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“ But quell'st tyrannic pride with peerless | Yet here the brightest seraphs can nu more power,

Than bide their faces, tremble, and adore. “Even as the tempest rives the stubborn Worms, angels, men, in every different oak:

sphere, O all-sufficient, all-beneficent,

Are equal all, for all are nothing here. “ Thou God of goodness, and of glory hear! All nature faints beneath the mighty name, “ Bless all mankind; and bring them in the Which nature's works, thro' all their parts end

“ To Heav'n, to mortality, and Thee." I feel that name my inmost thoughts contr

And breathe an awful stillness thro' my soul;
As by a charm, the waves of grief subside :
Impetuous passion stops the headlong tide:

At thy felt presence all emotions cease,

And my bush'd spirit finds a sudden peace,

Till every worldly thought within me dies, WORDS WORTH.

And earth's gay pageants vanish from my

eyes ; Not seldom, clad in radiant vest,

Till all my sense is lost in infinite,
Deceitfully goes forth the morn;

And one vast object fills my aching sight.
Not seldom ev'ning, in the west,
Sinks smilingly forsworn.

But soon, alas! this holy calm is broke;

My soul snbmits to wear her wonted yoke ; The smoothest seas will sometimes prove

With shackled pinions strives to soar in vain, To the confiding bark untrue ;

And mingles with the dross of earth again. And if she trusts the stars above,

But he, our gracious Master, kind, as just, They can be treach'rous too.

Knowing our frame, remembers we are dust :

His spirit ever brooding o’er our mind, The umbrageous bark, in pomp outspread,

Sees the first wish to better hopes inclin'd, Full oft, when storms the welkin rend,

Marks the young dawn of every virtuous Draws lightning down upon the head

aim, It promis'd to defend.

And fans the smoking flax into a flame.

His ears are open to the softest cry, But thou art true, incarnate Lord !

His grace descends to meet the lifted eye; Who didst vouchsafe for man to die;

He reads the language of a silent tear, Thy smile is sure, thy plighted word

And sighs are incense from a heart sincere. No change can falsify.

Such are the vows, the sacrifice I give; I bent before thy gracious throne,

Accept the vow, and bid the suppliant live;

From each terrestrial bondage set me free; And ask'd for peace with suppliant knee;

Still every wish that centers not in thee; And peace was giv'n—nor peace alone,

Bid my fond hopes, my vain disquiets cease, But faith, and hope, and ecstacy.

And point my path to everlasting peace.

If the soft hand of winning pleasure leads By living waters, and thro' How'ry meads,

When all is smiling, tranquil, and serene, ADDRESS TO THE DEITY.

And verbal beauty paints the fatt'ring


Oh teach me to elude each latent snare, God of my life! and Author of my days! And whisper to my sliding heart-Beware! Permit my feeble voice to lisp thy praise ; With caution let me hear the syren's voice, And trembling take upon a mortal tongue And doubtful, with a trembling heart reThat hallow'd name to harps of seraphs sung. joice.


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A thousand worlds which roll around us brightly,

Thee in their orbits bless;
Ten thousand suns which shine about us nightly,

Proclaim Thy righteousness.
Thou didst create the world—'twas Thy proud mandate,

That woke it unto day ;
And the same power that measur'd, weigh'd, and spann'd it,

Shall bid that world decay.

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And, long as here below,

The great First- Last! pavilion'd high he Through palbs of joy or wo,

sits, Life's devious journey I pursue,-

In darkness from excessive splendor, borne Yet keep my lasting home in view; By gods unseen, unless through lastre lost. In every scene I'll praise the Great Supreme, His glory, to created glory, bright, And with my latest breath proclaim the As that to central horrors ; he looks down grateful theme!

On all that soars; and spans immensity.

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Blessed be thy name for ever,
Thou of life the guard and giver;
Thou canst guard thy creatures sleeping ;
Heal the heart long broke with weeping.
God of stillness and of motion,
of the desert and the ocean,
Of the mountain, rock, and river,
Blessed be thy name for ever.

O most adorable! most unador'd,
Where shall that praise begin, which ne'er

should end ?
Where'er I turn, what claim on all applause !
How is night's sable mantle labour'd o'er,
How richly wrought with attributes divine !
What wisdom shines ! what love ! this mid-

night pomp,
This gorgeous arch, with golden worlds in-

lay'd !
Built with divine ambition! nought to thee;
For others this profusion; Thou, apart,
Above ! beyond ! ( tell me, mighty mind!
Where art thou ! Shall I dive into the deep?
Call to the sun, or ask the roaring winds,
For their Creator? Shall I question loud
The thunder, if in that th' Almighty dwells ?
Or holds he furious storms in strengthen'd

And bids fierce whirlwinds wheel his rapid


Thou who slumberest not, nor sleepesi,
Blest are they thou kindly keepest;
God of evening's parting ray,
Of midnight's gloom, and dawning day,
That rises from the azure sea,
Like breathings of eternity ;
God of life! that fade shall never,
Blessed be thy name for ever!


What mean these questions ? Trembling The heavens, O Lord! Thy power proclaim, I retract;

And the earth echoes back Thy name ; My prostrate soul adores the present God : Ten thousand voices speak Thy mighi, Praise I a distant Deity? He tunes And day to day, and night to night, My voice (if tun'd): the nerve, that writes, | Utter Thy praise,-Thou Lord above! sustains :

Thy praise-Thy glory-and Thy love. Wrapt in his being, I resound his praise : But though past all diffus'd, without a shore, All things I see, or hear, or feel, His essence, local is his throne (as meet), Thy wisdom, goodness, power reveal. To gather the disperst (as standards call The silent crescent hung on high, The listed from afar): to fix a point, So calmly sailing through the sky; A central point, collective of his sons, The lowliest flower that lights the dells; Since finite every nature but his own. The lightest wave the stream that swells ;

The nameless He, whose nod is nature's The breeze that o'er the garden plays; birth;

The farthest planet's glimmering rays; And nature's shield, the shadow of his hand; The dew upon the distant hill; ller dissolution, his suspended smile ! The vapours that the valley till!

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