Interview with History: The JFK Assassination

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 464 sider
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looks behind the scenes at some of the most shocking and horrific things going on here in America starting with the daytime assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the implications it serves up to the citizens of a “free country.” The author, Pamela Ray, along with James Files, former CIA/Mob hit man, the infamous “grassy knoll shooter” explore the truths behind some basic questions still lingering decades after the JFK assassination:

Why was President Kennedy killed?

Who benefited?

Who had the power to cover it up?

And more specifically…

Did Lee Harvey Oswald spend time with James Files the week before November 22, 1963? Why?

Did Files and Oswald have the same CIA controller, David A. Phillips?

Was there a military and CIA presence in Dealey Plaza when the fatal shots were fired?

What is the “Military-Industrial-Complex” and why were American citizens warned about it by President Eisenhower in his farewell address to the nation?

Are some of the same players from 1963 involved in today’s headlines?

What does all this indicate?

These questions and more will be looked at as Ray and Files discuss the events surrounding the fateful day in Dallas when “a whole new form of government took over.” During the course of Interview with History, the authors delve into other related shadowy underworld subjects where it is hard to tell where Organized Crime stops and the CIA (and other U.S. government agencies) begin.

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Om forfatteren (2007)

Pamela Ray is originally from Portland, Oregon. She left the Pacific Northwest in 1982 and has lived in Hawaii for the last 27 years. Born-again Spirit-filled Christian, she is a former volunteer Executive Secretary for Hawaii Christian Coalition's State Director in the early 1990's. She was active in local politics and went to State conventions to vote as Delegate in addition to having voter registration drives after church. (Non-Denominational) A former Rush Limbaugh fan, Ms. Ray now considers herself a political independent with the courage to fight for truth and equity. When writng this book she realized that it would cause much concern in some high places in government who engage in subterfuge and illegal covert operations.

Pamela J. Ray with James E. Files "The Grassy Knoll Shooter"

Interview with History features Ray's interviews with Files, conducted meticulously over the years through highly-monitored letters and transcribed phone calls from Stateville prison in Joliet, Ill., where Files is a prisoner for what he claims is an act of self-defense against an attempt on his life by the government. A former CIA and mob hit man, Files actually considers the JFK assassination one of the least important "jobs" he was asked to do in his lifetime, and he hopes that this book will forever put to rest the subject of his involvement. "Facing incredible odds, danger and huge debt, it has been a labor of love, sacrifice and hardship to get this book to the people," Ray writes. "Although over 2500 books have been written about the assassination, Interview with History: The JFK Assassination is the only authorized published work based on the confession of the grassy knoll shooter, James E. Files."

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