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Side 30 - On the calculation of the oblateness of the earth, by means of the observed lengths of a pendulum in different latitudes, according to the method given by La Place in the second volume of his " Mecanique Celeste," with remarks on other parts of the same work, relating to the figure of the earth.
Side xii - ... regulations as they in their wisdom may judge to be proper and necessary. But in regard to the form in which this premium is conferred, I take the liberty to request that it may always be given in two medals, struck in the same die ; the one of gold, and the other of silver, and of such dimensions that both of them together may be just equal in intrinsic value to the amount of the interest of the aforesaid Five Thousand Dollars...
Side xi - British empire, a public institution for diffusing the knowledge and facilitating the general introduction of useful mechanical inventions and improvements, and for teaching, by courses of philosophical lectures and experiments, the application of science to the common purposes of life.
Side xii - ... in any part of Europe during the preceding two years, on Heat or on Light ; the preference always being given to such discoveries as shall, in the opinion of the President and Council, tend most to promote the good of mankind.
Side xv - College for the purpose of founding, under the direction and government of the corporation, overseers, and governors of that university, a new institution and professorship, in order to teach by regular courses of academical and public lectures, accompanied with proper experiments, the utility of the physical and mathematical sciences for the improvement of the useful arts, and for the extension of the industry, prosperity, happiness, and well-being of society.
Side xi - ... and the amount of the same applied, and given once every second year, as a premium to the author of the most important discovery, or useful improvement, which shall be made and published by printing, or in any way made known to the public, in any part of the continent of America...
Side ix - Leopold, the elector becoming vicar of the empire, availed himself of the prerogatives of that office to make him a Count of the Holy Roman Empire.
Side 229 - It is, indeed, says Remusat, impossible to express in any language, the energy of those picturesque characters, which exhibit to the eye, instead of barren and arbitrary sounds, the objects themselves, figured and represented by their most characteristic traits, so that it would require several phrases to express the signification of a single word.
Side 291 - Inscription confuted their theories. In almost every instance, in short, where the opinions of the learned have been at variance with the usage of the Modern Greeks, whenever any evidence has been discovered relating to the point in controversy, the theories of the former have proved to be unfounded, and the usage of the latter confirmed.
Side 50 - Method of correcting the apparent distance of the Moon from the Sun, or a Star, for the effects of Parallax and Refraction.

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