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Retrospect of German Literature. Arts and Manufactures.


engraving is executed with more correct. willingly 1,200 liv. for a copy. Mr. von nets and diligence than the drawing. The ERDMANNSDORF, of Defau, deserves text points out the different colours with therefore the thanks of all lovers of the . which the sketches are to be painted. fine arts, for having accommodated the

Nau Schænbeilen Sechsiscber Gegenden, chalcographic fociety of that place with the &c. &c. von GUENTHER. 1798. Natu- loan of his splendid copy of that scarce ral Beauties of Prospects in Saxony. With work, and thus enabled them to publish 1.2 plates. The plates deserve more praise the three numbers in question. The enthan the description, which is very affect. gravings are executed in a masterly maned, uninteresting, and tedious.

ner by Mr. LANGENHOEFFEL, and che Erste Gruende der buergerlicben Baukunft, illustrations are the productions of the pen &c. &c. von L. J. D. Suckow, &c. &c. of Mr. Rode, who had already proved by 1798. pp. 332. The first Rudiments of his classical translation of Vitruvius, that Civil Architecture. With 35 plates. he was perfectly qualified for such an unFourth revised and enlarged edition. The dertaking. first edition of this useful work appeared Beschreibung der Gbur fuerftlichen Antikenin the year 1751, and has not yet been Gallerie in Dresden, &c. &c. von. J. G. superseded by one of superior merits. It Lipsius. 1798. pp. 526; 4to. Descripis written with systematic order, and in a tion of the electoral Gallery of Antiquities plain and perspicuous style, which renders at Dresden, executed partly after some it as useful to the common builder, as it is Papers of the late J. F. Wacker, formerly to the learned architec.

Inspector of that Gallery. The friends of Aufwabl antiker Gemæblde, &c. &c. von arts and antiquity have to congratulate A. Rode. 1799. Select antique Paint. themselves upon the publication of this ings taken from the work of Count Cay- complete catalogue of the rich treasures of lus, of which only a few Copies were dis- a collection which really deserved being tributed, together with Explanations, by rendered more known to the public than A. Rode. In three numbers, large folio; it has been hitherto. It is, indeed, astonisheach number containing eight coloured ing, that the highly valuable store of explates. (Price 20 rixdollars the number.) cellent works of art with which the DresCount Caylus accidentally found the fa- den gallery is adorned, has been neglected mous original collection of drawings from so long by a nation which has produced no antique paintings, formerly in possession of inconsiderable number of respectable arthe cardinal-legate Camillo de Maffimi, tists; and it is to be wilhed, for the sake in a nursery, where it served for the amuse- of good taste, that the composition of a cament of children. He purchased it, and talogue of it had devolved upon a man of employed Mariette, a skilful artist, to en- a more refined and solid knowledge of the grave the outlines, which he afterwards works of art, than Mr. Lipfius proves to caused to be coloured by young ladies af. possess; of which we could point out many ter the model of the coloured drawings instances, were we not restrained by want which Petro Sante and Francesco Bartoli of room. formerly had made at Rome, and which

COMMERCE. were shewn in the Vatican. Thus was

Practisches Tascbenwärter-buch der formed the work which appeared at Paris Waarenkunde, &c. &c. von J.CHR.SCHEin the year 1757, in large folio, with a DEL. 1798. Practical Pocket-dictionary preface by Caylus, and Mariette's expla- of Merchandize, or an accurate and comnations of the 33 plates, under the title: plete Description of all Articles of MerRecueil des Peintures antiques trouvées à chandize, occurring in the Course of Trade; Rome. No more than 3i copies of this particularly adapted to the Wants of the work being distributed, it naturally became, Trader, Factor, and Broker. This pocimmediately after its publication, a great ket-dictionary, as the author assures us, is rarity : 2,270 Liv, were paid for a single no work of haste, nor a mere extract from copy of it in the auction of Outard. Ma- his larger dictionary of merchandize, conrietre's plates were found in the royal gal- taining a great variety of new articles, and lery after the death of Caylus. Molynet being rendered more correct and geneand Lamy caused them to be repaired, rally useful. Having compared the two and a hundred copies to be printed, every works with each other, we think ourselves one of which fold for £. 900: 22 more bound in justice to affirm the truth of this drawings were added to those of Caylus, assertion, and can recommend it as a very and the whole work was published in two useful aliiftant to all people engaged in folios. This second work also became very trade. scarce in a hort time, and amateurs paid Sammlungen Englischer original-band


