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But considering the immensity of the of printing the first chapter of Genesis, issues at stake, one could not but wonder as explained in the Arcana, has been that so few clergymen were present, suggested, which we would respectfully, scarcely ever more than half-a-dozen, recommend to the consideration of the seldom so many. The pleadings were Swedenborg Society. All things portend more spirited than usual. The reference a very serious crisis in the religious to authorities, was to authorities more world. The waves of the flood threaten, modern than is common. Dr. Phillimore, but the ark is ready. who is usually on the liberal side, on this occasion led the charge against To the Editor. Dr. Williams, he was seconded by Dr. Dear Sir, I was rather surprised, on Swabey. Dr. Deane and Mr. Stevens reading the remarks of your correspondefended Dr. Williams. The most dent “ R.," on the article in'the “Westnoticeable incident was the bringing out minster Review” of January last. “R.” by Mr. Stevens, the fact that the Bishop says, that the article in question speaks of London holds that “the early chap- of the “Swedenborgians" as among ters of Genesis are allegorical.” Thus, those “organised congregations” who gradually is one New Church truth after are increasing in numbers but decreasanother making its way into influential ing in intelligence. I understand the quarters. The appeal by the legal gen- article quite differently, as classing the tleman was not to any definite law,canon, Sweden borgians among those organised or doctrine of the church, but to bishops, congregations to which the artisan popudeans, or distinguished men who had lation connect themselves,-small in held, or inclined to, opinions like those numbers that join, but of the most inthey had to defend. There were fourteen telligent; the remark in the “ Westdays of pleadings, and the judge is still minster” is as follows :taking time to consider bis decision. “So far as the artisan population is In the meantime, notice has been given concerned, we believe that the following of another action, against another of the is a fair classification of those connected essayists, Mr. Wilson, a gentleman who with missions and organised congregapleaded very strongly for great freedom tions, the numbers increasing and the of thought in the “ Essays,” but whn, intelligence decreasing in the order here in a work since published, evidently given :-1. Unitarians, Swedenborgians, endorses views which leave the least Quakers; 2. Church of England, Indepossible trace of inspiration and divinity pendents, Baptists; 3. Wesleyan Mein the Bible. But this is a state of thodists, Wesleyan Association, Primitive things which Swedenborg long ago stated Methodists, and smaller sects; 4. Latterwould happen, unless the spiritual sense day Saints and Roman Catholics.” p. 67. of the Word was revealed and admitted.

S. It is now rapidly taking place. And, we would strongly press upon all New

HOME. Churchmen, the duty of supplying as ST. IVES.-OPENING OF THE NEW far as possible the antidote, by publish

CHURCH. ing the knowledge of the spirit and life On Thursday the 23rd of January, the of the Word as widely as may be. Dr. beautiful little church our friends have Bayley's Discourses furnish a ready built in St. Ives, Huntingdonshire, was means of doing this in a popular manner. opened by Dr. Bayley; and services in They can be had separately at 3d. each, connection with the opening continued and the whole are handsomely bound for at St. Ives and Chatteris until Tuesday 3s. 6d. Some gentlemen, we believe, the 28th. We subjoin the account which have given great circulation to these by appeared in the local paper :sending copies to Mechanics' libraries, The New Jerusalem Church at others by sending them to the clergymen St. Ives. - On Thursday, the chapel in their neighbourhoods. We cannot which the New Church friends have recommend these methods too strongly built in this town in New Church-terrace to our readers. Then, there are the was dedicated to the public worship of excellent pamphlets by Mr. Clissold, of the Almighty, by the Rev. Dr. Bayley, which two are issued, and to extend, we of London. Service was held in the believe, to seven. These we hope will afternoon, commencing at half-past two. be extensively circulated. The propriety There was a good attendauce, and wås

followed by a tea party, which was brethren are doubtless performing uses, crowded. There was again a meeting and must be left to their conscientious in the new church, and several interest- convictions. Besides these, there are ing addresses were delivered by gentle. in the villages and small towns a few men from different places, shewing the miles distant, two or three here and two blessings they had received, and which or three there, and to these St. Ives and they strongly invited others to partake Chatteris form centres of light and good. from the doctrines of the New Jerusalem. May the Lord strengthen and bless them It is now seven years since the first dis- in this position, that they may become course in connection with the views of brighter and stronger to cheer and direct this body of Christians was preached the suffering and the wanderer to in this town, by the Rev. W. Woodman. church of wisdom and a God of Love! Since that period, they have gradually The cost of the church has been, as increased in their numbers and influ- near as can yet be ascertained, £260. ence; and we trust they will add to There have been received, as subthe moral and spiritual influences which scriptions and otherwise, the following tend to elevate the town. The New sums : Church building is a very neat Gothic Acknowledged in the Intel. structure, quite an ornament to the dis- Repos. for November ..£189 127 trict of the town in which it is situated. Collected by Miss Tall* since 3 0 0 It has a large window at the west end, J. K. Watts, Esq.

