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A thousand worlds which roll around us brightly,

Thee in their orbits bless;
Ten thousand suns which shine about us nightly,

Proclaim Thy righteousness.
Thou didst create the world—'twas Thy proud mandate,

That woke it unto day ;
And the same power that measur'd, weigh'd, and spann'd it,

Shall bid that world decay.

[blocks in formation]

And, long as here below,

The great First-Last! pavilion'd high he Through paths of joy or wo,

sits, Life's devious journey I pursue,-

Io darkness from excessive splendor, borne Yet keep my lasting home in view; By gods unseen, unless through lastre lost. In every scene I'll praise the Great Supreme, His glory, to created glory, bright, And with my latest breath proclaim the As that to central horrors; he looks down grateful theme !

On all that soars; and spans immensity.



BLESSED be thy name for ever, () most adorable! most unador'd,

Thou of life the guard and giver ; Where shall that praise begin, which ne'er should end !

Thou canst guard thy creatures sleeping; Where'er I turn, what claim on all applause! Heal the heart long broke with weeping.

God of stillness and of motion, How is night's sable mantle labour'd o'er,

of the desert and the ocean, How richly wrought with attributes divine ! What wisdom shines ! what love ! this mid

Of the mountain, rock, and river, night pomp,

Blessed be thy name for ever. This gorgeous arch, with golden worlds in.

Thou who slumberest not, nor sleepesi, lay'd ! Built with divine ambition! nought to thee;

Blest are they thou kindly keepest; Por others this profusion; Thou, apart,

God of evening's parting ray,
Above ! beyond ! O tell me, mighty mind ! Of midnight's gloom, and dawning day,

That rises from the azure sea,
Where art thou ! Shall I dive into the deep ?
Call to the sun, or ask the roaring winds,

Like breathings of eternity ;
For their Creator? Shall I question load

God of life! that fade shall never, The thunder, if in that th' Almighty dwells ?

Blessed be thy name for ever! Or holds he furious storms in strengthen'd

reins, And bids fierce whirlwinds wheel his rapid



What mean these questions ? Trembling The heavens, O Lord! Thy power proclaim, I retract;

And the earth echoes back Thy name ; My prostrate soul adores the present God : Ten thousand voices speak Thy might, Praise I a distant Deity ? He tunes And day to day, and night to night, My voice (if tun'd): the nerve, that writes,| Utter Thy praise, --Thou Lord above ! sustains :

Thy praise--Thy glory-and Thy love. Wrapt in his being, I resound his praise : But though past all diffus'd, without a shore, All things I see, or hear, or feel, His essence, local is his throne (as meet), Thy wisdom, goodness, power reveal. To gather the disperst (as standards call The silent crescent hung on high, The listed from afar): to fix a point, So calmly sailing through the sky; A central point, collective of his sons, The lowliest flower that lights the dells ; Since finite every nature but his own. The lightest wave the stream that swells ;

The nameless Fe, whose nod is nature's The breeze that o'er the garden plays ; birth;

The farthest planet's glimmering rays; And nature's shield, the shadow of his hand; The dew upon the distant hill; ller dissolution, his suspended smile ! The vapours that the valley till!

[blocks in formation]

Begin the anthem ever sweet and new,
While I extol him, holy, just, and good.
Life, beauty, light, intelligence, and love
Eternal, uncreated, intinite!
Unsearchable Jehovah! God of truth,
Maker, upholder, governor of all !
Thyself unmade, ungoverned, unupheld !
Omnipotent, unchangeable, Great God !
Exhaustless fulness! giving unimpaired !
Bounding immensity, unspread, unbound !
Highest and best! beginning, middle, end !
All-seeing eye! all-seeing, and unseen!
Hearing, unheard ! all-knowing, and unknown!
Above all praise! above all height of thought :
Proprietor of immortality!
Glory ineffable! bliss underiv'd !
Of old thou built'st thy throne on righteousness,
Before the morning stars their song began,
Or silence heard the voice of praise. Thou laid'st
Eternity's foundation-stone, and saw'st
Life and existence out of Thee begin,
Mysterious more, the more displayed, where still
Upon thy glorious Throne thou sit'st alone,
Hast sat alone, and shalt for ever sit.
Alone, Invisible, Immortal one!
Behind essential brightness unbeheld,
Incomprehensible ! what weight shall weigh,
What measure, measure Thee! What know we more
Of Thee, what need to know, than thou hast taught,
And bid'st us still repeat, at morn and even?
God! Everlasting Father! Holy One !
Our God, vur Father, vur eternal All!
Source whence we came, and whither we return;
Who made our spirits, who our bodies made,
Who made the heaven, who made the flowery land,
Who made all made, who orders, governs all,
Who walks upon the wind, who holds the wave
In hollow of thy hand, whom thunders wait,
Whom tempests serve, whum flaming fires obey,
Who guides the circuit of the endless years,
And sit'st on high, and mak'st creation's top
Thy footstool, and behold'st, below Thee, all-
All noaght, all less than nvaght, and vanity.
Like transient dust that hovers on the scale,
Ten thousand worlds are scatter'd in thy breath.
Thou sit'st on high, and measurist destinies,
And days, and months and wide revolving years;
And dost according to thy holy will;
And none can stay thy hand, and none withhold
Thy glory; for in judgment, Thou, as well
As mercy, art exalted, day and night.
Past, present, future, magnify thy name.

Thy works all praise Thee, all thy angels praise,
Thy saints adore, and on thy altars burn
The fragrant incense of perpetual love.
They praise Thee now, their hearts, their voices praise,
And swell the rapture of the glorious song!
Harp! lift thy voice on high, shout, angels, shout!
And loudest ye redeemed! glory to God
And to the Lamb who bought us with his blood,
From every kindred, nation, people, tongue;
And washed, and sanctified, and saved our souls ;
And gave us robes of linen pure, and crowns
Of life, and made us kings and priests to God.
Shout back to ancient Time! sing loud, and wave
Your palms of triumph! sing, Where is thy sting,
O Death! where is thy victory, O Grave!
Thanks be to God, eternal thanks, who gave
Us victory through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Harp! lift thy voice on high ! shout, angels, shout!
And loudest, ye redeemed ! glory to God,
And to the Lamb, all glory and all praise
All glory and all praise at morn and even
That come and go eternally, and find
Us happy still, and Thee for ever blest!
Glory to God and to the Lamb. Amen.
For ever, and for evermore. Amen.

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