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Thy essence fills this breathing frame, Thee, mighty God, my wondering soul,
It glows in ev'ry conscious part;

Thee, all her conscious powers adore;
Lights up my soul with livelier flame, Whose being circumscribes the whole,
And feeds with life my beating heart; Whose eyes its utmost bounds explore :
Unfelt along my veins it glides

Alike illum'd by nature's light,
And through their mazes rolls the purple Amid the sun's full blaze or gloom of night.


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When youthful spring around us breathes,

Thy Spirit warms her fragrant sigh; And every flow'r the summer wreathes,

Is born beneath thy kindling eye; Where'er we turn, thy glories shine, And all things fair and bright are thine.


ABOVE-below-where'er I gaze,
Thy guiding finger, Lord, I view,
Traced in the midnight planets' blaze,
Or glistening in the morning dew;
Whate'er is beautiful or fair,
Is but thine own reflection there.

My God, all nature owns thy sway; Thou giv'st the night, and thou the day; When all thy lov'd creation wakes, When morning rich in lustre breaks, And bathes in dew the op'ning flower, To thee we owe her fragrant hour ; And, when she pours her choral song, Her melodies to thee belong! Or when, in paler tints array'd, The evening slowly spreads her shade; That soothing shade, that grateful gloom, Can, more than day's enliv’ning bloom, Still ev'ry fond and vain desire, And calmer, purer thoughts inspire ; From earth the pensive spirit free, And lead tbe soften'd heart to thee. In every scene thy hands have dress'd, In every form by thee impress'd, Upon the mountain's awful head, Or where the shelt'ring woods are spread ; In every note that swells the gale, Or tuneful stream that cheers the vale, The cavern's depth or echoing grove,A voice is heard of praise and love. As o'er thy works the seasons roll, And soothe, with change of bliss, the soul.

I hear thee in the stormy wind,
That turns the ocean wave to foam ;
Nor less thy wondrous power I find,
When summer airs around me roam ;
The tempest and the calm dectare
Thyself,—for thou art every where.

I find thee in the noon of night, And read thy name in every star

Tis Love that loads the plenteous plain,
With blushing fruits and golden grain,

And smiles o'er ev'ry vale.

Oh never may their smiling train
Pass o'er the human soul in vain !
But oft, as on their charms we gaze,
Attune their wond'ring soul to praise ;
And be the joys that most we prize,
The joys that from thy favour rise.

But, in thy gospel, it appears
In sweeter, fairer characters,

And charms the ravish'd breast;
There, Love immortal leaves the sky
To wipe the drooping mourner's eye,

And give the weary rest.


There smiles a kind propitious God Whene'er we climb the mountain's head, There flows a dying Saviour's blood, To greet the harbinger of day ;

The pledge of sins forgiv'n; Or view him sink in ocean's bed,

There faith, bright cherub, points the way Thy love, O God, paints every ray.

To regions of eternal day

And opens all her heav'n.
In the fresh balmy ev'ning breeze,
Where flowers of gold and verdure shine,

Then, in redeeming love rejoice,
Rich with the perfumes of the trees, My soul !-and hear a Saviour's voice,
We hear the voice of love divine.

That calls thee to the skies :

Above life's empty scenes aspireLove decks the finely varied flowers,

Its sordid cares and mean desire-
The fragrant progeny of spring;

And seize th' eternal prize.
And round the prison'd senses pours
Their soft delicious offering.

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Lost were the peacock’s plumage; to the sight | The eye's at fault, and seeks th' assisting
So pleasing in its pomp and glossy glow. glass.
O thrice-illustrious! were it not for Thee, Approach and bring from Araby the blest,
Those pansies, that reclining from the bank, The fragrant cassia, frankincense, and myrrh,
View thro' th' immaculate pellucid stream And, meekly kneeling at the altar's foot,
Their portraiture in the inverted heaven, Lay all the tributary incense down.
Might as well change their triple boast, the Stoop, feeble Africa, with rev'rence stoop,

And from thy brow take off tbe painted
The purple, and the gold, that far outvie plume;
The eastern monarchs' garb, ev'n with the With golden ingots all thy camels load

Tadorn his temples, hasten with thy spear Ev'n with the baleful hemlock's irksome Reverted, and thy trusty bow unstrung, green.

Wbile unpursued thy lions roam and roar, Without thy aid, without thy gladsome And ruin'd tow’rs, rude rocks, and caverns beams,

wide The tribe of woodland warblers would Remurmur to the glorious, surly sound. remain

And thou, fair India, whose immense doMote on the bending branches, nor recite main The praise of him, who, ere he formed To counterpoise the hemisphere extends, their lord,

Haste from the West, and with thy fruits Their voices tuned to transport, wing’d

and flowers, their flight,

Thy mines and med'cines, wealthy maid And bade them call for nurture, and receive: attend. And lo! they call; the blackbird, and the More than the plenteousness so fam'd to tlow thrush,

By fabling bards from Amalthea's horn The woodlark, and the redbreast jointly call; Is thine; thine therefore be a portion due He hears, and feeds their feather'd families; Of thanks and praise; come with thy brilHe feeds bis sweet musicians:-nor neglects

liant crown The invoking ravens in the greenwood wide; And vest of fur; and from thy fragrant lap And tho' their throats coarse rattling hurt Pomegranates and the rich ananas pour.

But chiefly thou Europa, seat of Grace They mean it all for music, thanks, and praise And Christian excellence, his goodness own. To him who feeds, who clothes, and who Forth from ten thousand temples pour his adorns,

praise. Who made and who preserves, whatever Clad in the armour of the living God, dwells

Approach, unsheath the Spirit's flaming In air, in stedfast earth, or fickle sea.

sword; O He is good, He is immensely good! Faith's shield, salvation's glory-compass'd Who all things form’d, and form'd them all helm for man;

With fortitude assume, and o'er your heart Who mark'd the climates, varied every zone, Fair truth's invulnerable breast-plate spread ; Dispensing all his blessings for the best, Then join the general chorus of all worlds, In order, and in beauty : rise, attend, And let the song of charity begin Arrest, and praise, ye quarters of the world! In strains seraphic, and melodious prayer : Bow down, ye elephants, submissive bow “ O all-sufficient, all-beneficent, To him who made the mite! Tho' Asia's “ Thou God of goodness, and of glory, hear ! pride,

“Thou, who to lowest minds dost condeYe carry armies on your tower-crown'd scend, backs,

“ Assuming passions to enforce thy laws, And grace the turban'd tyrants, bow to Him Adopting jealousy to prove thy love: Who is as great, as perfect, and as good “ Thou who resign'd humility uphold'st In his less striking wonders, till at length “ Even as the florist props the drooping rose,


the ear,

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