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dragoons, to Miss Lowes. Mr. Richard SanAt Stockton, as some hay-makers were at derson, of Wetheral, to Miss M. Watts, of work in a field, they were suddenly alarmed , Branthwaite. by a prodigious whirlwind, which carried At Whitehaven, the Rev. George Addison, many hundred weight of hay to an immense formerly of Workington, rector of Great perpendicular height.

Brickhill, Berks, to Miss D. Bragg, daughR. Burdon, esq. M. P. has lately let a farm ter of Mr. W. Bragg, of Whitehaven. of about 70 acres, near Stockton, upon the At Penrith, Captain Gordon, of the Prinfollowing benevolent conditions:-That the cess Royal's own light dragoons, to Miss tenant shall constantly keep at least 10 cows, Hannah Moore, of Temple Sowerby. and shall retail the milk to the inhabitants of At Workington, Joseph Wheelwright, Stockton.- A deduction of 20l. a year from esq. of London, to Miss Hadwen, of the the rent will be allowed, if the whole of the former, place. new milk be retailed unadulterated at or under At Newton, near Penrith, Mr. Henry one half-penny a pint.

Heylin, ironmonger of Penrith, to Miss L. Married.] At Newcastle, Mr. Wm. El. Nicholson, of the former place. liott, tanner, to Miss Mary Harrison. Mr. At St Bee's, Captain Boven, to Miss Morland, linen-draper, to Miss Yellowley. Storey, daughter of the late Captain Storey,

At Gateshead, Thomas Humble, esq. of of Whitehaven. Newcastle, to Miss E. Summers, of the formes Died.] At Wigton, aged 58, John Matplace.

thews, efq. It has wisely been remarked, At Durham, Mr. John Husband, to Miss that the best of times furnish little for the S. Breeding.

historian; and it is equally true, that the At Bishop's-Wearmouth, the Rev. Tho- lives of the best men furnith little for the pen mas Ramshay, L. L. B. vicar of Brampton, of the biographer. Curiosity can only be in Cumberland, to Miss Maling, daughter of gratified by a recital of unusual and surprising J. Maling, esq. of Grainge, near Sunderland. occurrences, and the powerful feelings of

At Stockton-upon-Tees, Mr. G. Bertram, man can only he engaged by the display of of the George and Dragon-inn, to Mrs. great strength of.character, called into actiHutchison.

vity by the pressure of great danger, or the Died.] At Newcastle, Miss Jane Man- solicitation of high gratification. The hero, pers, daughter of the late Mr. E. Manners, the statesman, he who has aggrandized a town-marshal. Aged -58, Mr. Alexander country, orlaid one waste, is pursued by the Mackenzie, tin-plate worker. Aged 63, eager eye of the spectator, and inquired after Mr. James Kenzell.

with solicitude by all. The ravages of a At Lilburn Tower, Mrs. Collingwood. storm or a thunderbolt are contemplated with

At Morpeth, aged 64, Wm. Fenwick, esq. equal eagerness and wonder; whilft a fertile Aged 76, Mrs. M. Marr.

field, and a cheerful atmosphere, are enjoyed At Hexham, Mr. George Oxley, gardener without emotion, and thought of without and feedfman. Mr. Gilbert Young, book- sensibility. The father of wisdom, as well binder.

as of poetry, well knew that the great and At South-shields, aged 75, John Fairles, terrible alone interest mankind, and drew the çiq.

character of his Achilles accordingly. JohnAt North-Shields, Mr. John Ware, ship- fon used to call history the annals of blood;

it is, indeed, little but the annals of crimes, At Cornhill, Mr. James Rainforth, inn- and biography is little more than the record keeper.

of great talents mischievously applied. To At Durham, Mr. Robert Punshon, late of render a good character interesting, what powe the Queen's Head-inn.

ers of representation are not necessary? Gray At Sunderland, Mr. Wm. Masterman, of and Burns, the poets of the heart, were only the Customs.

