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(With an Engraving.) Perhaps few events in the history of the world have more painfully illustrated the selfish nature of man, and the tendency of might to overcome right, than those which would be found in connexion with the settlement and colonization of the comparatively uninhabited portions of the earth. It has generally happened that some overflowing country has sent a number of its inhabitants to regions where the population has been widely scattered; and, with the power which civilization confers over savages, they have seized on such parts of the territory as have appeared to be suitable to their own purposes, without any regard to the rights and claims of those already dwelling there. A delicate question, indeed, arises, in cases of this kind. Human rights and duties are not to be measured by rules formed from metaphysical and abstract principles, but by reference to the plainly declared will of Him who at first created the earth, and placed man upon it; and who still claims to govern the creatures whom he has made. Now, one of his earliest social commands is, “Replenish the earth, and subdue it;" and, undoubtedly, in reference to Him, no collection of individuals have the

VOL. XI. Second Series.


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