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The Index Medicus, much to our regret, has been discontinued.

New Title Page.-The Medical Fortnightly, St. Louis, offers a prize of fifty dollars for a new cover design.

New Journal, The Canadian Medical Review, edited by Dr. W. H. B. Aikins, is announced from Toronto.

Discontinued.-The Southern Medical Review, a new venture at Houston, Texas, has been sold to and consolidated with The Texas Sanitarium.

Very True.-The Tri-State Medical Journal strikes the keynote of truth when it says that but few of the monthlies are worth more than one dollar a year. We know of several that are not worth even that amount.

Late Medical Practice Laws.-In the June issue of THE HERALD is printed a full list of the late laws in the various states governing the practice of medicine. Extra copies of this issue will be sent to any address for 20c. post-paid.

Changed Hands.-The Pacific Medical Journal, so successfully conducted by Dr. Winslow Anderson, has passed into the hands of the Pacific Medical Journal Co., with W. F. McNutt, M. D., M. R. C. S. Edin. as managing editor, 603 Sutter St. San Francisco.

A Popular Journal.-No exchange is more welcome to our table than is the Maryland Medical Journal, which is under the able management of Dr. H. M. Simmons, and edited by Dr. Wm. B. Canfield. A recent issue contains a photo of the Journal building in Baltimore, which was handsomely decorated in honor of the A. M. A., together with a picture of the unique exhibit made by Dr. Simmons in the Cyclorama building during the meeting. THE HERALD man had the pleasure of occupying the adjoining booth, and appreciated the courtesies extended upon various occasions.

An Open Expression is the caption of a neat little circular sent out by Dr. Coe of the Medical Sentinel, Portland, Oregon. The title page contains two portraits of a baby, each giving voice to an "expression." The array of " Indisputable Facts" is as follows:

1. The Medical Sentinel is the official organ of the state medical societies of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and has been endorsed by the society of North Dakota.

2. The Medical Sentinel is the only journal published in the great Pacific Northwest.

3. The Medical Sentinel does not depend upon its endorsement or the strategic position which it occupies to secure subscribers, but sends its solicitors over its field time and again.

4. The Medical Sentinel furnishes an affidavit of circulation upon request of any advertiser, signed by printer, binder, manager and mailing clerk.

5. The Medical Sentinel is published at Portland, Oregon, by Dr. Henry W. Coe, and its advertising rates, although seeming a trifle high, are so fair, that usually it takes either death or business failure to induce a patron to forsake the journal.

6. Write for rates-we have but one price.

Procrastination is the thief which robs advertiser and journal.

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ALL matter pertaining to this department, or concerning advertisements, to insure prompt attention should be addressed to the Business Manager



HE HERALD'S circulation being among a class of physicians who PAY THEIR SUBSCRIPTIONS (and consequently READ each issue), this journal naturally offers the best opportunity to those advertisers who desire to reach the thrifty and progressive practitioners of the West and South.

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THIS DEPARTMENT will be devoted to such notices and comments as the Business Editor may feel inclined to make of deserving and meritorious preparations, and such items of news concerning new goods as will prove interesting to our readers. Practitioners are particularly requested to send us brief facts concerning the success of preparations advertised in THE HERALD, as demonstrated in their practice, and we will always be glad to give space in our Original Department for extended reports of clinical cases, Practices for sale, or notices of removal, not exceeding ten lines, will be inserted FREE three times for subscribers. Always state reasons for selling.

The Dead Advertise Not.-Medical Age. Moral: Advertise and Live. Surgical Chair.-Any doctor in need of a first class operating chair, can secure a bargain by addressing RETIRED, care MEDICAL HERALD, St. Joseph, Mo. Wanted. Situation as clerk by a Physician; ten years experience. Registered in Missouri. Address A. C. MAJOR, Kearney, Mo.

Variety is the Spice of Life.-Many compliments have been bestowed upon the 1895 cover of THE MEDICAL HERALD, no two of which will appear in the same combination of colors during the year.

Report on Unguentine in Eczema.-I have used unguentine in a case of universal eczema with great benefit and comfort to my patient on whom I had used all kinds of antipyretic remedies without any relief to the tormenting itching. Yours truly, J. J. LAMADRIA, M. D., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Melachol, is a product of one of the most reliable pharmaceutical houses in St. Louis. Those who have used it for irritable nerves, for cases of melancholia, etc., have found it highly beneficial. Any physician who will address the manufactureer will receive free of charge, except express charges, a full-size bottle of Melachol. Mention THE HERALD.