equal to this difficult talk! To name Mr. At Stockton, Mr. Robert Lumley. Mr. Matthews, in the circle of his friends, is to Wm. Harrison, fail-maker. Mrs. Rowntree, apologize for the preceding remarks. Brought Wife of the Rev. Mr. Rowntree, rector of up in the navy, he retired on account of ill Elton.

health at a very early period; he is not At Streatlam Castle, John Collpits, efq. therefoçe întitled to any notice as a public CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. or professional character. Soon after his re

In the neighbourhood of Whitehaven and tirement, on the death of an elder brother, Carlille great dan age has been done by the he sucçeeded to a handsome inheritance, and late heavy rains: at the former place the from that time until his death, he lived upon dephth of the rain which fell in the course of his paternal estate at Wigton. He married twelve hours, was two inches.

the sister of the late Dr. Yeates, master of Married.] At Carlisle, Mr. Bald, quar- Cathrine Hall, in Cambridge, and by her had ter-master in the Princess Royal's own light many childress, of whom three survive liim,

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In the private relations of life, he is intitled Riding, have been swept away by the flood. to praise--to admiration. For, in times like Several grass meadows have been laid entirely the present, when personal gratification, sbow under water; and a very large quantity of new and Iplendour, occupy the time and dillipate hay has been carried away by the rapidity of the fortunes of most men, ought he not to be the current. admired whose life is consumed in the offices Married.] At York, John Ware, esq. of of friendship, in self-denying solicitude for' Skirbenbeck, to Miss c. Wilson, daughter the happiness of his family, and in the habi- of the late Rev. T. Ware. Mr. Richardion, tual and cheerful discharge of all the most to Mits Dodsworth. Mr. J. Roche, surgeon painful, as well as the most pleafing, duties of the 13th Light Dragoons, to Miss M. of private life? Minds of great enterprize Winthip, of Ribey, Lincoln. and energy are fitted to rare occasions, as tlie At Leeds, Mr John Kemplay, writing. electric power for the removal of threatening master, to Miss M. Finney. Mr. James Rodisease; minds, like that of Mr. Matthews, binson, linen-draper, to Miss M. Teale. constitute the first element, of happy, social Mr. Wm. Tipping, merchant, to Miss Frost, existence; like the water and the air we im- of Hedon in Holderness. Mr. S. Sawyer, of bibe, they are demanded every moment. The Christ-church, Surry, to Miss Chadwick, of talents of Mr. Matthews, without being of Leeds. Mr. Abraham Rhodes, mercliant, ta the first order, were of respectable strength; Miss Glover, daughter of Mr. S, Glover, of his judgment was folid, his prudence was Little Woodhouse, near Leeds. rare, and every talent he had was devoted to At Doncaster, Mr. B. Boothby, linenutility. His manners were remarkably po- draper, to Miss E. Lightowber. lished and easy; and liad contracted no taint At Scarborough, Mr. B. Ninds, of London, from the habits of early youth, or his aflo- to Miss Wharton, of the former place. ciates in the navy,

His temper was ex- At Houghton le Spring, Lieutenant Colotremely mild; he never gave, and he feldom nel Howorth, of the Artillery, to Miss Thurreceived offence. He was no despot in his low, daughter of the late Bishop of Durham. family, his children were his friends, and At Norton, Mr. Fryer, of Scagglethorp, their affection well repaid his solicitude and to Miss Ingleby, of the former place. tenderness. They now mourn his lofs, and At Guiseley, near Otley, S. Baynes, M. Da with them ail who knew their father. of Hull, to Mrs. Jameson, of Horsforth,

At Carlisle, Mr. Joseph Patrickson, son of near Leeds. Mr. Patrickson, brewer. Aged 65, Mrs. At Addle, near Leeds, G. Hathorn, esq. Jackson, formerly of Harker. Aged 64, of London, to Miss Donaldson, of Baglie Mrs. Ann Nelson.

