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On reading the Rev. Jumes Brown's

To Mr. Winchester.
A Favorite Hymn.
The Universal Concert.
The Christian.
Shame of Jesus conquered by Love.
The Unknown Worid.
The Dying Christian to his Soul.
The Philosopher's Religion described.
The Lord's Prayer.
The Great Jubilee.
The Triumphs of Hell shall 'make way,

and become the foundation for the Tri-
umphs of Grace.

376 377 379 ibid. 382 392 393 395 ibid. 396 397


A List of Subscribers.*

Mr. Benjamin Alvord, Dummerston, Vt.f
Mr. Edward Ames, Montpelier, Vt.

Mr. Abel Butler, Dummerston, Vt.
Capt. Jabez Butler,

do. Mr. Silas Butler,

do. Mr. Jonathan Barrus,

do. Mr. Asa Boyden,

do Mr. Daniel Belknap,

do. Mr. Elijah Buck,

do. Capt. Levi Bigelow, Putney, Vt.

* Where their titles are not accurately known, and no means furnished to supply them correctly, I have adopted the titie of Mr. only. Lt Where no figures are added, they subscribed for bat one only.


Mr. Abner Bacon,

do. Mr. Samuel Bliss,

do. Mr. Theodore Bliss,

do. Capt. James Black, Mr. Henry Blood,

do. Mr. Jonathan Briggs,

Westminster, Vt. Mr. William Benton, Langdon, N. H. Mr. Joseph Boltom, Brookfield, Vt. Mr. David Burroughs, Bethel, Vt.

с Mr. John Cambridge, Dummerston, Vt. Mr. Medad Combs,

Putney, Vt. Mr. Joseph Currier,

Langdon, N. H. Mr. Daniel Chapman,

Alstead, N. H. Dr. Eber Carpenter,

do.. Mr. Ephraim Carpenter, Charlestown, N.H. Mr. William Clark,

Reading, Vt. Mr. James Converse,

Randolph, Vt. Mr. Jonathan Cole,

Brookline, Vt.

D Mr. Asa Dutton, Dummerston, Vt. Mr. Charles Davenport, jun. do. Mr. Daniel Davis,

Putney, Vt. | Mr. Thomas Densmore, Alstead, N. H. Mr. Sylvester Day,

Montpelier, Vt. Mr. Ephraim Davis, Randolph, Vt.

E Mr. Nathan Estabrook,

Surry, N. H. Mr. William Esty,

Keene, N. H.

F Mr. Silas Fairchiles, Dummerston, Vt. Mr. Samuel French,

do. Mr. Joseph Farwell, Windsor, Vt.

Mr. Ephraim Fairbank, Westminster, Vt.
Mr. Stephen Fisk, Randolph, Vt.

Mr. Daniel Gates, Dummerston, Vt.
Mr. Phinehas Gates,

do. Mr. Caleb Graham,

do. Mr. Benoni Grover,

do. Capt. Thomas K. Green,

Putney, Vt. Mr. Moses Gilbert,

do. Mr. Nahum Goodenow, Langdon, N. H. Mr. Abner Gage,


Mr. Jesse Hildreth, Dummerston, Vt.'
Asa Harràs,

Henry Hyer,

Putney, Vt.
Theodore Hubbard,

Rufus Hardy,

Acworth, N. H.
Jonathan Houghton, Westminster, Vt.
Justus Hinds,

Walpole, N. H. 2
James Hinds, Lang don, N. H.
Maj. Samuel Hutchinson, Alstead, N. H.
Mr. David Hale,


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Lieut. Nathaniel Hills, jun. Swanzey, N.H.

Mr. Simeon Johnson, Dummerston, Vt.
Capt. Amos Joy,

Putney, Vt. 2 Mr. Cromwell Joy,

do. Obadiah Joy,

do. Moses Johnson,

do. David Jewett,

Faffrey, N. H. 6

Alexander Kelly, * Dummerston, Vt.
Jonathan Knight,

do. Those marked thus *) are dead.

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