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The largest, most thoroughly equipped and one of the most favorably located in the United States. It is under strictly regular management. Eight physicians, well trained and of large experience. A quiet home-like place where trained nurses," "rest cure," "massage," "faradization," "galvanization," "static electrization," "Swedish movements," "dieting," baths," "physical training," and all that pertains to modern rational medical treatment can be had in perfection at reasonable prices. A special Hospital Building (150 beds) for surgical cases with finest hospital facilities and appliances. Large fan for Winter and Summer ventilation, absolutely devoid of usual Hospital Odors. Delightful Surroundings, Lake-side Resort. Pleasure Grounds, Steamers, Sail-boats, etc, Trained nurses, either sex, furnished at reasonable rates. J. H. KELLOGG, M. D., Sup't, Battle Creek, Mich.


The undersigned have for several years been manufacturing a pure gluten for a few physicians. We are now prepared to furnieh to the medical profession the one pure gluten biscuit manufactured in America. For samples and prices, address, Sanitarium Health-Food Co., Battle Creek, Mich.

Time-tried and Approved

Animal Extracts

Fairchild's Essence of Pepsine-made by direct maceration from the fresh lining glands of the calf rennet and pig stomach, in an aromatic, antiseptic solvent, especially devised for the extraction and preservation of all the soluble gastric principles. It is immensely superior to elixirs and cordials of pepsin, made by dissolving precipitated or peptone pepsins in elixirs.

Glycerinum Pepticum-a pure glycerin extract from the fresh glands of the pig stomach, free from acid, alcohol or sugar.

Extractum Pancreatis-containing all the active principles and constituents of the fresh gland; will digest every form of alimentary substance.



To contributors of Original Articles, a liberal number of copies of the HERALD will be given (or mailed free of expense if addresses are furnished), and the publishers will furnish reprints at cost, application for same to be made when copy is forwarded.

Illustrations will be furnished FREE for all articles requiring same, if drawings are furnished. Original Articles, Clinical Reports, Society Proceedings, Correspondence and News invited. Address all articles for publication, books for review and exchanges to the EDITOR. Address all correspondence relating to subscriptions and advertisements to MEDICAL HERALD Co., Sixth and Charles Streets. (See Publishers' Bureau.)

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O the medical fraternity of this meeting held in the interest of railroads, (as I understand it) as one of the youngest members of your society, I have been accorded a place in your ranks, and asked to contribute something to the wellfare of one of the greatest enterprises of American industry. I feel a delicacy in even advancing an opinion when only entering the threshold where are old time workers, who, perhaps, may feel that the subject I have selected has no place in the line of work this society has in view. Hence, I will simply make a statement of my experience in the treatment of railroad men in this class of cases.

My reason for selecting this subject is two-fold. First, I have never seen or heard of this subject having been treated upon from this standpoint.

Second, I believe a great injustice has been done railroad men, from the fact that their families and friends and, in fact, many physicians are not aware that their occupation is the cause of this trouble.

Speaking for myself, when I began the practice of medicine I was led to believe, by my teaching, that all cases of enlarged prostate glands were produced by immoral habits, either directly or indirectly, either gonorrheal or other vicious habits. I was even taught that although the patient denied


vicious habits, not to believe him. Prescribe mercury and rest, and if the patient got well then I knew he had lied to me. This may be a sad givea way to my ignorance, but I assure you others older than I in practice. honestly directed me in this channel. I also learned that if my patient had ever laid himself liable he became an easy prey to sharks; he was ever ready to pay his last cent to get well.

My practice at that time was at a railroad division, a place of ten thousand inhabitants. Becoming well acquainted with these men, they confided their ailments to me, and the great majority of them assured me professionally and upon their honor that they had led none other than an honorable life, and for fear they would not be believed, kept their trouble from their families. Many who were unable to conceal their affliction lost the confidence of their wives, and home was made unhappy. These facts led me to enquire the cause, and to my surprise, nearly every man who had been on the road any length of time answered me that they had "kidney trouble." This kidney trouble which they seemed realize first was retention of urine caused by enlarged gland; not suppression, but retention. am led to believe that the constant strain upon the muscles, that bracing, as it were, to steady themselves, although the entire force coming through the hips, is the cause. I have read articles mapping out the evil results, to women, caused by running the sewing machine, brought about by the constant strain to keep the machine in motion. The strain upon the same muscles are very similar. The engineer and fireman, who are the greater sufferers, tell me it is in the motion of the engine, a jerk in the revolution of the wheel, and not in the up and down motion or jolt, as it were, that they realize as the strain.

Since starting to write the above I have talked with a railroad conductor who has been on the road twenty-two years; he tells me that he believes that nine-tenths of all the railroad men of his acquaintance have "kidney trouble." By further questioning this same man, I became satisfied that the real trouble was not of the kidney proper, but reflex as much so as an irregularity of heart action from dyspepsia. Among the first things complained of is prostatorrhea; the discharge that follows leads the patient to believe he has gonorrhea, if he has been exposed, as well as the physician. If mistaken, the old caustic treatment to destroy the virus is an injury. Allow me to say that only a microscopical examination will reveal the difference in prostatorrhea, spermatorrhea, and gonorrhea, beyond all question. But to arrive at a fair conclusion, as we aim to do in these cases, I first question the patient as to the probability of gonorrhea, and if doubt exists I then examine the urethra. If tenderness is near the end of penis


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