Lodge, daughter of the late J. Donaldson, At Whitehaven, aged 77, Mr. Wm. Pre- esq. of Leeds. fton. Aged 73, Mrs. Thompson, widow of At Stagwood Hill, Mr. Johnson, of BarnMr. Wm. Thompson, mason. Aged 88, ney, surgeon, to Miss s. Newton, of the Mr. Wm. Smith, formerly of Demesnes. former place. Mrs. Briscoe, widow. Mrs. Hennell, widow At Hull, Lieutenant Keenor, of his Maot Mr. A Hennell.

jesty's ship the Vestal, to Miss Cant, daugh. At Penrith, aged 87, Mrs. Arscott, fifter ter of Mr. W, Cant. of the late Thomas Simpson, esq. of Carlton- At Sherburn, T. L. Fairfax, esq. of Lo. Hall.

therton, to Miss T. Chaloner, of Lincoln. At Workington, aged 23, Mr. John Died. At York, aged 72, Mrs. Bird, Thompson, son of Mr. Thompson, master of relict of the late John Bird, esq. of London, the work house.

diftiller. Aged 57, Mr. Samvel Fowler, At Cockermouth, aged 34, Miss H. Smith- hofier, and one of the common-councilmen. fon.

In an advanced age, Mrs. Waudby, formerly At Keswick, Mrs. Atkinson, wife of Mr. of Hull. Mr. Henry Macey. Mrs. Hobson, Atkinson, seedsman.

reliet of the late James Hobson, efq. Aged At Dalston, near Carlisle, Mrs. Foster, 81, Mrs. Condon, relict of the late Colonel wife of Mr. Foster.

Condon. Aged žo, R. Dodsworth, esq. fon At St. Bee's, Mr. John Mossop.

of the late alderman Dodsworth. Mr. C. At Star wix, near Carlisle, Mrs. Marr. Smith, flax-dresser.

At Dundar, near Carlisle, aged 76, Mrs. At Malton, Mr. John Campey, schoolG. Graham ; she has bequeathed a consider- master. This remarkable man, for such able fortune for the eftablishment of a school every one must deem him who could boast the in thai neighbourhood, and several other advantage of his society, was born in the vicharitable purposes.

cinity of York, and commenced the profer

fion of a teacher, in New Malton, at the early On the 17th of September, a most violent age of 20; in which he successfully constorm of wind and rain was 'experienced tinued (upwards of 20 years) until the time throughout this county: the canal in the of his death. His mode of instruction was of neighbouring of Huddersfield has received that demonstrative kind which prevents the considerable damage; several mills and houses pupil from being a mere mechanical receiver 1.ear Helmfrith, and other places in the West- of inforination ; for considering well the inci


pient capacity of children, he foon discovered that where our desires prompt us the most, that the game at Taw requires as much appli,' there we are the least guarded ; and so it uncation of mind as would develope the first fortunately happens, that in the society of our books of Euclid; and that a child, when pri- gay and light-hearted companions we think marily and gently initiated into Science, will not of referve, but absorbed in the ardent acquire as great a fondness for geometrical pursuit of immediate pleasure, our forefighe diagrams, as for raising dirt-pyes, or drawing and reflection forsake uis; and thus imperScotch-hops. A correct English scholar, and ceptibly, time after time, are the admoniamazingly exact in all the punctilios of pro ' tions of prudence famefully vanquished by: fody, his language was generally such as be- the fortifh ή πίθι, ή απιθι of the friends and came the dignity of the preceptor. He was affociates of our care-killing hours--till at last indisputably one of the best mathematicians completely unnerved, we are left, despoiled, in Yorkshire ; and his mathematical perform- and deftitute of every rober resolution. "I ances, in the different periodical publications, only resort thither for the sake of company." cannot be surpasied for elegance of scientific Ah! curseď bait, which has charmed thou. disposition. He was toy, as it may be hence sands of virtuous husbands and fathers into supposed, a good natural philosopher, and the oblivious pool which has ruined the hapnicely acquainted with every mathematical piness of so many joyful families, and wrested property of physics. Latin, Greek and from innocent little ones their sufficiency of French were in the store of his knowledge- raiment and food! Ah baneful fource! from attairments, yet attaching to them their fole whence proceeded a disease that sapped the merit, he often wondered how people (having vigour of a robust constitution, and which only acquired the mere vehicles of know- snatched ingloriously from the world and his ledge) could come to fit down with the con- friends this valuable man. sequence of literati. Even as a writing-ma.

