexion with efforts for the conversion of the heathen ?"

“What is our duty as Christians (churches and individuals) towards newly-converted Israelites ?"

* Collectors to the amount of Forty Shillings yearly, are entitled to a copy of the “ Herald,” which can be had by application at the Office, or of any of the local secretaries.

Soliciting the prayers, as well as the co-operation of our friends in the work in which we are engaged; and sustained and cheered by renewed hopes, we journey forth with them afresh, upon the untrodden path of another year.





The Committee and friends of our Society have, with good reason, regarded this institution for the training of teachers as one of the most important parts of the machinery they have put into operation, for bringing the children of Abraham to receive the gospel of Christ. In these days, when miracles are neither wrought nor expected, fitness for important duties in the Church of God, like suitableness for any other engagement, can only be acquired by painstaking preparations, pursued with that perseverance and industry which the magnitude of the work, and the infinitely momentous results that spring from it, imperatively demand.

The least reflection will show, that for the work of preaching the gospel to the Jews, a line of preparatory studies, deviating from the usual course pursued by aspirants to the Christian ministry, must be resolved on. The Jewish missionary has most frequently to assume an antagonistic position; to defend as much as to assail; to deal with subtle questions, often skilfully put, and maintained with amazing pertinacity and vehemence, and with some amount of dialectic skill, by the adherents to Rabbinical Theology.

To meet such persons on their own grounds, and, if possible, to contend with them with their own weapons, it is indisputably requisite that a well-established acquaintance with Rabbinical literature should form part of the training of the men who are to be the champions of the Crucified One against the people who have rejected him. This it is necessary should be done to a much greater extent than is usual, or generally practicable, with those who expect to be engaged with the Gentile mind, under the various phases of indifference, ignorance, or idolatry, as seen in nominally Christian countries, or where Paganism is enthroned in high places.

The sahisi mert of the Jewisè Mission College is op to time present time, realised the bapes and expectatioas of its firmanters and signerters Cader the able direction of its tirs, Toung men who have pored its advantages are been ngentit preparing is scare abou: si a piessing testimony has been borne, from sine to time, to their persetering and Studios habis, boch by the gentlemen under whose esre they r placet, and by the several examiners, who, after rigid. minta, sui pacient in tiriss, bare provocnced anequivocal sporti i she is ours bech of the teachers and the tangat.

Six of these young men are soon to leave the Coüege, to entze zuen the work te viza ter bare been there preparing It is us a source of great gadiestica that they wilgo forth bigh testimoczas trom their stors. &piety and proticiener: and we list than the Great Head of the Church, whose rrints they sze, vi Fouchsie a them early wiens of his haring called them into his report to ice for the

One word to those who sympathise is in this work. Shai shese means i settiess, vilies are begia se suspi cinsiy be roarinnat, ami jecome yet mere exsusiriy metal? Shai a course preparat, ich we china dispensable to the right im 19 tie iewså Viss pary Ur is work, be perpetrateci! Sursit bere is but she reparto de giren, and we weet in 10 more an intimate to our friends that we are idag er mertus ad 2 a vet frther exant, orier to er ficando ese egia ecerances Openings for useres i mnezca v ae Jews are presendag temsites in many tirse cos WI any, wich wiem is the gold und ze siter, via were received arcgi tke hands of those who were news he riciess treasure 2 Gazi's Wort, and had Buletin dem sicceus risiens uigii sai city, wick -iliiminate. Fi a fadziess spiendour, tie orizon of their sevis, ad n his good work. We are content to leave the simdie announcement of de fact that we are 20vuidag for hein 3 górward in this important worš, u sie prayertti and mest unsideration of our friends. Betore ve conclude this paper, we are serious for a moment

pin the attention of pious and devoted Chriscan young nen, whom God has endovei vich solides to receive and propagate snowledge, to the cisims of the Jews upon their synpathy and co-operscion, in the work of sešing to save their

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