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is throughout all eternity. How important to

Him for our portion in such a changing world lis! God's love is long. It never dies. It changes

It is “from everlasting to everlasting." His e never grows old.

The life to come is long. There is no death at life—no end : it is “everlasting life." It is ugh faith in Christ, and begins in this world. or God so loved the world, that He gave His

begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in should not perish, but have everlasting life.” ved child, have you this life?

The saint's joy is long. This, too, is unending. God's right hand are “ pleasures for evermore.”

blessed are those wbo possess the saint's joy! The sinner's sorrow is long. It is "night and for ever and ever.” It is “the blackness of dark

for ever and ever.” Thus God, who cannot lie, told us, and bids us think of these things. Who prefer this world to the home of the saints? Are weeds of this earth sweeter than the flowers of dise? Time stays not: the fountain is open in ist. But soon, ah, soon! many may find themes with him who “could find no place of repent?, though he sought it carefully with tears."

READING THE SKY. "Come here, Patty,” said Uncle Philip; "and le bere, Peter. You have read your books, and "I will teach you how to read the sky."

“When the sky is clear, it says, "Love God; when it is stormy, it says, “ Fear God;' when it is lit up with the


it says, ' Praise God;' and when one part is clear and shining, and another part cloudy, then it says, ' Love God, Fear God, and Praise God,' all at the same time."

Little Patty said she would read the sky every day'; but Peter said, if she did, she would be sure now and then to read it wrong. She would fear God when she ought to love Him.

“Never mind that,” said Uncle Philip; “nerer mind that, Patty; for you cannot be much wrong while you love, or fear, or praise God."

VISIONS OF A DYING CHILD. I was greatly pleased, says Dr. Thompson, with a little incident a mother gave me the other day. A child lay dying. Feeling unusual sensations, she said, “Mamma, what is the matter with me?**

Mother. “My child, you are dying."
Child. “Well, mamma, what is dying?”

Mother. “To you, dear child, it is going to heaven."

Child. Where is heaven ?"

Mother. “It is where God is, and Christ, and the Holy Ghost, and the angels, and the good men made perfect.""

Child. “But, mamma, I never saw, and I do not know, any of those; I do not like to go alone: won't you go with me?>


Vother.' “O, Mary, I cannot! God has called I only, not me now.” lurning to her father she asked the same stions; 'then piteously to each of her brothers I sisters repeated the same interrogatory; and eived the same response. She then fell into a itle slumber, from which she awoke in a transport oy, saying, 'You need not go with me; I can go alone. I ve been there ; and grandmamma is there, and indfather is there, and aunt Martha."

A LITTLE GIRL PREACHING. (R. RICHARDSON, a Missionary at Arabkir, ong the Armenians in Turkey, speaks of a age where the people are much interested in the th. The women are learning to read, (for there y few women can read,) and are constantly ting about the Bible and its precious truths. d, more than this, the children are so interested t they too are learning, without the help of any ool. Here is what he says of one little girl. I not the children who read it learn from her, , like her, try to do good ?—“There is one little

who has thus learned to read the New Testaat very well; and although she is not more than lve or thirteen years old, she is boldly preaching,

only to the members of her own house, which nbers not less than twenty-five souls, but while work turning the rivers of waters' upon the ds, easily with her foot, for irrigation, she has her Testament in her girdle, and convinces men mightily from the Scriptures. Some affecting instances of her faithfulness, and the good resulting from it, have been brought to our notice.”

A FEW WORDS ON CHINA. In fixing our minds on a country, how different would be the thoughts that would probably arise amongst any company if they were all gazing at the same tract of land! Let us suppose a few persons gathered in one room, and all looking at a map of China. What would be the thoughts of a man whose life was spent in merchandise ? Most probably, what it would yield to trade. He who studied features, would be considering to what great race they belonged; while, to one loving language, would arise another field of thought. The mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests of that land, would give many fresh ideas to another. But to a Christian,-one whose heart God had filled with love to His fellow-creatures,-a wider, higher, and holier class of thoughts would come crowding in : What are their conceptions of God? Do they know Jesus, the only way to heaven?

Is there any hope of sending them the blessed light of the Gospel ? Just let us for a few moments think of the present state of the Chinese, and see what hopes of better things there


WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE THEY ? They are not a stupid people. They are not --thout learning; on the contrary, they love it. most two out of every three can read. A Misnary, lately returned from China, saw a man hering up all the printed scraps of paper lying out in the streets. You might well ask for what? e was going to burn them before the Chinese god wisdom. Not one man was found out of many


the Missionary buildings who could not read. hools are to be met with on every side of you in ina. The morals of the Chinese, however, are -ful: we have a sad example of this in the counts numbers of children who are murdered.

HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS READ THE SAME BOOK. There are seventeen provinces in China, and in

they can read the same book, though the proaciation is different. How wonderful is this! ndreds of millions are able to read and undernd any book written in their language. See at an opening for the Bible! Once printed in nese, and all who can read can read their Bibles. thank God, one and all, it is printed, and being ited, yea, in millions! Blessed, blessed be God it! A child for a few pennies can give a Chinese w Testament to a Chinese. Who can say the ising one such copy might be to thousands? 1 is carrying on, we believe, a great work there.

empire seems breaking up. The walls of China, ch have so long kept out the Bible, are being ken down. Who can tell whether the very ing of Canton may not bring on great events brighter Gospel days for the poor benighted nese? Is there any warm-hearted child of God

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