W. H. HULI ACADEMY. fter his abilities were allowed to be beyond competition, and his penmanship was univer

At Leeds, aged 76, Mr. Joseph Leach; he sally esteemed of the first-rate excellence,

was more than 20 years head master of the In short, so various were his acquirements,

Free Grammar School at Keighly, and lately and such was the versality of his genius, that

a private teacher of the learned languages at

Leeds. every thing seemed within the reach of his capacity. His religious opinions were striály the common-council of that place.

Mr. Dunderdale, merchant, and one of Christian, and we believe that he poffefied Denton, liquor-merchant.


Mr. Arnold, more primitive virtues, than many who are


Mrs. apt to reckon upon unerring sanctity.*

Miss Kitchingman. morals were far from all despicableness, and Brouke, wife of Mr. Brooke, merchant. his general conduct was so amiable, so tran

At Whitby, Mrs. Hunter, wife of Mr. C. guilly peaceable and upright, that he obtained

Hunter, attorney. universal respect; and, but for one departure faw.

At Wakefield, aged 64, Mr. John Earnfrom rectitude (as in the most eminent men fome inconsistencies appear), censure might

At Loscoe Grange, the Rev. Mr. Holdf. have held her peace:- In the warmth of worth, vicar of Norminton, near Pontefract. youth, early becoming, a follower of that

At Scarborough, aged 79, Ed. Lodge, esq. Ignis-fatuus, commonly known by the glitter

of Willow Hall, near Halifax. ing name of social intercourse, he fell a lament

At Pontefract, Mr. Burton; he was killed able sacrifice to its deceitful allurements.

by a fall from his horse. Mrs. Barocliffe. However, as we perceive several traits in the

Mr. J. Simpson, brandy-merchant. worthy character before us beckoning for

At Hull, Mr. Hallowell, ironmonger. our admiration, it perhaps is our duty to

At Doncaster, Mrs. Heaton, wife of H. throw a veil over one imperfection of such fre- Heaton, efq. Mr. Ainley, formerly of quent contingence, and to regard, it merely

Cantley. that we may avoid the vortex of its influence.

At Swinton, near Rotherham, aged 93, It is certainly a well-founded observation, Mr. M. Wilson.

At Richmond, aged 86, Mrs. Blackburne, In the most excruciating moments of his relict of the late Rev. F. Blackburne, archlaft illness, not a murmur escaped his lips, deacon of Cleveland. and so completely maiter was he of stoical

At Conistone, near Hull, Mrs. Wright, firmness; that only a few days before his

wife of Mr. Wright, of Ganstead; she was death he sustained the amputation of a toe, accidentally shot in the leg by her husband, and a confiderable part of one of his feet. On

which occafioned her death in a few hours. the same day, being tenderly interrogated

At Cawood, at an advanced age, Mr. James how he felt himfelf-with a smile upon his Weightman; he had been long eminent for collintenance, he emphatically replied ---- Cer- his great skill and success in treating fractures tainly much better; inasmuch as I have lost and dislocations of the bones. a diseased part of this worthless body; and At Melsonby, near Richmond, the Rev. Government should send such as I am to S. Squire, jun. M. A. and Fellow of Univerfight the desperate French, men that could fity College, Oxford; he was son of the late literally bear cutting into inch-pieces.” R. Squire, efq. of Cononley, in Craven.




