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jubilee. You can easily work that little sum. See how much happiness you may communicate in going through life! And what a poor, low, mean life it is to live wholly for ourselves! And then the way to be happy ourselves, is to make others happy: for selfish people cannot be happy people.

Now, my dear children, if you will follow my advice, and act thus, then your jubilee will be kept with joy by yourselves and your

friends. But, my children, if you do not attend to this advice, but act differently; if you live a wicked life, neglect to cultivate your mind and to learn your business, and should form bad habits, your jubilee will be a miserable day when it comes. You will have a sad heart, a guilty conscience, and perhaps a broken constitution, and a miserable home.

But here I must remind you that a large number of you will never reach fifty years of age. There will be no jubilee for scores and hundreds of you. Many of you will die before you are twenty years of age; many more before you are thirty, forty, or fifty. Let me entreat you, then, to prepare for death. How? By true religion. Piety is the only preparation for heaven. If you fear God, and love Christ, death will be your gain. You will then keep jubilee in heaven with the angels of God and the spirits of just men made perfect, on the banks of the river of life, and beneath the branches of the tree of life. He that hath true religion may go on to meet death without fear, rejoicing in the hope of a glorious heaven and a happy immortality. Take the following maxims for your guide :

Religion will be your best friend for both worlds.

The eye of God is always upon you, and He is present when no other is near.

Godliness is the best of all things ; for it makes bitter things sweet, and sweet things sweeter.

What a boy would be as a man, let him seek to be that while a boy: the boy is the father of the man.

Jesus Christ, while young, was subject to His parents: a dutiful son is, therefore, like Christ, when he was young. And what an honour to be like Christ!

Sin is deceitful as well as wicked, leading you to commit great sins by first tempt ng you to little ones ; and leading you into habits of sin by asking only for one sin at a time. Only this once,” is Satan's way of beguiling you into a course of sin. What ought not to be done at all should not be done once.

Avoid the first wrong step.

There are three things which, if lost, can never be recovered : time opportunity-and the soul.

A holy and useful life is more to be desired than a long or a prosperous one.

THE BUTTERFLY. Take a beautiful butterfly, (says our old friend, Peter Parley,) look at it, mark the splendid hue of its wings: how variegated they are, how bright their tints, and how they glisten in the sun!

There are many thousands of butterflies, of every colour, and some with nearly all colours mixed, -red blue, yellow, white, brown. Some seem to si like gold and gems.


If you could look at this specimen throu microscope, you would find the wings, of 1 there are four, two small and two large, to be posed of a variety of tendons, which render strong and flexible.

The wings are, in themselves, quite transpa but, being covered with that down, or dust, v comes off on the finger, when you touch them, become opaque.

This dust is, in short, as variety of little feathers, laid one over the o like the tiles on a house, the edges of one coming over those of the next row.

The butterfly has six legs, though only four made use of in walking. The two fore-legs used as hands, to convey things to the mouth,

clean the head or face: they are almost concealed under the long hairs of the insect's body.

The eyes of butterflies are in some species very large, and in others very small : some of them have a great number of sides, like a multiplying-glass, or a diamond cut into numerous facets.

Butterflies have also two horns on the head, called feelers: they are thin, but end in a round knob. Between the eyes is the creature's trunk : it is generally rolled up like a watch-spring. This trunk is composed of two hollow tubes, nicely joined to each other. When in search of food, they pass this tube into the bottom of the flower : this they repeat seven or eight times, and then pass on to another flower.

Butterflies lay their eggs in the chinks of woody parts of trees, and sometimes between the tree and the bark. The eggs are hatched by the heat of the sun: the produce, however, is not a butterfly, but a thing very different–a caterpillar.

The caterpillar appears, in some species, to be covered over with soft, fine hair; in others the exterior is beautifully variegated. The body is composed of twelve oval rings: it has neither upper nor lower jaw; for the jaws are made so as to cut the food they eat, after the manner of a pair of pruningshears.

Caterpillars do not breathe by the mouth, as we do, but through eighteen holes in their body, nine on each side, each hole being furnished with a pair of lungs. After the caterpillar has lived for some weeks, it prepares itself to undergo its great change. I either encloses itself in the leaf of a tree, wh folds all round its body, or it spins itself a w affixes itself, by its tail, to some hole in a tret every different species has a different way curing itself.

Thus enclosed, a remarkable change takes p it is no longer a variegated caterpillar with tender skin, but a glossy, hard, brown grub, < a chrysalis. Thus it remains for a conside time; in some species, all the winter.

At last, the moisture with which it is every surrounded begins to dry up; its case, or coffi which it has been surrounded, gets thin; an length, it bursts forth into the air and sunshi new creature, adorned in rich beauty, and wing way among the flowers.

MEMOIR. SARAH BECKETT MARSDEN. The following account of the last hours dearly beloved child, adding one more to ir merable instances of the power of Divine g upon the youthful mind and heart, exemplifies tenderness, pity, and love of the “good Shepher who “gathers the lambs" of His flock" with arm,” and “carries them in His bosom.” It i be that some readers of this little narrative will encouraged to seek and love the Saviour, who suf the

youngest to come unto Him, and says, "Of si is the kingdom of heaven."

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