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Just across the Hudson, via 130th St. Ferry.
Among the underlying princi-

Were you Born in a
ples of our construction depart-
ment are these salient truths:

Rented House ?
I. It costs us no more to
build an artistic than an in- Or was it not back on the
artistic house.

farm or in the village some-
2. It pays to build sub-

where in these big United
The cost cver

States, where your parents
cheap construction is ulti-
mate economy.

owned their place—where
The country house we are you spent your childhood
building at Palisade is so near to the heart of nature-
different from the other sort

and steadied your character
that you will, as years pass, into manhood and woman-
more fully appreciate the
advantages of substar tial * hood amid the purifying in-

fluences of HOME?
Houses range in price from $7,500 up.
An illustrated descriptive book is yours for the asking.


Messrs. HARPER & BROTHERS have published a
new and complete edition of the novels of


Professor Wm. Lyon Phelps writes from “Old South
Middle" as follows:

I am glad you are publishing a uniform set of
Hardy's works. I regard Thomas Hardy as the
greatest living Engtish novelist."

TO YALE MEN.-We will send free a photogravurə
portrait of Minnie Maddern Fisk as “ Tess of the
D'Urbervilles," and cezails of the special terms on
which this splendid new set of Hardy in twenty vol-
umes can be secured.

Write to-day and mention The

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The two rivers of the world most famous for their beauty are the St. Lawrence and the Rhine. The upper part of the St. Lawrence -- that region known as the Thousand Islands compares, to say the least, favorably with the Rhine from Mayence to Cologne, in scenery, and far eclipses it as a summer resort" in supplying "something to do."

In the very heart of the Thousand Islands stands the rugged promontory known as Edgewood Park, reaching far out into the river and commanding a view in all directions unexcelled in grandeur. Alexandria Bay, the great hub of the Thousand Islands, is distant but a few rods, and directly across the river, in plain view, is the new casino of the Thousand Island Yacht Club, with its famous golf course.

Edgewood Park is an ideal summer resort. The grounds are high and dry, and nature has covered its granite bluffs with stately shade trees of birch, hemlock, pine, maple and mountain ash. As a woodland park, Edgewood has no equal on the river. The Edgewood Hotel stands on an elevated site commanding the river's enchanting views from its broad verandas., The Hotel is in the midst of a park of sixty acres, where there are walks and drives, golf links and tennis courts, private gardens of four acres for the tables, and in front- the river.

Edgewood Park is in the midst of many famous island villas, the summer homes of noted men of wealth, which are of easy access by the Edgewood private yacht Geisha. Up and down the river for miles are the wondrous islands, many covered by imposing summer homes, unequaled elsewhere in the world. These islands are separated by winding channels of swift flowing water as clear as crystal. Twice a day the steam yachts, Capt. Visger and Ramona, make a trip amidst these islands, winding for hours through a continuous panorama of narrow channels and swirling rifts.

Each succeeding year the popularity of the Thousand Islands increases. Their natural beauty enhanced by the lavish expenditures of wealthy men, and the rare purity and sweetness of the air that seems to ever cling about the broad St. Lawrence, is making this resort more and more famous.

The season at Edgewood opens June 10th and closes October 1st. Take the St. Lawrence River boats on the Clayton Line of the New York Central to Alexandria Bay. For further information regarding routes, etc., address,


Alexandria Bay, N. Y.

M. A. BRIGGS, Manager

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is the largest and best appointed in Ohio. Every Barber an artist.


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