Aged 950

At Hepstonstall, near Halifax, Mr. Par. Died.] At Liverpool, Mrs. E. Bibby, wife kinson,

of Mr. Robert Bibby. Mrs. Guy, wife of

Mr. Guy. Aged 46, Mrs. S. Price, wife of The damage in consequence of the late Mr. M. Price, shipwright. Aged 39, Mr. heavy rains has been very great in this coun- W. Naylor. Miss M. Chamley, miHiner. ty; there is scarcely a bridge remaining over Mrs. Mullion, widow of the late Mr. H. the Mersey from its rise to its junction with Mullion. James Penny, efq. che Tame. Many mills with the whole of Mrs. A. Quiolt. Aged 81, Wm. Rowe, efq. their machinery have been destroyed.

Mr. Robert Andell, broker. Mrs. Ball, wiMarried.] At Liverpool, Mr. John Upton, dow of Mr. A. Ball. In the work-house, of Shrewsberry, to Miss E. Goulborn. "Mr. aged 105, Mary Jones. Robert Aspinall, watch-maker, to Mrs. M. At Manchester, Mr. Tyrrell, of the the. Cooper. Mr. W. Maskews, grocer, to Miss atre. Mrs. Thomas Heywood, publican. Redith. Mr. J. Whitby, merchant, to Miss Mr. John Mather, of Long Millgate, cornM. M. Pattcr, neice of P. Clayton, esq. of dealer. Mrs. Aldcroft. Aged 34, Mr. Wm. Leyland. Mr. Moffitt, to Miss Smith. Mr. Steven. John Mac Carty, to Miss B. Byrom. James At Lancaster, Robert Worfwick, esq. fon Delany, esq. of the isand of St. Kitt's, to of T. Worswick, eiq: banker. Mr. John Mrs. P. Weston. Mr. J. Humphries, to Bennison, stone-mason. Mr. M. Moore, Mrs. Ann Hesketh. Mr. D. Connor, to brother, of J. Moore, cfq. the present Miss Neale. Mr. Robert Redhead, wine. Mayor. merchant, of London, to Miss Thwaites, At Blackburn, Mr. John Watson, cottonniece to John Bolton, esq. Mr. Caulton, late manufacturer, to Miss Elundell. a Lieutepant in the 2d Royal Cheshire Mili- -At Edge Hill, near Liverpool, Mrs. ţia, to Miss Spencer, daughter of Mr. Spen- Lowndes, wife of Mr. Lowndes. cer, attorney. Mr. James Brough, merchant, At Preston, Mr. W. Carr, attorney. Mr. to Miss A. J. Swift.

W. Mac Clandish, merchant, and Lieutenant At Manchester, Mr. Thomas Geary, to and Adjutant of the Preston Volunteers. Miss M. Thomson. Mr. S. Berey, to Miss' John Cross, cîq. Deputy-Prothonotary in this J. Sharrocks. Mr. Whitenbury, cotton- county. Inerchant,, to Miss Potter, daughter of the At Ulverston, Mrs. Dawson, wife of Caplate J. Potter, efq. of Ardwick. Mr. J. tain J. Dawson, of Liverpool. Liveseys to Miss S. Rigby. Mr. T. Bibby, Ať Ormskirk, Mrs. Fazakerley, relict of cheese-factor, to Miss Fildes. Mr. Ridgway, the late J. H. Fazakerley, esq. attorney, to miss Foster, of Heaton Norris. At Chetham Hill, near Manchester, Mr. Mr. William Hunt, to Mrs. Long worth. F. John Percival, bricklayer; he dropped down Longworth, jun. esq. of Grenville, King's in a fit and expired immediately. County, brother-in-law to the Rt. Hon. Lord At Openshaw, Mr. James Taylor, of the Kilmaine, to Miss A. Whitaker, daughter of Pack-Horse. J. Whitaker, efe. Mr. James Sedgwick, to Miss Walker, daughter of Mr. Richard Walk

