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variety. One of the most beneficial tendencies of necrological reading, is, to teach us, while we lament that of which we have been deprived, TO VALUE

WHICH WE RETAIN; and not churlishly to withhold the expression of our applause and gratitude, until those to whom the approbation of their contemporaries might yield a generous and welldeserved gratification, have become tenants of that cold and narrow dwelling, into which the voice of human praise or censure can never penetrate.

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It has been deemed advisable to make a change in the arrangement of “ The Annual Biography and Obituary." Hitherto the volume has usually consisted of four parts, viz. Memoirs of celebrated. Individuals, recently deceased; An Analysis of Biographical Works ; Neglected Biography; and a Biographical Index. This year the second and third of the above-mentioned parts have been designedly omitted, in order to allow a greater space for that which it is presumed has always formed the most attractive portion of the work, namely, Memoirs of celebrated Individuals, recently deceased.

The Editor of the present volume has great pleasure in acknowledging the important assistance which he has received, from various quarters, in preparing it for the press. Among those to whom he is indebted for aid, are some of the highest names in British literature. It will at once be seen that the entire Memoirs of Mr. Ricardo, Sir Henry Raeburn, and Mr. Shaw Lefevre, are from much more able pens than his own. The Memoirs of Mr. Kemble,

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