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horted us to watch and pray against the ever-surrounding snares and temptations that beset us in this sinful world, and against all the workings of the old Adam within our own bosoms, and against all the stratagems of the devil; grant that we may be found obedient unto these thy kind and gracious warnings and exhortations. Thou, O Lord, desirest not the death of one sinner. Thou hast no pleasure in any man being cut off in the midst of his transgressions, and therefore thou commandest us all to watch. Oh pardon all our past neglect and disobedience; and henceforth may we be continually on the look-out, and enabled to see when sin is near. And do thou enable us in faith and godly fear to fly unto thee for succour, knowing that in us there is neither power nor skill to contend with the enemy. Lord, if there are any here who hitherto have shut their eyes against danger, and hardened their hearts against conviction, and rushed into sin as the horse rushes into the battle; if there are any present who hitherto have gone with

the instruments of Satan as a bullock to the slaughter, and as a fool to the correction of the stocks, oh, in mercy send conviction to their souls, send conversion to their hearts. Lead them unto true repentance, and give them faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that they perish not, and thy name shall have all the glory, through him, by whom we are instructed "Our Father," &c.

thus to pray,


O Lord God of all truth and righteousness, we have indeed done every thing towards the destroying of ourselves. We have left undone the things that we ought to have done, and we have done the things that we ought not to have done, and that in ten thousand times ten thousand instances beyond all our powers to sum up or to call to mind; but thou knowest them altogether. Oh, have mercy on us miserable sinners, for thy blessed Son Jesus Christ's sake. If we are saved

from the wrath to come, it must, O heavenly Father, be through thine unmerited mercy and love, and through the all-prevailing merits and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, and through the sanctifying and renewing influences of the Holy Ghost. In thee, thou Triune Jehovah, must all our help, and all our salvation be found. Extend that salvation unto each and all of us here present. And grant us every needful help and guidance in every hour of temptation and danger, in every season of distress and trial; and especially in the hour of danger, and in the day of judgment; then shall we hold on, and hold out unto the end. And having, through thy grace been kept among thy faithful, humble, believing servants, may we finally be admitted into thine everlasting kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord, by whom we are instructed thus to pray, "Our Father,"



Almighty and everlasting God, who in thy holy Word hast set before us life and death, blessing and cursing; and in thine abundant mercy hast entreated us to choose life that our souls may live, and hast moreover held out every encouragement, and made promises of every needful grace and assistance to enable us to shun the evil and to obtain the good; grant us, O Lord, a deep and an abiding sense of the value of our immortal souls. In all the changes, and amidst all the duties and employments of this passing life, may we ever have eternity on our minds, and the glory of thy saints in view. May the terrors of the undying worm, and of that fire which never is quenched frequently recur to our thoughts. In all our hands find to do, let us do all as unto thee; and in whatever place or employ we are found, may we seek first thy king

dom and thy righteousness; may we never forget that after death comes the judgment, and that as the tree falls so it must for ever lie; may we ever bear in mind that a soul once blessed with thee in thy kingdom is blessed for ever, and that if it be once lost, once commanded to depart, it is lost for ever. Oh that we may continually be kept under the Saviour's wings; washed from our sins in his most precious blood, and sanctified by thy Spirit. May each of us be preserved in the watching and waiting state of those good servants who expect the coming of their Lord. Grant this, O heavenly Father, for Jesus Christ our Redeemer's sake, by whom we are instructed thus to pray, "Our Father," &c.


Almighty and eternal God, who hast appointed a day in which thou wilt judge the world in righteousness by thy beloved Son Jesus Christ; grant that we may

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