dings-Briefe, &c. &c. von J. G.CLEMI- Predigten ueber die Sonn-und FeftagsNIUS. 1798. pp. 214; 8vo. A Collection Evangelien, &c. &c. von M.K.G. BAUER. of original English commercial Letters, Tb. I. 1798. pp. 28. u. 570; 8vo. Serwith German notes. The well-written mons on the Gospels of the whole Year. English preface to these letters, proves These sermons distinguish themselves fathat the editor of this collection poffefses vourably by being founded on principles a pretty correct knowledge of the spirit of of pure morality, and written in an eleour language. He acknowledges in it that gant, though popular, style. he has copied, during his leisure hours, a Postille von C.F. SINTENIS. Erster, Tb. great number of original English letters, 5798. pp. 36; 8vo. Poftil.

The VOwritten, in the courie of business, by re..

lume of sermons which the venerable aufpectable mercantile houses, extracted the thor has published under this title, and most important phrases, and thus acquired which breathes the genuine spirit of a facility of composing letters of business Christianity, has afforded us more than himself. The 327 letters, contained in common pleasure. Mr. S. fhows himself, this volume, seem to be peculiarly adapted almost in every page, as an unbiassed to render the English correspondence eafy thinker, who successfully attacks all sorts 10 German clerks. The notes, which are of prejudices which are injurious to mofubjoined to the text, may also serve En. rality, as an eloquent orator, and a pracglithmen as an instruction in compofing tical observer of man, who possesses the German commercial letters. If Mr. C. great art of acting most powerfully upon fhould still be inclined to carry his resolu. the most hidden recesses of the heart, and tion of publilhing a second volume into to expound the doctrines of religion in 2 execution, we would recommend to him generally useful manner. to be more careful in avoiding some gram. Neue Auswahl einiger Predigten, von J. matical errors, which we have discovered JTH, 1798. pp. 320; 8vo. A new Selecin the prefent volume.

tion of Sermons. These sermons are good Der pra&tische Kaufman, &c. &c. von F. in many respects. The subjects are nog H. W. JHRINZ, 1798. pp. 326. U..220 ; common, and very practical. The lan400. The practical Merchant;or, Instruc- guage is correct, and frequently highly tion in all Branches of Commerce, especial. animated ; we must, however, also obJy in Italian Book-keeping, &c. &c. tu ferve, that the author sometimes is very which are added, Observations on the best dry, and expresses his ideas, in many Method of corresponding with Prudence places, in vague and ambiguous terms. and Circumspection, of obtaining proper Sonntag funterbaltungan fuer gebildete Information of the Wants of Correspon- Religions freunde, &c. &c. von D.THIESS, dents, and of giving a favourable Turn 1798. pp. 204 ; 8vo. Sunday Devotions to Speculations. This work, whose au- for well-informed Friends of Religion. thor is a merchant, is well calculated for This book deserves the notice of reflecting serving as an useful guide to young men, readers. The author displays a philosowho are to be instructed in commerce. We 'phical spirit, and much acuteness. must, however, confess that the instruc- Katecbesen ueber Sittlich-religioase Wabra tion in book-keeping is very defective. beiten, &c. &c. Catechisations on moral. As for the rest, we have observed, with religious Truths. The style of the author pleasure, that the author's style is plain is animated; but his notions are frequent. and perfpicuous.

