The Diary of Judas Iscariot of the Gospel According to Judas (1912)

Kessinger Publishing, 1. sep. 1997 - 248 sider
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1912. This little book is not an apology for Judas Iscariot, but rather a restatement of the facts of his case from the point of view of the man Judas himself. He looked for a King, and behold a carpenter! He had dreamt of a Conqueror, and lo! a Man meek and lowly, who carefully avoided conflict with the Roman authorities. He expected one who would fulfill and amplify the Law, and behold a Man who openly disregarded its most stringent enactments. What wonder that many were outraged, others disappointed, and all men puzzled. I invite a thoughtful perusal of our Saviour's career, as viewed by an average Jew, to whom the spiritual side of His mission remained a sealed book, and who only sought in Him a temporal national deliverer.

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