2 2 0 with stained glass, is well lighted, and Eden Coote, Esq.

1 0 0 has seats for nearly 150 persons. There Mr. Adams

0 10 6 is a neat vestry, and altogether the place Mr. Swain

010 is pretty and well arranged.”

Mr. Marshall

0 10 0 This successful result is mainly owing Mr. Warner

0 10 0 to the consistent and persevering zeal Mr. Girling

0 10 0 of Mr. Tall, formerly an esteemed local Mr. Watson

0 10 0 preacher amongst the Primitive Metho- Mr. Wise

0 10 0 dists. Through opposition and discou- Mr. Ulph

0 5 0 ragement, varied, it is true, by the Mr. Dawson.

0 5 0 sympathy and aid yielded by missionary Mr. Ginn ..

05 visits and the increasing light of divine Mr. Mutton

0 5 0 truth in his own mind, announcing the A Friend .

0 5 0 presence and blessing of the Lord, has Mr. White

0 5 0 this excellent and devoted man con- Mr. Newton, Skelliton 0 5 0 tinued to preach and propagate the Mr. Oborne, London. 0 10 0 principles of the New Dispensation.

Small sums

4 7 9 Seven years have seen them first Opening Services

5 8 31 assemble together, three or four in Old Fittings sold

1 0 0 number, hopeful and trustful however, and strong in their faith, then taking a

£212 6 1 low room with a brick floor, and calling it "The New Church;" continuing to The friends hope to settle down with gather bearers and occasionally receivers, not more than £45. of debt. and to keep a Sunday-school. The result now is a very fair society; a congregation

ACCRINGTON. of about 50 in the morning, and their A soirée, to welcome the Rev. G. B. church full in the evening. Mr. Tall Porteous, on his arrival amongst us as now writes :—“There is a wonderful our minister, was held in the Schoolinfluence at work among the people. room, on Friday evening, February 28th. I am cheered with the hope that our A very numerous and respectable comlabours will be more than ever useful."

on this interesting Besides the reception of the doctrines occasion, and were highly delighted with by those immediately associating with the genial spirit and the good feeling the society, there are some known who universally prevalent; where all seemed receive them, and propagate them among determined that nothing should be other bodies in St. Ives, who do not yet perceive it to be a duty openly to identify hopes to complete that sum. We trust our young

pany assembled

* Miss Tall has herself collected nearly £10., and themselves with the New Church. These ladies everywhere will note this fact, and imitate it.


wanting on their part to make the meet- ing at which he had ever the happiness ing a complete success, and to convince to be present. “I shall, po doubt,” said Mr. Porteous that he need fear no half- the reverend gentleman, “as a young heartedness or coldness, in his new man, need all your kind sympathy, to sphere of usefulness. The room was cheer me on in the responsible position decorated in a style that reflected great to which I am called, and I feel sure my credit on those who had had the manage- appeal for that help will not be in vain. ment of that department, and it was We have each our own individual sphere; frequently remarked that never before every man is a genius, and has some had the school looked so well. The particular faculty which distinguishes three flags of the Sunday school were him from his fellow-men, which it is his placed at the head of the room, the walls duty to cultivate, so as to become a usewere hung round with the portraits of ful member of the human family; and New Church ministers and other New if we care not to do this, we are neglectChurch friends, and the table, which ing our duty; we are suffering the talents occupied the middle, looked very invit- which have been given to us by our ing, with its loads of delicious fruits, Heavenly Father to lie idle and to rust. and its vases of lovely flowers, well But, my dear friends, let us avoid getting relieved by an exquisite centre-piece of into this fatal rut of listless uniformity, rockery, ferns and mosses. The music that is, alas! so prevalent at this day; too was everything that could be desired; rather let every one be eccentric, in the the songs and glees were admirably sense of possessing an individuality given, and served to enliven the evening, different from all other men; for, don't adding materially to the enjoyment of imagine for a moment, that I am come the company.