Seasonable Suggestion.-No preparation with which we are acquainted is entitled to greater confidence as a remedy, in the treatment of the stomach and bowel derangements incident to the summer months, than Maltopepsine-Tilden's. It is put up in three forms, viz: Powder, handsome 5-grain Tablets, and an elegant Elixir; either of which is pleasant to the palate, and agreeable to the most delicate stomach. It is specially adapted to the treatment of cholera infantum and ailments of a similar character in childhood. If you will give it a trial, we believe you will thank us for the suggestion.

Sander & Son's Eucalypti Extract (Eucalyptol).—In the article treating on inhalations of eucalyptus in cases of diphtheritis (Berlin Klin. Wochenschrift, 1876, No. 21) by Prof. Dr. Mosler, Director of the Medical clinic of the University at Griefswald, it is stated: "The oleum eucalypti folies, I employed in my tests, received through Holzle & Chelius, Frank fori-on-the-Main; it must not be mistaken for the more frequently offered oleum eucalypti australe which is obtained from the wood of the eucalyptus trees. This latter oil is used commonly for mechanical purposes and has a far cheaper price; it is, however, no longer applied by me as an internal medicament." We certify that the oleum eucalypti folies named in the Berlin Klin Wochenscrift, 1879, No. 21, and there mentioned to have been procured from us, was the product of Messrs. Sander & Sons, Sandhurst, Australia. Holzle & Chelius, Frankfort-on-the-Main, Agents.

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The largest, most thoroughly equipped and one of the most favorably located in the United States It is under strictly regular management. Eight physicians, well trained and of large experience. A quiet home like place where trained nurses," "rest cure," "massage," "faradization," "galvanization," "static electrization," "Swedish movements, "dieting," baths," "physical training," and all that pertains to modern rational medical treatment can be had in perfection at reasonable prices. A special Hospital Building (150 beds) for surgical cases with finest hospital facilities and appliances. Large fan for Winter and Summer ventilation, absolutely devoid of usual Hospital Odors. Delightful Surroundings, Lake-side Resort. Pleasure Grounds, Steamers, Sail-bosts, etc, Trained nurses, either sex, furnished at reasonable rates. J. H. KELLOGG, M. D., Sup', Battle Creek, Mich.


The undersigned have for several years been manufacturing a pure gluten for a few physicians. We are now prepared to furniet to the medical profession the one pure gluten biscuit manufactured in America. For samples and prices, address, Sanitarium Health-Food Co., Battle Creek, Mich.

As Digestible as

Mothers' Milk.

Cows' milk modified by the PEPTOGENIC PowDER is just as digestible as mothers' milk,-no more so, the baby has to do the rest.

FAIRCHILD'S PEPTOGENIC MILK POWDER affords the only known method of modifying cows' milk to the standard of human milk.





To contributors of Original Articles, a liberal number of copies of the HERALD will be given (or mailed free of expense if addresses are furnished), and the publishers will furnish reprints at cost, application for same to be made when copy is forwarded.

Illustrations will be furnished FREE for all articles requiring same, if drawings are furnished.
Original Articles, Clinical Reports, Society Proceedings, Correspondence and News invited.
Address all articles for publication, books for review and exchanges to the EDITOR.

Address all correspondence relating to subscriptions and advertising to MEDICAL HERALD CO. Sixth and Charles Streets. (See Publishers' Bureau.)

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The Treatment of Varicocele.


Professor of Rectal and Genito-Urinary Surgery, etc., Omaha Medical College.


N accurate knowledge of the pathology and of the predisposing and exciting causes of varicocele is essential in selecting an intelligent plan of treatment. Predisposing causes are suggested by the three elective fields in which varices are common, that is, in the rectum, in the veins of the spermatic cord, and in the superficial veins of the lower extremity. Dependent position, frequent obstructions in the abdominal cavity, and the absence of muscular and fascial planes which, with the complement of valves, is one of the most essential agents in maintaining the venous current.

Supplementary to dependent position, and loose connective tissue support, constipation, extreme athletic efforts, sexual irregularities, under which is included any departure from the normal sexual hygiene, the presence within the veins of but rudimentary valves, direct trauma, and, on the left side, the great length of the veins, and the anatomical obstruction of two right angle currents of blood, afford abundant reason for engorgement. A weak heart and a want of elastic resistance in the tissues from any constitutional fault may be noted as predisposing factors.

The pathological changes which attend varices consist in dilated and tortuous vessel walls with a loss of elastic and contract fibers which are replaced by connective tissue cells, which from low grade inflammation produces increased thickness, but impaired strength of the vessel wall, a

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