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rsons who lived in the same house, frequently ard her during the night engaged in prayer and aise. She was not afraid to die, but had rather a desire to depart, and to be with Christ." A few urs before her departure, she clasped her hands, ying,

“ Jesu, Lover of my soul,

Let me to Thy bosom fly!” ien becoming still, she fell into a short sleep. On sening her eyes, she said, “God bless you, father! od bless you, mother! Good-bye! I have plenty of mpany here. The room is full of angels.” And en, pointing towards heaven, she exclaimed, Come quickly! come quickly!” And so the happy virit of Elizabeth Sarah Ann Crowther was gathered

the bosom of the Lord. The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; lessed be the name of the Lord !"

W. D. T.

JAMES COOKE AMES. James Cooke Ames was born in Dorchester, and ed May 2d, 1855, aged eight years and six months. rom the dawn of reason he gave decided evidence 'love for God's house. At an early age he began

attend the Sunday-school, where he was remarkble for his orderly behaviour and deep attention, 'equently on his return home making the lessons e had received the subject of conversation. His st illness was short, but severe. The Sunday evious to his being seized, he was at chapel; the following days saw him prostrated by pain. day after his illness commenced he could not Christ precious to his soul; but after much pr by himself and his friends, God was pleased, in to shine on this dear child's mind; and, after conflict was over, he was constantly rejoicir the love of the kind Shepherd. Sometime: mind was so wrapt in sweet thoughts of heaven he imagined he could see the spirits of dep ones hovering near him, ready to conduct hi share their immortal pleasures. Once, after thought, he said, “I should so like to know will be the next to follow me to that happy sl The hymns he had learned in health afforded much comfort in sickness, and he often rep


When he thought himself dying, he w all his friends to come round him, that he mig! them farewell: “For,” said he, “when my comes, I cannot wait.” He then kissed ther and entreated them not to weep; saying, “You me pain by weeping: I shall soon be sir Hallelujah.” Then, turning to one of his rela he said, “I am going to heaven : you will nev me again, unless you go to Jesus, as I have a The day after, he inquired for his Minister; a being told he was from home, “O then," sai “tell him, I shall soon be where sin and sorro never reach me again.” Until Wednesday di happy little boy continue to suffer, bearing testi that he knew he was accepted through Jesu: waiting till his release should come. Abou o'clock he then exclaimed, “ Glory, glory, glo hd soon his spirit joined the happy throng above, ho were doubtless ready to receive him. Let little readers ask themselves, if they had been alled, instead of this dear child, could they have aswered, so joyfully, “Come, Lord Jesus, come aickly?" Your kind and loving friends may make pur path bright on earth; but they cannot die for ou, or give you that happy confidence that will nake the way to the tomb the entrance to heaven. lhe work is between your heart and God. But four loving Saviour stands waiting to receive each of you as His favoured child. Be assured, in His pve alone is happiness on earth to be enjoyed, or eace secured for our last moments. May God Tant that, when the angel of death receives his nission to call us, we may be found worthy to dwell or ever in that

“ lovelier clime, In a land of flowers unbreathed on by time!”


CHILDREN. " I buried the remains of Joan Turner; who spent all her lat bours in rejoicing and praising God; and died 'full of lith and of the Holy Ghost,' at three years and a half old.” Rev. John Wesley's Journal, Sunday, February 27th, 1771.


Thinking of my Mortality.
I know that I must die;

The grave doth warning give ;
But Jesus intercedes on high,

That I in heaven may live.

S. M.

Yet, I must be forgiven,

My heart must be renew'd,
Before I can ascend to heaven,

And dwell among the good.

Lord, help me now to pray,

Repent, believe, and love ;
Serve Thee before I'm call'd away,

And serve Thee then above !

L. M.


Evening Verses. At night, when I retire to rest, I pray to God to make me blest : He knows my sins; He sees them all ; Yet, through His Son, I on Him call. I pray for grace, my sins to know, And grieve for having grieved Him so: I ask a soft and contrite heart, That I from every sin may part. I

pray for pardon, that I may Feel all my guilt is wash'd away; That I may love Him, and delight To live as pleasing in His sight. I pray for power, within my soul, My thoughts and passions to control ; The power of faith, the power of love : May I His full salvation prove ! To Christ I offer humble praise That I am taught His happy ways:

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A GOOD BOY'S TREASURES. A young lady, not long since, called at the house f her Pastor. When she entered the parlour, she found his two sons, Arthur and Willie, seated on the floor, surrounded by beautiful toys and pictures, which had been sent them as presents, and with which they seemed highly pleased. There was a

map, a magic lantern, a humming-top, and farious beautiful and amusing things. The young


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