to think for anyone,—to infringe on the James Grimshaw, Esq., J.P., occupied freedom of any; no, far from it. I can the chair, and was supported on his simply suggest and endeavour to present right hand by the guest of the evening. the truth in such a striking light, as to After having given an interesting account induce serious and earnest reflection in of the progress of the New Church in the minds of my congregation, and stir Accrington, since its establishment to them up to a warmer love for all that is the present time, the Chairman very good and true; so that we may indeed cordially welcomed Mr. Porteous to his become faithful citizens while here benew home, and trusted he might long be low, of that holy city New Jerusalem spared to work with us, in the advance. which cometh down from God out of ment of that noble cause, which should heaven;' and when called from our be our most cherished aim; craving for pilgrimage here, we may enter its portals him, as a young man called to the ardu- above, where dwells eternal peace.". ous position of minister to so large a After having spoken nearly an hour, the society as ours, all the help and all the audience listening with breathless attensympathy we could possibly extend to tion, he sat down; and a meeting which him.

will long be remembered with pleasure, Several other friends having favoured was brought to a close. the meeting with a few remarks, appro- On Sunday, March 2nd, the anniverpriate to the occasion, dwelling on the sary sermons were preached, in our necessity of joining heartily together in church, by the Rev. G. B. Porteous. strengthening the hands of our new The congregations both morning and minister, so that the society might pros- evening were numerous and respectable, per still more than it had ever hitherto and the brilliant and attractive, as well done; Mr. Porteous was called upon to as instructive manner in which the subaddress the meeting, which he did in a jects of both discourses were treated, brilliant and telling speech, candidly and was the theme of almost universal adfrankly stating bis position in the society, miration. The subject in the morning, expressing himself very much gratified “And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all with his reception. He warmly com- men unto Me," was made very interestplimented the musical friends for the ing; as was also that in the evening, on pleasure they had afforded him, and also “ The Degrees of Truth, and its infinite Those who bad transformed the school. adaptation to all states and conditions." room into such a fairy-like scene, making It is impossible, in the compass of a it certainly the finest New Church meet. brief sketch, to give even an outline of these eloquent discourses; we must choice of a lecture on this subject,,we content ourselves with saying that they had again a very good audience, and the were exceedingly well received, and have lecture was listened to with the utmost created quite a sensation in our society, attention. We hear many expressions as well as in the town itself. The col. of approval and delight, and hope soon lections amounted to the handsome sum to be favoured by Mr. Hyde with another of £42. 15s. 74d.

visit, especially as we have reason to JOSEPH GRIMSHAW, Sec. believe our Derby friends are anxious

to render us all the assistance possible. HAMMERSMITH. Our small society has been favoured

DERBY. with a visit from the Rev. E. Madeley, As it is encouraging to all societies, of Birmingham. He attended our usual and cheering to all friends of the church, reading meeting, and delighted those to learn of the “prosperity of Jerusalem," who were present with a practical ex- permit me to offer you a brief report of position of the writings. On Sunday, the annual meeting held on the 2nd of February 23rd, he delivered to us two February, 1862. Our beloved minister, admirable discourses; and in the morn. the Rev. John Hyde, was in the chair. ing administered the sacrament of bap. From the various reports that were read, tism to two adults and three infants. we learned with great satisfaction that Our little society was quite cheered by during the last year more than twice his visit, which I doubt not will be the amount of any previous year was productive of much good, our little place received for pev rents, with an increase of worship being quite crowded. We in the congregation; that many friends have also to make our acknowledge- are anxiously investigating the heavenly ments to the Rev. W. Bruce, for his doctrines, with most pleasing results ; great kindness to us. He administered, that notwithstanding our greatly in. on Sunday, January 26th, the sacrament creased expenses during the year, inof the Lord's Supper to the elder com- volved in alterations in the school-room, municants, and favoured us with most minister's salary, &c., and in subscribing interesting sermons. Our society feels £5. to the destitute poor of Derby, and very deeply indebted to these ministers £5. to the Hartley Colliery-accident Fund, for their kind and ready assistance. yet a balance of £31. 10s. remained over J. W. BOYLE, Sec. all disbursements, which was appro

priated to lessening the debt on the MELBOURNE.

church; that our Sunday - school has The members and friends of the increased from 40 or 50 scholars to 136 New Church in this place have been scholars during the year; that out of favoured with a visit by the Rev. Jobn 72 members, our average communicants Hyde, of Derby, who delivered two number 50; that there is an increasingly very impressive discourses on Sunday, healthy tone of unanimity and exertion February 16th. In the morning he pervading the society. took for bis subject, “ Touching the Five new members were received, and Hem of the Lord's Garment;” and in eight candidates admitted on probation, the evening, “ Atonement the Recon- while several valuable and worthy friends ciliation of Man." The attendance on are inclined, and will probably at our both occasions was very numerous, next quarterly meeting cast in their indeed, we do not recollect having seen

lot with us.