ly too vague, and his reflexions too pro

lix. Neue practische. Materialien zu Kantzel- Ueber, den Glauben an Ofenbabrung, &c. Vortrægen, &c. &c. von J. CHR. GRIEL- &c. 1799. pp. 326; 8vo. On the Be. ING. Erjien Bandes erftes Heft, 1798. pp. lief in Revelation ; in the Form of a fa187; 8vo. New practical Materials for miliar Correspondence. The author inPulpit Compositions, extracted from J. vestigates this matter in the form of a faKANT's philolophical and moral Works; . miliar epiftolary correspondence between Vol. I. No. I. All these materials have Reinfels and Falmer, the latter of whom been known long since, and ably applied propounds the common objections against by many German preachers. We must, revelation, and the belief in it, in a man however, observe, that most of the themes ner which renders the victory of his antaare well executed, and that the materials, gonift very easy, contained in this number, may be very Pauli Apostóli Epiftola ad Pbilippenses useful to orators who wish to give variety graece, ex recensione Griesbachian 1, nova to their fermons, and to represent the versione Latina et Annotatione perpetua fame tiuchs in different points of view, illuftrata, à M. J. J. am Ende, 1798.

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Retrospect of German Literature....Divinity.... Jurisprudence. 571 pp. 140; 8vo. A very useful commen- important work, the character of an able tary:

and impartial historian, which he has fo Disputatio de Spiritu San&to primis Chrif- deservedly acquired by his well-executed tianis per impoftionem manuum tradito. History of the Order of the Jesuits, a craniAuctoritate Academiæ Fredericianæ Halen. lation of which, we learn, has repeatedJis Scripfit. Joh. ArG.NOESSELT. Three ly, but unsuccessfully, been offered to leSheets, 4to. The author being one of the veral of the most eminent booksellers in most venerable veterans among the Ger. London. man theologues, his unbiased and philo- Freymnelbige Untersuchung ueber Jefum, fophical enquiry into this subject deserves den Sobr Gottes, von Given. 1798. particular attention.

pp. 184; 8vo. A free Enquiry concerning Vindicia Propbetarum Ebraicarum et Jesus, the Son of God. If an intimate Felu Cbrifti, contra Thomam Paine, ejusque acquaintance with the sacred writings of Libelli de vera et fiftitia Religione Germa. the Old and New Testament, and with all nicum interpretem, auctore FR.W. ILAGEN, means of expounding them; if impartia. 1798. pp. 70; 8vo. THOMAS Paine lity of investigation, which flides over no ftill pays some regard to the prophets as difficult passage, seeks not to prejudice the poets, notwithstanding his frivolous and reader for a favourite interpretation, nor spleneric attacks on their divine mission; presumes to explode established opinions however, his German translator does not by bold conjectures; if a philosophical think it worth his while to study their and lucid order, if, finally, fearless canlanguage, and declares their poetry to be dour in ftating the results of impartial exahighly offensive to good taste, calling mination correctly—if all these qualities them unpolished barbarians. The author be fufficient to recommend a literary work, of the present excellent pamphlet refutes the present enquiry deserves, undoubtedthese foul calumnies, as offsprings of the ly, an eminent place among those that most unpardonable ignorance, and sup- treat on the doctrines of the Bible. The ports his vindication by a well-executed results of the author's learned investigaand elegant tranflation of Psalm 8. 19, tions give an entirely new form to the eitaand 22; to which he subjoins very perti- blished ecclesiastical doctrine concerning nent observations. The second part of this the Son of God, and afford an additional pamphlet contains a vigorous and con- proof of the weakness of our dogmatical vincing defence of Christ's character theories, which by the greater number of against the fcurrilous infinuations of Mr. our divines are deemed incontrovertible. P. and his translator, which is written in Communionbucb fuer denkende Coriften von a manly style, and places those malicious KARL VEILLODTERI, 1799. Pp: 2145 attacks in their proper light.

