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“For ever here my rest shall be,

Close to Thy bleeding side ;
This all my hope, and all my plea,

For me the Saviour died."
“I shall, on eagles' wings upborne,

To heaven ascend."
And again :

“I shall behold His face,

I shall His power adore,
And sing the wonders of His grace

For evermore."

She prayed much, and with great ferven Coming to Christ as a little child," she “ receiv the atonement." When the following couplet w repeated,

“ Him eye to eye we there shall see ;

Our face like His shall shine :".


"Yes,” she replied, “I shall see Him, close to Again: How beautiful I shall appear, robedi white !" The earthly tenement was fast sinking; it w

“weariness and painfulness :" yet the Lord wi her stay. He refreshed her with His presenc His abiding and strengthening love. She cried ou “He can save to the very uttermost, and He wi save me.

As the Sabbath dawned, she was approachin her “Father's house." The severity of pain wa abated; but it was evident to her sorrowing relative

that she must soon pass through the s dark river." Much prayer was offered with her, and in the sanctuary; and God graciously heard and answered. She became calm, and to some considerable extent unconscious of suffering. To obtain a last token of recognition, one whispered to her, “ Jesus.” She raised her dying eyes, and, with a last effort, sweetly smiled; then lay quietly for two hours, and gently breathed out her happy spirit into the hands of her


Shortly before her power of utterance failed, in Consequence of slight delirium and partial loss of sight

, she addressed one of her relatives, mistaking her for a beloved aunt, who had been in close attendance upon her, and who has since joined her in the world of light and glory,—"Aunt R-, 'In my Father's house are many mansions:' there is one for me, and one for you.O! how much of matured experience was crowded into that one short week! It appeared as though the ordinary work of Fears bad been effected in her prepared spirit, by the abundance of the Divine communications, making her meet to behold the vision of God. “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings, Thou hast

Precious are these remembrances. She was endeared to her parents and friends by her virtues ; but bow much more by the assurance that she is now phong the glorious company of the redeemed; her immortal spirit having winged its way to realms of Everlasting glory, there to dwell before the throne of God and the Lamb, and with angels and arch

perfected praise.”

angels, and all the company of heaven," to "la and magnify" the Triune Deity for ever and even

S. M.


LUMINOUS MARINE ANIMALS. The phosphorescence* of the sea presents a mos beautiful appearance. Sometimes a ship, passing over the billows, seems to leave a furrow of fire and each stroke of an oar gives rise to sparks o light, sometimes tranquil, at others brilliant and dazzling. These beautiful lights are grouped in endless varieties, like stars appearing to float on the surface, and forming one vast sheet of light. The bright waves heave up, roll, and break in shining

* This word is used to signify the quality, or state, of becoming Juminous.


During a run of fifty leagues, Capt. Scoresby says, the sea was constantly of an olive green; but on the 17th of April, it changed to transparent blue. This green appearance was occasioned by myriads of small marine animals. A calculation of the number of these animals, in the space of two miles square, and two hundred and fifty fathoms deep, gave an amount of 23,888,000,000,000! How wonderful are the works of Providence !

ways are past finding out. If we look into the sea, or up to the spangled sky, or on the green herbage upon the face of the earth,_all, all will constantly remind us of His almighty power, and of

care He bestows upon all His creatures. The lustre of which we speak is most remarkable in tropical seas.

It is produced, in a very considerable degree, by various kinds of jelly-fishes.


the fatherly


A MULE laden with salt, and an ass laden with wool, went over a brook together. By chance the mule's pack became wetted: the salt melted, and his burden became lighter. After they had passed, the mule told his good fortune to the ass, who, thinking to speed as well, wetted his pack at the next water; but his load became heavier, and he broke down under it.





Jan. 6 God's vineyard

Isaiah v. 113 The voice in the wilderness Isaiah xl. 120 A Branch from the stem of Jesse Isaiah xi. 127 The tempter successful

Genesis iii. Feb. 3 Mercy for the world

Isaiah xlii. 1. 10 The truly happy

Psalm i. 17A faithful witness

1 Kings xviii. 1 24 The Ten Commandments Exodus xx. 1 Mar. 2 David's greatest victory

1 Samuel xxiv 9 Bring no vain oblations

Isaiah i. 1-2 16 The Lamb of God slain

Isaiah liii. 23 Christ not left in the grave

Psalm xvi. 30 Elijah fed by ravens

1 Kings xvii. Apr. 6 God's works praise Him. Psalm lxv. 13 Forgiveness with God .

Psalm cxxx. 20 Moses sent to deliver his people Exodus iv. 1–

271 God's favour better than life Daniel iii. May 4 Captivity led captive .

Psalm lxviii. 111 The promise of the Spirit

Isaiah xliv. 118 A vision of the Throne

Isaiah vi. 1-1 25 " Salvation is of the Jews" Isaiah ii. 1-5. June 1 Streams in the desert

Isaiah xxxv. 8 Sin desolates cities

. Jeremiah xxii, 1 | 15" Mercy, and not sacrifice" Micah vi. 22 “ Hearers only"

Ezek. xxxiii. 30 29 The refiner's fire

Malachi iji. 2



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