A very delightful feeling our chapel so well filled for many years pervaded the meeting. as it was in the evening. On the fil. Mr. Hyde paid a high tribute of lowing evening, Monday, February 17th, respect to the Rev. W. Mason, from Mr. Hyde delivered a lecture on “ Cor. whose profound and extensive knowrespondences, what they are, and what ledge of the writings of the New Church, is their use. Fears were expressed by and from whose experience and kind some of our friends that this subject friendship he was glad to say that he would not be sufficiently attractive to had derived great benefit during his strangers, as the generality of persons nine months' residence in Derby. might think that “ correspondence” re- The members and friends took tea lated to letter writing only; but it was together at the close of the meeting, all found there was no cause to regret the feeling grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ

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and His instruments for past progress, availed himself of the opportunity to and hopeful in the pleasing promises of show that the doctrine he was preaching success in the future.

proved Christ to be all in all, the Divine W. DUESBURY, Sec. Trinity dwelling in Him alone. T. I.


NOTTINGHAM. The quarterly social meeting of the To the Editor. members and friends of this society Dear Sir, — We, the undersigned was held in their place of worship, No. deacons of the New Christian Church 6, Infirmary-street, on the evening of late of Park-street, in forwarding you an Thursday, 16th January, when about account of the work in which we are thirty-five to forty persons sat down to engaged, desire only to promote the tea, many of the friends having been usefulness of the Lord's Church, and to prevented by illness and the inclemency see it extended upon the broadest basis of the weather from being present. After of the truths of the New dispensation. a hymn and prayer, two new members We seek to recognise as brethren, all were admitted. An excellent essay was such as receive the great central truths then read by one of the members, fol. of the Holy Word, viz. :-—the Supreme lowed by observations by several others, Divinity of the Lord Jesus; the Divine and a very suitable and cheering address authenticity of the Word; and the by our respected pastor. The greatest necessity of obedience to the Divine unanimity and brotherly love prevailed. Commands. They in whose hearts dwell This is the second meeting of the kind abundant charities, and whose feet may held since Mr. Gladwell entered on his be said to stand within the gates of the duties as leader, and is certainly good Heavenly Jerusalen, will, we trust, fully evidence of the usefulness of his ser- appreciate our earnest endeavours. vices. There is a growing warmth of To many, our history and progress are love amongst the members. From forty well known; but, for the information of to forty-five attend in the forenoon, but others, we would briefly relate a few not so many in the afternoon, which facts which we conceive to be both inmay be owing to the distance many of teresting and encouraging. Since tbe the members have to come. It is in- opening services, September 15th, 1859, tended to discontinue the afternoon the church has been subjected to many services, to afford an opportunity for bitter experiences, yet a merciful Provithe Sabbath-school being held imme- dence has crowned this labour of love diately after the forenoon services. A with abundant cause for the deepest course of lectures on the leading doc- thankfulness. trines of the New Church are being At the present time there are sixtydelivered in the evenings,—they are five earnest and decided members enwell attended. Towards the close of rolled, as well as a large number of last summer Mr. Gladwell gave a course probationary members on the list. In of nine lectures, in the meadows (a order to meet growing requirements, and public park), with encouraging results. to provide against the uncertainty of our At the close of each lecture some of his tenancy in Park-street (as the chapel was hearers made further inqniries about being sold), it became necessary, during the doctrines, and several attended him last summer, to make some provision for home to converse with him. The a place of worship. A plot of leasehold greatest attention and respect were land was therefore secured, in a new and shewn to the lecturer by these promis- rapidly-increasing populous neighbourcuous congregations, frequently num- hood, upon which might be erected a bering from 200 to 250. Eight hundred commodious church and schools. It tracts were distributed to persons in- was, however, imperative that immediate quiring for them; and only in one steps should be taken, and our present instance bas a tract been returned with “temporary school and mission-room expressions of disapprobation. This was therefore built, (at a cost of £125.) was by a gentleman who had received on part of the site of the new edifice, one on the “ True Object of Worship," and is already far too small for present which he denounced as heresy,-and, requirements. It will only seat 200 handing Mr. Gladwell a tract, “ Christ persons, and many of the younger people All in all,” hurried off. The lecturer on Sunday evenings are excluded, in

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