8vo. Communion-book for reflecting Von dem woblibæligen Eirfluss des Christians. We do not recollect to have Cbristentbums, &c.&c. von G. G. Hermes. seen a communion-book which produces so pp. 42 ; 8vo. Of the falutary Influence much interest for the celebration of the of the Christian Religion on the Morality Lord's Supper, and excites so many pure, of its Prof. ffors, especially of those of the moral sentiments in the heart of a reflecting three first Centuries. The learned author Christian as the present. It recommends has executed this subject in a manner, for itself particularly by a most interesting which he deserves the thanks of all well. ftatement of the beneficial tendency of the wishers to the progress of human happiness. Christian religion, by a most charming

Variæ Lectiones ad Textum Aftorum picture of the moral dignity of its benevoApoft. Epistolarum Catholicarum et Pauli, lent founder, and a lucid, though noble e codd. Græcis Msc. Bibliotbeca Vaticance, and dignified, language. We do not doubt Barberinae, Auguftinianorum Eremitarum but this excellent book of devotion will Roma, Borgianæ Velitris, Neapolitanæ be deemed a most welcome acquisition by Regice, Laurentiniana, S. Marci Veneto. all polished and rational friends of reli. rum, Vindobonenfis Caefarea et Haurienfis gion. Regiæ, colleétæ et ediæ, ab ANDREA

JURISPRUDENCE. Birch, Toeol. D. &c. 1798. pp. 254 ;

Grundsätze des Deutschen peinlichen 8vo. A work of great erudition, which Rechts, von C. A. GRUENDLER, &c. &c. contains a great variety of new and valn. 1799. pp. 2442 ; 8vo. Fundamental Prin-' able information.

ciples of the German criminal Laws. A Gescbicbte der Romisch Catholischen Kirche, well-executed compendium, which, how&c. &c. von Peter Wolfe; 5 Theile, ever, is distinguished by an immenfe num. 1798. History of the Roman-Catholic ber of errors of the press. Church. Mr. Wolf maintains, -in this Repertorium des gesammten positiven



Rechts der Deutscben, &c. &c. Tb. I. pp. Treatment of Diseases. This is a very 360. Th. II. pp. 309. 8vo. A complete valuable medical composition, written in a Repertory of the positive Laws of Ger- popular and simple Ryle, and displaying many, for the Use of practical Jurists. the author's solid erudition and humanity

PAUL. JOH. ANSELM FUERBACH in a very favourable light. Dill. inaug. jurid. de Causis mitigandi ex CHRISTIANI THEOPHILI SELLI LiCapite impeditæ Libertatis, 1798. pp. 30 ; ber de curandis Hominuni Morbis. Septimum 4to. The learned author exhibits here vernacula editum Latine interpretaus eft another instance of his philosophical a- Curtius Sprengelius, 1738. pp. 20. and cuteness, of which he has already given 626; 8vo. The original work of Dr. such a favourable specimen in his Pbilo. Selle being sufficiently known, we have fopbico-juridical Inquiry into tbe Nature of only to observe, that this translation is ele. the Crime called Higb. Treason, mentioned gant, and extremely correct. in our last Retrospect.

Guter Rath an Muetter, &c. &c. von DR. Gedanken eines Deutschen Patrioten, &c. Chr. W. HUFELAND, 1799. pp. 86; &c. 1798. pp. 61. Reflexions of a Ger- 8vo. Advice to Mothers, concerning the man Patriot on the Memorial presented by most important Points of the Physical Mr. de BERLEPSCH to the Congress of Education of Children. Dr. HUFERastadt. The anonymous writer of this LAND's credit as an able popular writer pamphlet is a zealous antagonist of the is already too well established, to stand in English nation, and declaims loudly against need of our recommendation in the prethe annexation of the electorate of Hano- fent instance ; suffice it, therefore, to say, ver to the kingdom of Great Britain. that this little medical pamphlet is written

Ueber die Secularisation Deutscher geift- in his usual lucid style. licher Reicbslænder, &c. &c. von Dr. CH. E. Weisse, 1798. pp. 196; 8vo. On Ueber die betræcblichen Vortbeile welche the Secularisation of the Ecclesiastical alle Nationen des jezzigen Zeitalters aus der States of die German Empire, &c. &c. A Kentniss, &c. &c. der Alten Ziehen Kænen, very able discussion of this subject, which von D. TREDFMANN, und D. JENISH, is highly important to Germany.

