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Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion,

For the Year ending November 9th, 1898.


THE Council have the honour to report that during the past year 36 new members were added to the Society.

Amongst the losses sustained by the Society during the twelve months the Council regrets to record that of Sir Edward Burne Jones, whose decease in June last deprived the world of a distinguished scholar and a great artist. The death roll also includes that of Mr. Thomas Owen, M.P., and the names of two of the oldest members of the Society, viz., Mr. George Thomas, of Ely, and Mr. William Jones, of Arthog.

During the year the following Meetings were held in London, viz. :


November 18.-THE ANNUAL MEETING of the MembeRS, held at the Society's Rooms.

December 13.-THE ANNUAL DINNER, held at the Hotel Metropole. Lord Justice Vaughan-Williams in the chair.


January 19-Paper on "Early Welsh Bibliography," by Mr. J. H.

Davies, M.A.


March 9-Paper ou "John Wilkinson and the Old Bersham Ironworks," by Mr. Alfred Neobard Palmer.

March 26th-Paper on " Welsh Folk-Music," by Miss Mary Owen (Mrs. Ellis J. Griffith).

April 20-Paper on "The Greater Wales of the VIth Century," by Mr. Ernest Rhys (Rhys Goch o Ddyfed).

May 11-Paper on "The Character of the Heresy of the Early British Church," by Mr. Fred C. Conybeare, M.A.

In Wales:

At the Assembly Rooms, Blaenau Festiniog, in connection with the National Eisteddfod of Wales, 1898 (Cymmrodorion Section), the following meetings were held :

On July 18th, 1898.-Addresses (in Welsh and English) on "Technical Education in Wales," by Principal Roberts, University College of Wales (Aberystwyth); Mr. Lewis J. Roberts, H.M. Inspector of Schools, Rhyl; Mr. R. E. Hughes, H.M. Inspector of Schools, Cardiff; and other Educationists: Chairman, Principal Reichel, University College of North Wales.

On July 20th, 1898 (in the Glanypwll Board School).-Joint Meet. ing of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, and the Society for the Utilization of the Welsh Language: papers (in Welsh) by Mr. E. E. Fournier, of Dublin (Negesydd o'r Ynys Werdd), and Mr. Ernest Rhys (Rhys Goch o Ddyfed), on "The Present Position of the Five Living Celtic Languages." Chairman: Principal John Rhys, M.A., Oxford.

It is a satisfaction to the Council to feel that these sectional meetings were more successful than any held in this connection for a great number of years, and shewed a distinct revival of interest in the questions brought forward from time to time for discussion under the auspices of the Society.

The arrangements for the coming Session include:-A Symposium on the "Development of Welsh Industries," at which Lady Eva Wyndham-Quin will open a Discussion. A Paper by the Rev. S. Baring Gould, M.A., on the

"Early Stone Fortifications in Wales and elsewhere," which will be delivered in the month of January. A Paper by Mr. Brynmôr Jones, Q.C., M.P., on "Some Aspects of Early Social Life in Wales," based on studies which the Lecturer and Principal Rhys have undertaken in connection with a recent Welsh Governmental Enquiry. A Paper by Mr. Isaac Foulkes (Llyfrbryf), Liverpool, on "Hen Argraphwyr Cymru." A Paper on A Paper on "Geoffrey of Monmouth," by Professor W. Lewis Jones, of Bangor, which it is hoped may lead to the issue of a new edition of the works of that writer.

It is proposed to hold the Annual Dinner on Monday, the 28th of November, and the Council have great pleasure in making known that the Right Hon. Lord Kenyon (whose family were connected with this Society at its earliest inception) has accepted an invitation to preside on the occasion.

During the year the following Publications have been issued to Members:


Part 2 of Owen's Pembrokeshire consisting of Collections for Pembrokeshire-List of Pembrokeshire Manors-Catalogue and Genealogy of the Lords of Kemes-Kemes TractsInquisitio Post Mortem, William Owen and George Owen -The Description of Milford Haven-Milford Tracts. (Presented to members by the Editor, Mr. Henry Owen, F.S.A.)

Volume xii of Y Cymmrodor containing "The Court of the President and Council of Wales and the Marches from 1478 to 1575," by Judge Lewis; "Offa's and Wat's Dykes," by Mr. A. N. Palmer; and a paper un "Celtic Art," by Mr. T. H. Thomas, R.C.A. The Transactions for the Session 1896-7, containing the fol lowing papers:-An Article on "Music in Wales," by Mr. Joseph Bennett; "Domestic and Decorative Art in Wales," by Mr. Thomas E. Ellis, M.P.; "Suggestions as to the Fuller Study of Owen Glyndwr," by Owen Rhoscomyl and Mr. Hubert Hall, F.S.A.; and an address on "Recent Developments in Welsh Education," by the Rev. G. Hartwell Jones, M.A.

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