The damage sustained in consequence of the Mr. Wood, merchant, to Miss Burgess.

late floods has been very great in this county. At Lancaster, Mr. T. Green, of Manches- Messrs. Bancrofts will lose more than 300 ton ter, to Miss Langshaw, of the former place. of falt: the old Rock-Pit has a confiderable v. Vyvyan, esq. of Trelowarren, Cornwall, quantity of water in it; and was with diffito Miss M. H. Rawlinson, daughter of the culty prevented from filling. Many people late 'T. H. Rawlinson, erg. The Rev. Mr. Townley, son of the late Colonel Townley, dows into flat-bottom boats.

saved their lives by getting out at their winof Belfield, to Miss Johnson, daughter of R.

Married. At Chester, the Rev. George Johnson, esq.

Morley, to Miss E. Williams. Mr. Stocker, At Wigan, Mr. S. Wilson, hofier, of Ken

to Miss A. Pemberton, daughter of the late dal, to Miss Lomax, of the former place. At Ardwick, Mr. J. Holt, to Miss Bef- Captain H. Pemberton, of the Royal Navy.

At Sandback, Mr. John Shaw, of Elton, wick. At Warrington, Mr. R. Heath, woollen. aged 70, to Mrs. A. Ryder, of the former

place, aged 22. draper, to Miss Birchall.

At Altbury, Mr. John Beck; of Sandback, At Eccleston, J. A. Nelson, esq. of Fair- surgeon, to Miss Twemlow, daughter of Mr. hurst Hall, in this county, to Miss Rippax, R. Twemlow, of Rhodes, late of Sandback, of Burscough.

surgeon. At Howarden, Mr. H. Dagnall, ivorymerchant, of Liverpool, to Mifs Thomas, Mr. Edwards, grocer.

Died.] At Chester, in the prime of life, daughter of Mr. J. Thomas, of Aston Hall, Cattle Coote, in Ireland.

C. Coote, esq. of Flintshire.

At Handbridge, Mr. Dickens, carpenter. At Leigh, Mr. G. Edwardron, of Newton,

At Poynton, Mr. M. Pickford, carrier. to Mifs M. Parr, of Ormikirk. - At Middleton, Mr. Walker, of Hulme, to Mrs, Kirkby, of the former place.

Married.) At Derby, Mr. J. Sweetenham,




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of Wirksworth, to Miss Oldham, At Spalding, F. Johnson, esq. to Miss A. of the former place,

Johnson, daughter of the late Colonel JohnAt Glassop, Mr. John Platt, of Heathfield, Ion. Saddleworth, to Miss M. Shaw, of Charles- At Gainsborough, Mr. Wm. Tidd, sadlery worth.

of Sleaford, to Miss Tinker, of the former At Mickleover, the Rev. John Ward, to place. Mrs. Waring.

At Dunholm, near Lincoln, Mr. Swallow, At Melbourn, M. D. Tomlinson, to Miss of Skirbeck, ,to Miss Morris, of the former Webster.

place. At Barlborough, the Rev. R. Ward, of At Louth, Mr. G. Preston, to Mifs E. Coomford, to Miss Marshall, of Nittika Hill. Barr.

At Ticknall, Mr. J. Bembridge, of Mél- At Wainfleet, Mr. N. Kitchen, grocer, of bourne, to Miss Parke, of the former place. Hull, to Miss S. Rickitt, of the former places

Died.] At Ilkeston, aged 70, Mr. John At Billingborough, Mr. Clifton, apotheShipman; he was found drowned in the Ere- of Boston, to Miss Burton, of the forwath Canal.

mer place. At Findern, aged 95, Mr. Samuel Wool- AE Surfleet, Mr. Brown, fchool-maiter, to latt.

Mrs. A. Smorley.