1798. pp. 322 ; 8vo. On the important MEDICINE AND SURGERY. Advantages, which all Nations of the PETRI CAMPERI fummi Medici, Differe present Age may derive from the Knowe tationes decem, quibus ab inluftribus Europe, ledge and an historical Examination of the præcipue Galliæ, Academiis palma adjudi. State of Sciences among the Ancients. cata. Accedunt ejufdem de optima agendi in This subject, which is ably treated by Medicina ratione Liber singularis, ei Diljer- professors F. and J. deserves particular tatio de forcipum indole et actione. Cum Tae attention in our times. bulis in ære expressis. Vol. I. 1798. pp. Betrachtungen ueber die Kriegskunft, &c. 14. and 162 ; 8vo. Camper's merits are Scc. 1798. pp. 457. Reflexions on the so generally acknowledged, that it would Military Science, its Progress, Contradica be fuperfluous to enter into a critical exa- tions, and Certainty. Intelligible also mination of the value of this collection : to Readers not of the Profetton, who we therefore shall only point out the sub- have some Knowledge of History. These jects of these dissertations. 1. De infun- reflexions are the refult of the studies and lum regimine. 2. De emolumentis et optic experience of a venerable Pruflian vete. ma methodo inftionis variolarum. 3. De ran, and, as such, deserve being perused incommodis ab unguentorum abufu oriundis et with attention. de eorum emendationibus in ulcerum cura. Revolutions- Almanach, von 1797; pp. tione. 4. De theoria et curatione morborum 368 : von 1798 ; pp. 327: von 1794; chronicorum pulmonum. 5. In French : pp. 264. Revolutionary-Almanac. An Sur les influences que l'air, par ses diverses historical collection of anecdotes and facts, qualités, peut avoir dans les maladies chirur. collected with a visible partiality for one ĝicales, et sur les moyens de le rendre falue party, and displaying a rich vein of rantaire dans leur traitement. 6. De vera et cour and malice. precipua caufa morborum, inter pecora et ar- Die Zeichen der Zeit, &c. &c. 1798, menta epidemica, feu epizootice, grassantium. pp. 334. The Signs of the Times againt Ideen ueber das Lafter der Selb befleckung, the Close of the eighteenth Century. &c. &c. 1798.

Helvetische Annalen, 1798. pp. 364; Krankenbuch, &c &c. von COR. A. 400. Helvetic Annals. A highly-intereft. STRUVE. Erfter Band, 1798. pp. 470; ing periodical work, published by a grande 80. Sick-Book. Of the Preservation of son of the great Haller. human Life, the Prevention and proper Profaiscbe und Poetiscbe Italienische Blu


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Retrospect of German Literature....Miscellanies.

573 theniefe von AGOST DE VALENTI, 1799. VON GERSDORF, and Dr. KNEBEL, is pp. 286. 8vo. Prosaic, and poetical Italian adapted to the comprehension of even the Florilegium. We have perused this judi- most ignorant people, and contains a great cious collection with pleasure, and can, variety of rules and cautions, extracted without hesitation, recommend it to all from the works of the most eminent phy, friends of Italian literature.

fical writers, and founded on re-iterated Einige worteueber die Haupt-quelle unferer experience. Sicbtäglich vermebrenden ungluecklichen E. Beispeile von allerley Unglueks faellen, ben, &c. &c. von F. G. H. FIELITZ, 1798. &c. &c. 1798. pp. 168. ; 8vo. Instances pp. 94 ; 8vo.

