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Don't worry your correspondent. Don't write him anything by hand that takes him time to make out—that may leave him in doubt that he can't easily read.

And don't fill out legal papers or card memos—or make out accounts or hotel menus in your own handwriting. It looks bad, reflects on your standing, makes people think you can't afford a stenographer, and is sometimes ambiguous.

You can write out your letters-make out an abstract-fill in an insurance policy-enter your card memos-make out your accounts, or a hotel menu-or do any kind of writing you need, on any kind, size or thickness of paper, and space any way you want on

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The Standard Visible Writer

You can write any of these things yourself if you do not happen to have a stenographer. For you can easily learn, with a little practice, to write just as rapidly, and as perfectly, as an expert operator on the OLIVER. Because the OLIVER is the simplified typewriter. And you can see every word you write. About 80% more durable than any other typewriter, because it has about 80% less wearing points than most other typewriters.

80% easier to write with than these other complicated, intricate machines that require "humoring”—technical knowledge-long practice and special skill to operate ; than inachines which cannot be adjusted to any special space-with which it is impossible to write abstracts, insurance policies, or odd sized documents except you buy expensive special attachments requiring experts to operate.

You can adjust the OLIVER to any reasonable space--you can write on any reasonable size and thickness of paper, right out to the very edge, without the aid of any expensive attachment or spécial skill, and your work will be neat appearing, legible and clear.

For the OLIVER is the typewriter for the doctor, the lawyer, the insurance agent, the merchant, the hotel proprietorm-or any man who does his own writing.

Write us now for our booklet on the simplified features of the OLIVER.

The OLIVER Typewriter Co. 310 Broadway

New York City, N. Y.

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each .10 to .30 HINDS, NOBLE & ELDREDGE 31-33.-35 West 15th Street, New York City

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BALTIMORE, MD. MEMBERS NEW YORK AND BALTIMORE STOCK EXCHANGES Choice Public Securities for investment always on hand

Correspondence Solicited


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Bertha E. Haskell


Special attention given to spelling, punctuation, etc.
Essays and literary work a specialty

Machine dictation if desired

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