At Raithby, near Spillby, Mr. Fountain, Married.] At Mansfield, Mr. James of Leake, to Miss Kirkbride, of the former Richardson, butcher, to Mrs. E. Smith. The place. Rev. Edward Otter, of Bolsover Castle, Der- At Langton, near Spillby, Mr. Morley, of byshire, to Miss A. Stanton. Mr. John Alford, to Miss Moore, of the former place. Hodgkinson, of Felley Priory, to Miss Lock- Died.] At Lincoln, Mr. Dickinson, musiwood.

cian. Mr. John Key, cabinet-maker. At Normanton-upon-Soar, Mr. Wm. Lee, At Falkingham, Mrs. Headley. of Arnold, to Miss A. Tebutt, of the former At Bourn, Mr. Tilley, of the White Hart place.

public-house. At Wyfall, Mr. John Barber, grocer, of At Stroxton, near Grantham, aged 102, Nottingham, to Miss L. Griffin, of the former Mrs. S. Kelham; she was many years ferplace.

vant in the family of Sir Wm. Manners, bart. At Bingham, Mr. Robert Brewster, farm- At Louth, aged 87, Mr. V. Simpson. er, to Miss Skinner.

Aged 59, Mr. Buckles. Aged 50, Mrs. BolAt West-Bridgford, Mr. Freetli, of Edwal low, wife of the Rev. Mr. Bollow, of Kelton, to Miss Hoggart, of the former place. sterne.

At Newark, Mr. Hirst, woolstapler, to At Wainfleet, Mr. John Marshall, fenior, Miss Holmes.

grazier. Died.) At Nottingham, Mr. Beeston, one At Kirton, aged 61, Mr. Parr. of the bailiffs of the county. Aged 70, Mr. At Golberton, Mrs. Older thaw, wife of Thomas Wyer. Mr. Burgess, tallow-chan- Mr. Oljershaw. Mrs. Noble. dler. Aged 95, Mr. W. Merrey. Aged 71, At Sleaford, aged 75, Mr. Richard Sharpe, Tillettam, esq. Aged 29, Mr. Wm. Handly. "wheelwright. Aged 68, Mrs. Place.

At Donnington, aged 72, Mr. T. Pike, At Newark, Mr. Thomas Smith, of the grazier. Lion and Adder public-house. Mrs. Brown, At Pinchbeck, Mr. Gollin, grazier. Aged of the Golden Fleece.

93, Robert Seymour. At North Muskham, near Newark, Mrs. At Edmonthorpe, aged 20, Miss Makenden, Clarke, relict of the late Mr. J. Clarke, for- daughter of Mr. Makenden, farmer. merly of Newark.

At Horncastle, aged 65, Mr. Wm. WoodAt Scarrington, near Bingham, aged 70, house, fellmonger; he put a period to his Mr. Ludlow, farmer.

existence by hanging himself. At Granby, near Bingham, suddenly, Mrs. Bonser, wife of Mr. Bonser, parish-clerk. Married.] At Thistleton, Mr. Wood, at

At Holme-pierrepont, near Nottingham, torney at law, of Kippax, to Miss Polkitt, of Mr. Wm. Sandy, senior.

the former place. At Basford, near Nottingham, Mr. Damms, At Barrowden, Mr. Everard, of Stamford, senior.

pain:er, to Miss Cox, of the former place. At Gonalfton, Mr. Thomas Hind, fen. Died.] At Uppingham, in the prime of

At Lanford, near Newark, Mr, Rhodes, life, Mr. Thomas Rayworth, late of Leicester, farmer.

The Rev. R. Blythe.

At Kelton, Mr. Cunnington. Married.] At Stamford, Mr. Douthwaite, At Morcot, suddenly, T. Falkner, la:e of Barnack, to Mrs. Stevenson.

high-sheriff of the county. At Alford, the Rev. F. Rockliffe, of Ashby, At Exton, aged 83, Mr. Wm. Sewell. near Horncattle, to Miss Gilby, of the former At Stoke, Mrs. Peach, wife of Mr. C. place.







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