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The Perfect Portable Oxygen Generator.


Used and Approved by Leading Professors, Practitioners and Institutions.


The time has come when no physician is completely equipped without an Oxygen



No. 3. Retort Capacity, 8 Gallons, complete, with extra

material to make 150 gallons,

No. 4. Retort Capacity, 12 Gallons,
No. 5. Retort Capacity, 24 Gallons,

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Compressed Gas in Cylinders, holding 110, 150, 300, 450 and 600 gallons, made by the Atmospheric Process, 5 cents per gallon. Compound Oxygen, 25 per cent. of Nitrous Oxide, 6 cents per gallon. Liquid Oxygen, with Inhaling Apparatus, complete, $5.00.

Also, Gasometers, Spirometers, Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide Material. Demarquay on oxygen and other gases, with additions translated by S. S. Wallian, A. M., M. D. $2.00.

316 PAGES,


1218 Broadway, cor. 30th Street, New York.


Perfected and Tasteless

Preparation of Cod-liver Oil.

Combined with Extract of Malt, Fluid Extract of Wild Cherry Bark, and Syrup Hypophosphites Compound (containing Lime, Soda, Potassium, Iron, Manganese, Quinine, and Strychnine).

Containing the curative agents from 25 per cent. Pure Norwegian Cod-liver Oil. Rendered pleasant and agreeable by the addition of choice Aromatics.

We invite your attention to the "fac simile" of an Analysis made by Charles M. Cresson, M.D., certifying to the value and efficacy of this preparation, and which we have printed on the back of our circular.

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St. Louis.

In writing to advertisers kindly mention THE DIETETIC GAZETTE.

Produce Exchange, N. I.

To the Medical Profession.

URING the past seven years we have been laboring assiduously to produce Infant Foods ready for use that would closely resemble healthy human milk. It has not been an easy task, as every physician knows who has taken a special interest in the subject. We have spared neither labor nor expense to accomplish this object, which will be demonstrated to any Physician who will visit our factory. We have met the more recent demand for a sterilized Food for Infants by an expensive change in our machinery under the supervision of the most eminent Bacteriolgists in the country. This sterilization has been accomplished without rendering the casein of the milk less digestible, as is invariably done with the patented sterilizers in use, which insures in hermetically sealed cans their perfect keeping qualities.

We do not think it possible that any Infant Food will ever be prepared that will excel LACTO-PREPARATA (an all milk food) for the feeding of young infants, and CARNRICK'S FOOD for their nourishment during the latter part of the nursing period. All other Infant Foods in the market are composed entirely of the cereals; or they contain so little milk (about 8 per cent.) that it is a misnomer to call them Milk Foods. If such foods are used alone, the child will not be properly nourished, its flesh will be flabby, and it will quickly succumb to disease, because they are deficient in albuminoid constituents.

Send for circulars and samples.


Make Your Own KUMYSS in One Minute.

KUMYSGEN A Product of Pure, Sweet Milk.

What is Kumysgen?

It is Kumyss in a dry form, containing all the constituents of the best Kumyss, and requires only the addition of water to produce an article superior in digestibility and palatability to the old form of Kumyss.

It is the Ideal Food in all cases where nutrition is an important factor, and disgestion is feeble. When all other Foods fail try KUMYSGEN, but it is better to try it in the beginning and save time and strength.

KUMYSGEN is the only preparation of Kumyss that will keep. All liquid preparations of Kumyss will keep but a short time, and are constantly changing in the bottle, unless some deleterious preservative is used.

KUMYSS made from KUMYSGEN is far more palatable, easier digested and 35 per cent. less expensive than the old style KUMYSS.

Our SYPHON KUMYSGEN BOTTLES allow Kumyss to be drawn without loss of contents. One in every three bottles are siphons, containing same quantity of KUMYSGEN as the others. Send for samples and descriptive circulars. Manufactured only by

Reed & Carnrick,

New York.



The Immortal Bard of Avon thus refers to LIQUID PEPTONOIDS WITH COCA. This combination is hunger-stilling, without being surfeiting; possesses energizing and sustaining qualities, and is therefore conducive to vigor and vitality.

In cases in which defective nutrition is the predominant feature, it is a flesh former and force-producer, and constitutes a nutritious adjunct to a supportive treatment.

The PEPTONOIDS supply the available nutriment, and communicate the necessary support to the whole organism, thus neutralizing any depressing effect which might otherwise result from the Coca.

The COCA in turn furnishes the immediate stimulating and exhilarating effect upon the nervous system, which is so frequently desirable.

In LIQUID PEPTONOIDS WITH COCA we have, therefore, a preparation which is both temporarily stimulating and permanently reconstructive.

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"When dinner has oppressed one

I think it is perhaps the gloomiest hour
Which turns up out of the sad twenty-four."


That the poet was a victim of dyspepsia, is plainly shown by the depth of feeling evidenced in the above quotation.

Oppression after dinner is caused by inactivity of the digestive function, due to deficient peptic power, inviting fermentation of the food, and the consequent formation of noxious gases. These are absorbed into the circulation, affect the nerve centers, and are thereby responsible for “the gloomiest hour" to which the poet refers.

LACTOPEPTINE tends to prevent the occurrence of this "vicious circle" of circumstances by increasing the peptic activity of the gastric juice, thus digesting the food before it has any chance to undergo abnormal fermentation in the stomach. The digestive action is continued in the intestines, by virtue of the pancreatine which LACTOPEPTINE contains.

If the poet lived in these modern times, he would have no excuse for writing the misanthropic sentiment above quoted.




In writing to advertisers, kindly mention THE DIETETIC GAZETTE.

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