Great Sea Stories (Esprios Classics)

Blurb, Incorporated, 26. apr. 2024 - 322 sider
Joseph Lewis French (1858-1936) was a novelist, editor, poet and newspaper man. The New York Times noted in 1925 that he may be "the most industrious anthologist of his time." He is known for his popular themed collections, and published over twenty-five books between 1918 and his death in 1936. He founded two magazines, The New West (c. 1887) and The Wave (c. 1890). Afterwards he worked for newspapers "across the country" contributing poetry and articles. He struggled financially, and in 1927 the New York Graphic, a daily tabloid, published an autobiographical article they convinced him to write, entitled "I'm Starving - Yet I'm in Who's Who as the Author of 27 Famous Books."

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