Journal of the Bath and West of England Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufactures and Commerce- Vol. VII


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Side 248 - DURING the first year that Mr. Wordsworth and I were neighbours, our conversations turned frequently on the two cardinal points of poetry, the power of exciting the sympathy of the reader by a faithful adherence to the truth of nature, and the power of giving the interest of novelty by the modifying colours of imagination.
Side xliii - Correspondence of the Bath and West of England Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.
Side 248 - ... reveals itself in the balance or reconciliation of opposite or discordant qualities: of sameness, with difference; of the general, with the concrete; the idea, with the image; the individual, with the representative; the sense of novelty and freshness, with old and familiar objects...
Side 248 - The poet, described in ideal perfection, brings the whole soul of man into activity, with the subordination of its faculties to each other, according to their relative worth and dignity. He diffuses a tone and spirit of unity that blends, and (as it were) fuses, each into each, by that synthetic and magical power to which we have exclusively appropriated the name of imagination.
Side 249 - Finally, GOOD SENSE is the BODY of poetic genius, FANCY itS DRAPERY, MOTION itS LIFE, and IMAGINATION the SOUL that is everywhere, and in each; and forms all into one graceful and intelligent whole.
Side xxv - It is just; for he who sows ought to reap, and it is for the benefit and encouragement of agriculture. It is, indeed, against the general rule of law concerning emblements, which are not allowed to tenants who know when their term is to cease, because it is held to be their fault or folly to have sown when they knew their interest would expire before they could reap. But the custom of a particular place may rectify what otherwise would be imprudence or folly.
Side 241 - A poem is that species of composition, which is opposed to works of science, by proposing for its immediate object pleasure, not truth ; and from all other species, (having this object in common with it,) it is discriminated by proposing to itself such delight from the whole, as is compatible with a distinct gratification from each component part.
Side 280 - Tho manufactured foods thus cost, weight for weight, four or five times as much as the most nutritive of the ordinary stock foods on our farms.* Very undeniable evidence of the superiority of the former should therefore be required to induce the farmer extensively to employ them.
Side 72 - Merino, without decided character, without fixity, with little intrinsic merit certainly, but possessing the advantage of being used to our climate and management, and bringing to bear on the new breed to be formed, an influence almost annihilated by the multiplicity of its component elements.
Side 247 - Now in art every color has an opponent color, which, if brought near it, will relieve it more completely than any other ; so, also, every form and line may be made more striking to the eye by an opponent form or line near them ; a curved line is set off by a straight one, a massy form by a slight one, and so on ; and...

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