A few Words on the daily of various unfortunate Accidents; an Ina Encrease of unhappy Marriages ; Recom- ftruction and Warning for young People, mended to the Confideration of Mothers, With an Appendix, containing a Descrip&c. &c. The author, who is a surgeon tion of the most cominon poisonous Plants, in Prussia, juttly maintains, that many and eight coloured Plates. Collections of marriages are unhappy, chiefly because this kind, if made with judgment, may most daughters enter, unprepared, into the produce a great deal of good. The pre conjugal state. This observation occa- lent volume promises to be useful in many fioned him to write an instruction for the respects ; although the author has not fair sex in the physical maternal duties. taken as much pains as he could, and He ftrorgly recommends to all good mo- ought have done, to render it as com, thers to acquaint their daughters careful- plete as poffible. The appendix is very ly with their future fituation, and points pertinent, and the engravings are correct, out in what manner this can be done mort and well executed. fuccessfully. His treatise is written with Die Kunst Sein Leben der Tugend, &c. great animation, and proves that the au- &c. gemæss Zufuebren, &c. &c. 1799. pp. thor is a most promising young man, who 296. The Art of Liviog conformably tą discharges his professional duties, not in a the Dictates of Virtue, Wisdom, and mechanical manner, like many of his bre. Propriery. After the Latin Work of thren, but with reflexion, and a truly phi- Mr. Campe. Mr. GRUBER, the author lanthropic spirit.

of this book, assures us, in the preface, C. FR. Pockel's Versuch einer Cha- that this is not a tranNation, but an entirea Tatteristic des Weiblichen Geschlecbts. Erfter ly new performance, in imitation of Mr. und Zweiter B. 1798. 8vo. pp. 1081. Campe's work, which was published una An Attempt towards a Characteristic of der the title, Compendium Artis vivendi ex the Female Sex ; a inoral Picture of Erasmi Roterodami, Libro de Civilitate moMankind, of our' Times, and of focial rum puerilum, et ex 70. Lud. Vivis ValentiLife. Although this work has many ni Introductione ad veram Sapientiam cong friking defects, yet we cannot deny that cionatum, à Joacb. H. Campio. Mr. G's it also contains a great variety of novel work appears to us to be entirely superfluand useful observations, and is written in ous, particularly as it is difficult to diftinan elegant and polished style. We were guish whether it be written for children particularly pleased with the chapter on or philosophers. bashfulness; but are sorry that the author Archiv der Vorsebung fuer die Menfeberhas not treated this important subject with welc, No. I. pp. 97 ; 8vo ; 1798.

Armore delicacy.

chives of Providence for Mankind. Col. Sittenlebre in Beispielen fuer Buerger und lected by the Rev. Aug.M. RUNGIUS,and Landleute, &c. &c. von Joh.P. L. SNELL. published by Dr. F.VOLKM REINHARD. 2 Tbeile, 1798. Ethics, in Examples, for "There is a Providence,” says the author Citizens and Country-People. A very in the introduction, " which is active judicious collection, which recommends every where, and encompafics, preserves, itself by the great purity of the moral and rules every thing with infinite power, principles, inculcated in it, and a plain wisdom, and love; a Supreme Being, and correct language:

without whose consent no bird can drop Anzeige der nolbwendigsten Verhalt. down dead, nor a hair can fall froin our ung fregelen bry nahen Gewitiern, &c. &c. head. An extremely important doctrine 1798. pp. 30, 8vo. The most neceffary of religion I which must render the ChrifRules of Conduct on the Approach of Thun- ciao the more ferene and content, the der-Storms, and the properest Means of more his faith entitles him to cherilla Preservation against the hurtful Effects of cheerful expectatiop; which, however, Lightning. For the Use of unexperienced also cannot be denied by the non-Chris. People. This small, but highly useful, tian, who is acquainted with history, and pamphlet, the joint production of Mre has observed men and their fate. We have MONTHLY MAG. XLVII.


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